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One of the most difficult, necessary, and rewarding behaviors to correct in a dog is anxiety and aggression. Anxiety and aggression are behaviors that can be learned, genetic, or innate. When a dog feels threatened, the two natural responses will be fight or flight. Most dogs will attempt to put as much distance between themselves and the threat; if the threat remains they will then turn to aggression or submit. Other dogs are overly confident pack leaders and will turn first to aggression. Both of these reactions stem from anxiety and can be fixed with a balanced, positive aggressive dog training in Houston.

Dog Training Elite in Houston behavior modification process is highly personalized. We work to empower owners as they work alongside our professional dog trainers in Houston to build confidence and understanding in their dogs. We work with owners in their home to slowly retrain a dog’s reactions to stressful situations and then work to integrate them back into the community. 

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Not all training packages may be available at our Dog Training Elite in Houston location, please reference our pricing page for complete information on services offered.

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Our Aggressive Dog Behavior Training Process

We will first meet the dog in a free in-home assessment to gain an understanding of the reasons for the aggression, anxiety, or fears. We will assess triggers and build a personalized training program for each unique dog and targeting their specific behavior. For fearful and anxious dogs, our trainers will work alongside owners to build confidence. 

For overly aggressive dogs, training will help owners establish a pack leader position in the home.  We will work to desensitize a dog to their biggest triggers and anxiety and when the dog has reached a safe baseline obedience level in these situations we then introduce them to our class settings.  A muzzle is required for class settings to ensure the safety of all dogs as these classroom settings are designed to integrate the dog back into social settings successfully.

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Dog Training Elite has expert dog trainers near you in Houston experienced in anxious and aggressive dog obedience training.

Our Balanced Theory

We base our training around the "Classical Conditioning" model (a.k.a. "Pavlovian" or "respondent conditioning"). This includes developing conditioned or automatic reflexes to commands. In its simplest form (after proper conditioning), when the owner says "sit," the dog automatically sits without thinking about it. Our unique techniques ensure our program is a success no matter what behavior we encounter.

  • Empowering Owners
    We empower Owners to train so their dog knows who to obey at all times.
  • Personalized
    We deal with problem behaviors on a personal basis.
  • Environment Specific
    We train wherever issues tend to arise (i.e. jogging, park, home).
  • Supportive
    We support Owners in the off-hours (when training is "not in session").
  • Involved
    We work with all members of the household.
  • Simplified & Customized
    We plan training around the owner's schedule and require only 20 min/day follow-up practice.
  • Continued Training
    Additional programs / group sessions offered after in-home training.
  • Lifetime Investment
    We follow up & are invested in the owner's success long-term.
  • Satisfaction Ratings
    Our high client satisfaction rating sets us apart from competitors.

We help your dog become a valued companion and beloved member of the family. Read what our customers have to say and then give us a call!

