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We have had nothing but great experiences with Dog Training Elite for the last few months. The trainers are honest, set realistic expectations, and are dedicated to helping their clients reach their training goals. The one-on-one sessions really helped set my puppy up for success for our first group session. We have seen significant improvement with every session and I highly recommend Dog Training Elite for anyone who is looking for obedience, consistency, and overall a more well-behaved dog.
— kasey thomas
Posted April 27th 2024
Christy and Richard have both been amazing. Helped train my not so well behaved older dog.
— Ishita Rahman
Posted May 10th 2024
We absolutely love, love, love Dog Training Elite. They were so patient training our very nervous puppy. The in home training is phenomenal & we really enjoy the group sessions. The group sessions have been so helpful in socializing our puppy. It’s worth every penny & we have been so happy with the training.
— Kellina Nolan
Posted May 6th 2024
A great experience and worth every penny! We are first time dog owners and this was exactly what we needed.Stanly follows all commands off, sit, down wait and finally free when he can end the commands. Walking actually became dangerous as Stanley went from 2 to 6 months we were the ones being walked or pulled down the street. We now love walks our arms are relaxed and the walks are a pleasure. Dinners are normal again as Stan will PLACE and stay down until he is told to “free” Stanley loves to please so he enjoys it also. Christie the owner is great following up and her trainer Sean is great too. Kevin
— Kevin Dunn
Posted April 24th 2024
Dog Training Elite has by far exceeded my expectations when providing guidance for both my daughter's service dog and my personal dog. They worked with us 1:1 to develop a plan tailored to our family's needs and were always available for questions or concerns. Having at home training was perfect for our scheduling and then pairing with group sessions gave us a well rounded experience for our dogs. Highly recommend!
— Carrie M
Posted March 22nd 2024
We had the pleasure of working with Christy to train my dog to be a service dog for me. She is so amazing, patient and understanding. My dog has fallen in love with her and lights up while wagging his tail so much when he sees her. I would HIGHLY recommend them for training.
— LaToya Cross
Posted March 22nd 2024
Highly recommend. Christy and her team truly know dogs, understand dog behaviour, and are able to help us understand and work with our highly active dog! I have seen so much improvement. The instructions are clear and very doable.
— Rachael Logan
Posted March 20th 2024
My Wife & I could not be more pleased with the overall experience we've had working with Christy & Richard from Dog Training Elite! We've seen a tremendous improvement in Baxter's (our 2 year old, German Shepherd Mix) responsiveness to commands, and his general behavior, and we're confident that we now have the tools we need to successfully continue his Training on our own. They came to our home for multiple sessions, addressed all of our concerns, and were very easy to work with! Their passion, communication & flexibility made Training much easier than we ever expected...Highly Recommend!
— Dave Bond
Posted February 5th 2024
Excellent business! I can’t say enough about our trainer Christy, she was amazing with our dog Beau and us. He’s a different dog after he completed his training. I highly recommend Christy and her team at Dog Training Elite Central Maryland!
— Cheri Chalk
Posted February 5th 2024
This training is a game-changer! I was amazed at how quickly we saw results and how easy it is to follow. I would recommend to anyone!
— Nicole Mazzella
Posted December 11th 2023
Excellent trainers and an excellent investment. I made more progress in 6 months with my goldendoodle than I did the previous year of training. Their expertise in service animal training, especially with tasks has been a wonderful help!
— Annie
Posted October 12th 2023
Dog Training Elite of Central Maryland is amazing!!! Our Goldendoodle was and is an extremely high-energy dog. We were having such a hard time teaching him not to jump on people and run them over as they came into our home. After just a couple of sessions with Christy, our Oliver is like a new man. Don't get me wrong, he is still super high-energy. The difference is, he now listens to our commands. Going on walks is fun again. Thank you, Christy and Dog Training Elite!!
— Emery Nelson
Posted October 2nd 2023
Training was excellent!! Experience with trainers were great. Highly recommend this trainer to everyone.
— Kenneth Sarkady
Posted September 26th 2023
Dog Training Elite Central Maryland did such a wonderful job helping me to train my puppy. Christy and her staff are top notch, very professional and go above and beyond to help their clients! I definitely recommend them to help anyone training their dog to be the best they can be.
— Stephen May
Posted September 6th 2023
Christy did an excellent job training our miniature schnauzer Marty. We saw immediate improvement after the first training lesson, and this was saying a lot since Marty can be extremely stubborn. He listens so much better now, and barely barks or looks at other dogs on his walks like he used to. She taught us how to train our dog, and what tools/ things we can do to continue reinforcing his training. We are very thrilled with the training and happy we invested in DTE.
— Rachel Hall
Posted August 6th 2023
We finished our in-house sessions this past week and I’m delighted with the progress we’ve made under Christy’s guidance. The lessons all made good sense and, when I had questions between sessions, Christy gave prompt and detailed responses. I feel I now have the tools to handle just about any training issues that arise. I would certainly recommend Dog Training Elite of Central Maryland to others.
— Joel Kramer
Posted August 5th 2023
Christy is a great trainer and she truly seems to love what she does. Our dog Nala took very well to the training and she is doing so much better. We have a golden retrevier that loves people and they were able to help me get her not to jump on people and just be more lady like lol. I highly recommend this company if you need dog training services
— Teri Bechtoldt
Posted July 20th 2023
Christy and colleagues were great in our private sessions. We saw immediate improvement with our dog, and the training plan was simple. We look forward to keeping up with his progress in the group classes.
— Aubrey Soller
Posted July 26th 2023
My husband and I have a 3yr old Australian shepherd+lab mix. Super high energy! Christy and Tyra did great with her. Our pup is much more well mannered and we now have the right tools to use in different situations to help her focus and make doing things fun for all of us!
— Ashley Hall
Posted July 10th 2023
Our Wheaten Terrier, while generally a good dog, is a Terrier with all of their crazy behaviors. But he was starting one that was pretty dangerous - reacting to passing vehicles. He also would react to certain dogs in the neighborhood. We worked with DTE for several weeks to train our dog to act/react appropriately while on walks, etc. When he reverted to reacting to cars again, they continued to work with us. For the last several months, he has been amazingly good. DTE worked with us throughout and made clear that they would be available if he needed more work. We can definitely recommend them.
— Robert Sledgeski
Posted March 7th 2023

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At Dog Training Elite of Central Maryland, we believe that Service Dogs save lives. It is our mission to make these life-saving companions available to our Veterans, First Responders, Women Survivors, and Children with Medical Needs. Whether it be for PTSD, Mobility Support, or Special Needs, Dog Training Elite of Central Maryland works with the Malinois Foundation to heal and empower these individuals with a specialized service animal, a partner in life, and a new best friend.

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