Five Ideas for Getting Your Dog Active This Spring

Posted on Mar 7th 2023


Five Ideas for Getting Your Dog Active This Spring

After a cold winter spent indoors sheltering from the snow, you likely aren’t the only one in your home experiencing cabin fever. Here are five ways to help your dog get outside and active as the weather warms up this spring, brought to you by our expert dog trainers at Dog Training Elite in Utah County!

1. Get Together with Some Friends

Dogs crave social interaction just as much as we do, which means that the winter months of solitude may have left them needing a friendly pick-me-up. Get them outside and social by planning a play date with some of their best puppy pals! You can meet for a casual walk in the park or plan a supervised party full of fun treats and activities in the backyard. The options are endless so long as your pup is having fun and being safe.

2. Take a Hike

Going for a hike is one of the easiest ways to get you and your four-legged friend outdoors to experience fresh air and sunshine as the weather warms up. If your dog is unused to hiking, start at a manageable pace and stick to more accessible trails. Be sure to keep a careful eye on your dog if you let them walk with you off-leash, and bring plenty of water to keep you both hydrated.

This pup and owner take in beautiful views on a hike thanks to tips and training from Dog Training Elite in Utah County.

3. Visit a Park

A pet-friendly or off-leash dog park is the perfect way to let your dog roam in a safe area and get all their energy out. You can bring a few toys for your dog, such as a frisbee, tennis ball, or rope. It’s also an easy way to meet new puppy friends as you enjoy the higher temperatures!

4. Exercise Together

Exercising together is a great way to get you both up and moving! It’s also the perfect way to tire out an energetic puppy. Consider going for a run together, bicycling, or simply taking a walk. Watch out for signs of overheating or dehydration as you walk. Avoid going outside during the hottest part of the day, or stick to grassy areas to avoid burning your pup’s feet on a hot sidewalk.

An owner and pup go for a safe, scenic run thanks to help from Dog Training Elite Utah County's training.

5. Go Camping

Camping together in the great outdoors is a fun way to bond with your dog as you spend some much-needed time in nature after a snowy winter. You can find a pet-friendly campsite to enjoy or make a cozy campsite in your own backyard! If you do travel to find the perfect camping spot, be sure to bring the proper supplies to keep your dog healthy and happy during your adventure: dog food, clean drinking water, bowls, a doggie bed, a leash and collar, and pick-up bags should all be on your list of essentials to make the most of your trip!

A well-trained dog is a safe dog. Whether you’re looking to help your dog burn off some energy or want to ensure they are well-trained before you go on any adventures, our dog training classes are a great option. Sign up for a lesson with the experts at Dog Training Elite in Utah County today!