My Dobby (Dobbs, Dobbykins, Dobbinator) used to be one of those dogs that when he visited a place, folks would be like, "Oh good Lord...." He would also dart out of the door whenever I opened it and shoot off down the neighborhood. The closer I got to him, the further he ran. He pretty much did whatever he wanted and I just took it. It frustrated me to no end. He was definitely the alpha in our relationship. BUT...... ALL that has changed! Thank God to DOG TRAINING ELITE of NORTH EAST HOUSTON (DTE of NEH). With their tailored approach and super knowledgeable insight on dog psyche and, to be frank, some human psyche, Dobby and I have made a complete turn-around. Where we were headed to a stressful relationship filled with bad feelings, we now are calm, happy to share space and even enjoy crowed public outings. He stays right by my side always! I never fail to hear at least 3 times, during those outings, what a well mannered dog I have. I ALWAYS, in turn, share exactly who changed our lives, DTE of NEH. I am so grateful. Sincerely, if you follow their instructions to the letter, it can make a difference in your life, too. I made the mistake, in the beginning, of not following the instructions, JUST ONE SIMPLE RULE. Work with your dog at least 15 min a day. It makes a difference in a successful outcome. Don't waste your money if you can't make that commitment. When I finally followed that rule, is when everything changed for me and Dobbs. He is no longer the Dobbinator of happy thoughts, but, in fact, my sweet cuddly Dobbykins. I know folks, super sappy stuff. But, I just love my dog so dang much. Thanks again DTE of NEH
— Ruthie Guajardo
Posted March 31st 2023
My Louis is a 3 y/o Frenchie with extreme level 10 anxiety, high risk of elopement, and is aggressive to all other dogs, no matter their size. I had tried other trainers with no success breaking his Extreme behaviors, but Rachel has turned him around! She was patient, informative and very knowledgeable with us! Louis has a list of behaviors that he has improved on, And I finally feel I can enjoy being out of the house with my little man 🐶 and be around other dogs too.
— Melissa Pleez
Posted March 10th 2023
Great to work with! We have 2 rescue dogs that didn't fit in the traditional puppy training classes and when we found Elite North East Houston Dog Training it was just what we needed. We have that individual focused training at home as well as group classes. Highly recommend!
— Victoria Herman
Posted March 10th 2023
I recommend Dog Training Elite North East Houston to anyone and everyone that will listen. They have been able to work with my 7yr old Yorkie that acts out and timid, and turn him into a very confident dog that loves to learn and be obedient! They are very kind and professional and make sure you get the adequate time you need for you and your pup! I’m super grateful for them and the time they have spent with us as I a whole new relationship with my dog. If you are looking they are the people to use! My only regret is not doing this sooner.
— Kyle Phillips
Posted March 10th 2023
Maxx says thank you! Thank you for always giving his handler great advice! Thank you for always being a phone call away! Thank you for the tools that you have provided!!! And I say thank you!!! I hate to say that I almost gave up in the beginning but Alex would not allow me to get trapped in my head with thoughts of defeat. He gave me the tools to take it step by step. Slow and steady paid off and now he alerts with nothing more than praise. Talia provided great guidance in one on one classes and in group classes and Alex provided me with the tools that I needed to work with my pup. As he grew he learned to trust me and he loves his job. He is only 10 months old and passed his public service test 2 months ago. He is always working, even when he is playing! He makes it a point to sniff me to make sure that my blood sugars are ok. He invades my person space often to check to see if he smells a high or a low blood sugar and when he does he is tapping my thigh to let me know that something is wrong. Then he does a great job of letting me know before if it is a high or a low blood sugar. Amazing what that little nose can do! He is always searching for me to make sure that he knows that I am ok and when I am not, he is quick to alert. He is the most behaved, well tempered dog that I have and I know it is because of the one on one training that we received. I am very appreciative and I highly recommend using dog training elite Houston.
— Shantrice Bush
Posted February 4th 2023
Daniel is very knowledgeable. I own a rescued German Shepard that has anxiety issues that prevented him from being socialized. With Daniel’s help, my dog Carver, has made a ton of progress towards overcoming his anxieties.
— Ross Rowney
Posted November 10th 2022
I highly recommend Dog Training Elite North East Houston for all of your training needs. Owner Daniel and Rachel Van de Mark are top experts in this field. The methods and tools used are effective, and the in-home training is interactive during training so you may continue conditioning your dog. I am thoroughly impressed with just the first two trainings with my playful German Shepherd puppy. He has a willingness to please and retains what has been learned. I am confident this has been the right choice for me and my dog!
— Di Mansfield
Posted November 6th 2022
Dan is amazing. He is always ready to answer questions and takes his time to understand what you are needing out of your pup. I couldn't have asked for better! Clifford, my Cane Corso, is on his way to being an exceptional therapy dog all because of Elite!
— Layton Gaskins
Posted September 23rd 2022
Rachel and Daniel (Elite Dig Training) are miracle workers! I have a deaf boxer and a GSP. They were horrible! They chewed up everything they could get a hold of, pillows, sofas, staircases. We’ve had other dogs in the past that we had no problem training, but it seemed impossible to train these two. In fact, we had taken them to other trainers and were turned away because they were “untrainable”. We were ready to rehome both dogs, but then Rachel and Daniel came to our rescue. They first came to meet the dogs and show us some helpful tips and to see them in action. Our dogs we then dropped the dogs off with Rachel and Daniel for a 2 week boot camp. During boot camp we revived videos and pictures along the way. When our pups came home they were amazing. It’s been several months since they have been home, and not only do they listen to our commands, they are still the most amazing, lovable dogs but now they listen to us. No more chewing up the house .no more fighting over food. In fact, when it’s time to eat, we tell them to sit and lay down (using hand commands for the deaf dog) and the obey and don’t start eating until we say “go”. No more jumping on everyone that comes thru the front door. No more peeing all over guests (out of excitement). No more crying when they go in their kennels. Before Rachel and Daniel, when we would leave the house and out them in.their kennels, we would get calls from neighbors out of concern because they would cry at the top of their lungs. Before Rachel and Daniel when we would try to take them for walks we couldn’t make it more than 10 ft because they would buck like a bulls right out of the gate. Now we are able to go on daily walks. Rachel and Daniel, thank you for all time and care you put into our pups. You are truly miracle workers!!
— Lily Bain
Posted August 28th 2022
Rachel & Daniel w/Dog Training Elite are amazing! We hired previous trainers, who simply gave up on our dog citing his “aggression” as the problem. Rachel and Daniel, spotted our Lagotto’s fear based issues and knew exactly how to handle him. They won his trust, and all of our hearts! Through structured training and an obvious love for dogs, they’ve gone above and beyond in training our four legged family member as well as us. Teaching us how to meet our dogs needs has been crucial for his confidence and continued development. Having a busy, active house, DTE has been a blessing to our dog, our family, and friends who frequently visit. I can’t say Thank you enough!!
— stephanie cass
Posted August 22nd 2022
These folks are fantastic !!!! They are extremely patient focusing on both human and animal interactions to achieve the best goals. Talia and Alex are great. I was shocked at how well Max and I progressed during our first group session. A well mannered dog makes for a really great friend. Thank you so much Dog Training Elite for helping me achieve this goal.
— Joel Franklin
Posted August 9th 2022
Natalia is knowledgeable and so sweet. Great with dogs and patient. Trust her judgment with helping to pick out our next dog as well to meet our family needs.

