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My rescue dog Dylan, who I adopted at two years old, began showing significant behavioral issues, particularly being reactive and aggressive. Seeking help, I reached out to Dog Training Elite and Matt F provided a complimentary evaluation at my home. With his expertise and his wonderful dog by his side, Matt reassured me that Dylan, despite his age and behavior, could be trained. Over 9 weeks of working with Matt F, I learned valuable insights about my actions that were contributing to Dylan’s behavior. Matt not only guided me on how to establish a strong bond with my dog Dylan but also revealed the positive changes that were possible. After completing the training, he has emerged as a completely transformed dog. His overall demeanor has undergone a remarkable shift, and we frequently receive compliments on what a well-behaved dog he has become. I am extremely grateful to Matt F for his guidance and for helping me transform my dog's life for the better.
— Sarah Bazinet
Posted June 3rd 2024
Kara was so sweet and walked me through the whole process on what I could expect training to be like. Wanted to add an update to my review as Ryker and I have completed all of our personal sessions! Woohoo! Throughout the process I got to meet many lovely trainers but primarily worked with Barbara and Mariah. They were both absolutely amazing! They were both extremely friendly and happily answered all of the many questions I had. My friends and family have seen such a massive difference in my dog Ryker who we all thought was untrainable since he’s already 5 years old, this goes to show you can definitely teach an old dog new tricks! We’re now going to be starting the group sessions and I can’t wait to keep seeing Ryker’s progress!
— Mirna Osman
Posted September 29th 2023
They came to my house and from start I loved the energy. Gave me some tips, and showed me how well his puppy is trained. I will definitely recommend
— Douglas Lambert
Posted October 20th 2023
Matt is awesome and really great with both dogs and handler's
— Matthew Tie
Posted October 11th 2023
We had a great experience with Dog Training Elite! We would highly recommend it. We had Moriah as our trainer, and she worked great with our puppy.
— Jeremiah Banish
Posted October 16th 2023
These guys are awesome! I would truly recommend this service to any level of dog. Our dog Gunnar has shown a growing aggression to people who are not his family and it has completely turned around. The difference between week 1 and week 2 behavior was unbelievable for him. Our trainer was Matt, he is the man, we were lucky to get him. He had a remarkable skill in training our dog but was even better at teaching us the tools we needed to improve Gunnar. You definitely get what you paid for with this service, thanks elite team!
— John Collins
Posted September 23rd 2023
They did such an amazing job working with us to train our Bruno as a service dog to support our family through grief and loss ❤️ they were caring, patient, came to our house every week and Bruno was as excited to see them as we were. I never thought we would complete the program but with their help we did. Thank you Marcus and the entire team at Dog Training Elite!
— Marina Gil-Santamaria
Posted September 5th 2023
It is amazing to see the progress our dogs have made in just 3 weeks. Marcus is a wonderful experienced trainer. I highly recommend this service
— Stephen Arnold
Posted August 10th 2023
Great company Great staff
— Adriana Jablonsky
Posted August 3rd 2023
I would highly recommend for every dog owner. Wonderful service and very knowledgeable dog trainers.
— Gill Macchia
Posted March 4th 2023
Absolutely LOVE Marcus, Michaela, and the DTE team. Highly recommend for dogs and pups of all ages!!
— Kathryn Nutting
Posted March 2nd 2023
Michaela and Marcus at DTE are incredible with dogs of all ages, breeds and personalities! They treat every dog like their own .
— Kayla Costa
Posted February 28th 2023
I am so thankful for the DTE team. They are so passionate and supportive and they really made the training process so simple and adaptable to my lifestyle and schedule. Highly recommend for young pups and dogs of all ages!
— Emily Albert
Posted February 28th 2023
Trainers were amazing!!! Would never have guess my dog could go out in public with me and not bark at everyone. 10/10 will go back!!!!
— andrew brems
Posted February 28th 2023
The trainers @ DogTraining Elite are amazing. I have a fearful aggressive shepherd puppy and the training has made a very positive impact in both my behavior around my dog and my dogs behavior around me and other triggers or new situations. I have already learned to be more confident and so has my dog. They are considerate that everyone is busy and do their best to answer text and calls and questions no matter what, even on a weekend. I am so thrilled I made the decision to train with them not only for myself but for my handsome boy Kota. I do not feel like I a client it feels like a great mentorship. The trainers genuinely want to see both dog and owner happy and healthy together. You will not be disappointed with the training here. The facility is beautiful and the floors are non slip. I could brag more but I think I made the best choice ever choosing them to help me grow as well as my dog.
— Ashley Fruguglietti
Posted February 26th 2023
I would give them 6 stars if I could! 😍Highly recommend coming to them for any of your dog training needs!
— Clover Haugerud
Posted February 24th 2023
The team at Dog Training Elite was wonderful! You could tell how much they cared about the dogs and the work they put into the training sessions. Everyone was so kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. They gave me the tools needed to train my puppies and continue training at home and after we moved.
— Madison Chok
Posted February 11th 2023
Highly recommend Dog Training Elite! They made it easy by coming to our home and including us throughout the process. They have patience and, most importantly, are extremely educated. Hugo loves his friends at DTE!
— Nicole Rodman
Posted February 10th 2023
This place is amazing. I highly recommend for your dog training. 2 thumbs up 👍 👍
— Tyler McCourt
Posted February 9th 2023
I have worked with and for one of best dog trainers in CA and on netflix. I am SO impressed with Elite Dog Training!!! You can see the passion and love that they have for training dogs. No matter what the training problem is Marcus has the answer....I only wish I could give more than 5 stars because WOW to say I am impressed is actually an understatement!! Dont hestitate...Elite is the only dog trainer you will need!!! Photo is my Redbone coonhound on a down & focus. If you know anything about RBCH you know hounds are tough to train especially on recall. I get complimented all the time on how well behaved she is. Thank you Marcus for all your advice.
— Rae Ann Caparelli
Posted February 9th 2023

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