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My wife decided to surprise me by bringing home three Malinois Puppies. I called Dog Elite Training Because I quickly got overwhelmed with these high-energy dogs. Can you imagine how crazy it was for me, a simple dog owner, trying to train 3 Malinois puppies? Dog Elite came to my rescue. Lexi, the trainor, has been amazing with the Malys. They are so much more obedient. They respond to my commands. It’s amazing. Everyone who meets our dogs are so impressed.
— Joseph Vijungco
Posted July 12th 2022
From start to finish the experience with Savanna was perfect. Great communication and excellent with follow-up. Especially grateful for the little details that made the whole process and experience feel personalized.
— David Anthony
Posted June 17th 2022
Dog Training Elite has been phenomenal! We are training our Labrador to be a therapy dog for our dental office. The combination of in home and group lessons has been very beneficial. The trainers are all so friendly and easy to work with. We get comments all the time about how well behaved our puppy is. At 6 months old he is proficient at all the commands. We will definitely be using Dog Training Elite for all of our dogs in the future and HIGHLY recommend them!!
— Jennifer Clark
Posted June 16th 2022
I love working with Dog Training Elite. They come to your house for training, and they are very knowledgable. I would definitely recommend this company.
— Aubrie Munson
Posted June 11th 2022
The trainers really know and understand dogs. They have worked with me and my boy Tate to break bad habits, create good habits and transition into the most wonderful service dog I could hope for. They are patient and kind. They listen to your needs and confirm their understanding before suggesting trainings and/or therapies. Savanna has gone above and beyond helping me. Priscilla has been amazing at every turn. I can not recommend Dog Training Elite and their trainers highly enough.
— Rose Harvey
Posted June 9th 2022
We love training with Ashley. She takes the time to make sure we understand everything and personalizes the training to our dog and unique needs. Our dog has gone from pulling on a leash & jumping on people to healing and looking to us for direction. We are looking forward to completing the service dog training and are confident we will be able to do so with Ashley’s help.
— Log into Facebook | Facebook
Posted November 24th 2021
Every one there, literally everyone is amazing. All of the trainers are awesome and super friendly. They show that they are genuinely interested in asking your dog a more well rounded pet. I just finished the 6 week puppy course and my pup is doing so great. I can't say enough about how amazing this group of trainers are. Ashley stood out as super energetic and super friendly. She came to do the evaluation on my dog and demonstrated what we could hope to expect with her dog. All at my home. And she was involved in every class. Aspen was awesome also. Everyone was great I just can't remember all of their names. But Ashley and Aspen stood out. Thank you guys so much for helping me train my pup. Can't wait to go on to the more advanced classes.
— Jose Jimenez
Posted June 4th 2021
Every one there, literally everyone is amazing. All of the trainers are awesome and super friendly. They show that they are genuinely interested in asking your dog a more well rounded pet. I just finished the 6 week puppy course and my pup is doing so great. I can't say enough about how amazing this group of trainers are. Ashley stood out as super energetic and super friendly. She came to do the evaluation on my dog and demonstrated what we could hope to expect with her dog. All at my home. And she was involved in every class. Aspen was awesome also. Everyone was great I just can't remember all of their names. But Ashley and Aspen stood out. Thank you guys so much for helping me train my pup. Can't wait to go on to the more advanced classes.
— Jose J.
Posted June 4th 2021
Thank you Dog Training Elite. We got our Belgian Malinois, Cain, when he was 12 weeks old and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. He had crazy energy, no personal space and we couldn’t take him out of the house without him losing his mind. He would go crazy whining, pulling on the leash, and if someone would approach us, he would bark and snarl, causing a scene. On top of that, at home, he had no personal space and was the literal definition of a “fur missile”. No matter what we did or how long we would play, he would not sleep at night because we could not burn enough of his energy during the day. We took him to an 8 week puppy training course with another private trainer and it helped his basic obedience, but it really made no major change to his demeanor. At that point, we were considered rehoming him, even though we already fell in love with him. By luck, we met Neal and DTE!!! He was like the dog whisperer. After watching Neal completely tame our psychotic Malinois puppy within the first 90 seconds of meeting him, we were sold on DTE’s services. We immediately schedule an in-home demonstration of Neal’s Belgian, Bailey. Once he demonstrated her abilities and being shown that Cain had the same potential, we signed up that morning for the Level Two Obedience and Protection Training courses. After the first in-home obedience session, we were 110% reassured that we made the correct decision in hiring DTE. Cain was already a COMPLETELY different dog. (Honestly, I would have paid the money after the progress of the first session and would have been completely happy!) It was incredible to see the progression after each session and how well the DTE training methods worked. Cain was absolutely thriving on these sessions and loved every minute of it! After training with Neal and the DTE team for over a year, Cain has become an amazing dog. He goes everywhere with us, is incredibly well behaved, and we get compliments on him and his training EVERY time we go out. I can’t thank Neal and the DTE team enough for their amazing work with Cain. They are awesome people to work with and treat every client as family and every dog as if they are their own. HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING DTE FOR ANY DOG TRAINING.
— Patrick Riley
Posted May 15th 2021
I love my dog's training sessions at Dog Training Elite! They are always professional and accommodating. My dog has had remarkable transformations in his behavior over the months we have been with DTE. I appreciate that there is always room in the training sessions for my dog to figure what is required for him to do. I highly recommend DTE's services. Neil and his team are wonderful!
— Shannen L.