Posted August 8th 2022
Natalia has been amazing with her training and knowledge she shares!!!
— Sally Gile
Posted August 8th 2022
We hired Elite Training to train our Cane Corso and even tho she is stubborn Daniel is nothing but patient with her works through her stubbornness to get her to where we wanna be with her. He's patient, calm and is always willing to answer questions no matter if he's here or I give him a ring! Last visit I got to meet his Intern Harley who will b helping with Stormies training and she does wonderful with her as well. I would highly recommend having Elite train your dog and def will b coming back to them when we get Ruger!!! Thank u Daniel and Harley!!!!
— Becky Miley
Posted August 3rd 2022
Alex is a phenomenal trainer. My Penny was ready for her public access test at 7 months old and passed first try. She has developed into a wonderful service animal and I have Dog Training Elite and Alex to thank for that.
— Jodie T
Posted June 7th 2022
Bob is the best. Already seeing huge progress with our very rambunctious pup and couldn’t be happier!

Posted May 12th 2022
Bob is the best. Already seeing huge progress after one session with our very rambunctious pup!!
— Morgan L
Posted May 12th 2022
Bob's extensive business experience, people skills and love for dogs is unmatched. If you are looking for quality results, look no further! Highly recommend!
— Kyle Christie
Posted May 12th 2022
Did a great job . I would highly recommend . Tom
— Thomas Seay
Posted March 28th 2022
If you're looking to get your dog trained, whether for obedience or service, Dog Training Elite is THE place to go. You won't find a more dedicated and kind trainer in the Houston area who cares for animals and their humans alike. I'm not usually one to leave reviews, but thanks to Alex and his business I'm slowly getting my life back. It has been nothing short of amazing to have someone so compassionate, devoted, and patient training my dog to be my service animal. I'd had my disability diagnosis for a long time, but I always thought getting my dog trained would be out of my reach. I had done a cursory search on Google in the past and found that the price points for service dog training were altogether inaccessible for me. Enter Dog Training Elite. After finding them on Google, I submitted my information, and had Alex call me back almost immediately. From the very first meeting, Alex put me right at ease. We resolved to start my English Shepherd, Moony, in obedience training with the goal of transitioning her to service training if she did well. Throughout the entire process, Alex brought positive energy, patience, and a calming confidence to our training sessions. He balances a warm personality with professionalism, and his love of animals shines through in every session. At times when I was unsure Moony would be able to learn something new, he encouraged both me and Moony to keep practicing. Moony was stubborn and energetic, but Alex believed in her ability to learn. He believed in her ability to grasp the commands even when I was anxious that she wouldn't. My training sessions with Alex and Moony are always the highlight of my week. The level of kindness, understanding, and genuine joy that he brings to sessions has made this experience unforgettable. Where other trainers I've worked with have felt impersonal, Alex is engaging, present, and genuinely cares for the animals he works with. We have been in training with Alex for 4 months, and Moony has officially passed her service dog test! Thanks to Alex, I am slowly regaining control of my life. Being able to take Moony with me everywhere has given me a freedom I haven't felt in a long time. This is not something I could have done or accomplished without Alex. Moony and I are eternally indebted to him and his business. If you are looking for a training service that will make you feel secure, confident, comfortable, and free of judgment, look no further. There aren't enough words in the English language to truly describe how amazing this experience has been!

Posted September 8th 2021

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At Dog Training Elite in Houston, we believe that Service Dogs save lives. It is our mission to make these life-saving companions available to our Veterans, First Responders, Women Survivors, and Children with Medical Needs. Whether it be for PTSD, Mobility Support, or Special Needs, Dog Training Elite in Houston work's with the Malinois Foundation to heal and empower these individuals with a specialized service animal, a partner in life, and a new best friend.

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