Posted May 8th 2021
I have a 1.5 year old Dutch Shepherd. My fiancé and I got her from a breeder back in Virginia and have had problems with human and animal aggression since she was a puppy. We had previously gone through months of training at a facility not capable of training her in a way that produced permanent change. When we moved out to Arizona, I was in panic mode because I still had a dog that was untrained and aggressive. That's when I did some research and found DTE. Neal came out to my house for our free consultation and I couldn't help but hold my breath. See, I didn't have high hopes as I was at the point of believing my dog could not be helped. Man, was I wrong. Within 2 training sessions, my dog gained a confidence she didn't realize was possible. She became incredible obedient and was no longer compelled to react to people and animals we encountered on walks. After multiple individual training sessions, socialization group classes, and protection classes, I can honestly say my dog is one of the most well-behaved dogs I've ever seen. I cannot say enough good things about this company as a whole, but maybe that's because they have honesty changed my life. I highly recommend this company for any level of training, but especially if you have a dog similar to mine.
— Katlyn D.
Posted May 3rd 2021
The best, great experience and great people.  Our 7 month Mal Roxie has show incredible growth because of their instruction.  Thank you for all your efforts.
— Bill M.
Posted April 10th 2021
If any of you get the trainer Percila(sp) you will be the happiest person in the world. She helped Nala and I continue to get through Nala's aggression towards dogs and people that get to close to me. Within 15 minutes she was the first in a long time to pet and handle Nala. By the end of the hour her beautiful Malinois was the first dog to sit and lay next to Nala (no aggression from Nala) in over a year. I was amazed and so thankful for her help and knowledge to further Nala and my education on how to handle things. I am so sorry I cannot remember her dogs name but that is the first dog in over a year that Nala has sat, layed and walked next to. Her dog is brilliant and knows how to take care of herself and help dogs that are to aggressive. Thank you Percilla you are the greatest. Wait for the videos AMAZING.
— Dean
Posted March 22nd 2021
We first saw DTE at a home and garden show (when we did not have a dog), we were impressed by the focus and clarity with how the dogs reacted to the trainers. Fast forward almost 4 years and we remembered that encounter and we made the call to DTE for our consult. There are a lot of advertisements for dog training out there, and we interviewed several of them as we searched for who to walk with on our dog training journey. In the end, we went with our first choice, DTE, because these guys are the real deal. We trust DTE with our Heeler's training because they are passionate about what they do. They communicate commands and techniques, educate on behavior patterns, and implement safety measures for everyone in the home. We have fun at the weekend group classes, surrounded by other families who are all working towards the same training goals. A well-trained dog does not happen overnight, we work extremely hard at utilizing the training techniques and tools DTE has been guiding us on over the months and each week we see more and more progress. We would suggest the AZ DTE team to any one of our friends or those serious about dog training. We are so thankful to have them on our side.
— Kimbra Wellnitz
Posted March 20th 2021
The owner and the trainer Neil is an amazing guy. He knows his stuff! His dog training skills and experience are beyond compare and he is super nice and loves what he does. Group classes are a little bit different and less organized, laid back in my opinion when Neil is not the one doing the class. Too many breaks and the classes are usually cut short. They are supposed to be an hour long but they are not. Suggestion: since the obedience classes are held in a park, trainers should arrive 10 minutes earlier to clean up the area from dog poop so that the owners don't have to watch every step they take and try not to step in it. The trainers do not show much effort to memorize "students'" names, it seems they always only refer to the same dogs because they only know these names.
— Ivana M.
Posted March 18th 2021
We went to dog training elite to train a service dog and we're not disappointed. The trainers at dog training elite are amazing they train you to train your dog. If you follow the program and do your homework the results are incredible. People are always shocked at how well behaved our dogs are and we always tell them it's thanks to Dog Training Elite.
— Carolyn D.
Posted March 17th 2021
Our dog has been going through the program for a few months now and has made tremendous progress! Berkeley is a rescue with extreme anxiety which comes across as aggressive in certain situations. Within the first practice he made great progress.  Now we are into our group classes and couldn't be more excited.  We have worked with Marcells the whole time and he is fantastic!! He takes his time and really get to know us, our concerns and Berkeley. We have loved this program and can't refer them enough!!
— Katy D.
Posted March 13th 2021
Started my dog with Dog Training Elite when I moved to Arizona. He was 1 years old and knew basic commands but I felt like he could use a lot of work to be more focused. About 6 months later, and his basic commands are so much better! He listens to commands even when I’m not near him, he listens at the dog park, hes no longer hyper when he sees a new dog, and overall a more obedient dog. Pricilla helped me at home for our last session and made huge progress with the command “heel” and making him come right to my side. She was very strict and really wanted him to perform the command perfectly before moving on. I love that she challenged him, because in the end it really worked! I’ll continue going to their group classes just to fine tune his skills around distractions. Thanks Dog Training Elite!
— Tyanna Roy
Posted February 20th 2021
I can not give enough praise to DTE AZ and all of their staff! Each trainer is skilled and knowledgeable. Not only has my dog accomplished basic and advanced obedience, but has now completed task and protection work.  Thoroughly pleased with the work Neal and his entire team has achieved.
— Robert N.
Posted February 11th 2021
We have done both private and group classes with Dog Training Elite for our German Shepard. The staff is great and provides excellent customer service. Ashley has really helped us better work with our dog on a leash and with some behavioral issues in the house.
— Beth Schallop Call
Posted February 4th 2021

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