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Our dog, Axle just graduated the Platinum program today! We've been working the program for the last 8 weeks with Ramiro. Ramiro is very knowledgeable about what he is doing. And shows passion for what he's doing. We got into the training to work on Axle listening to both my fiance and I. (more me) and to learn that if we let someone in the fence or see someone, that not everyone is a threat. and we did just that amd more! Axle worked so hard in the program and caught on very quickly, it amazed us all. Even though Axle was doing all the hard work, we, ourselves had to also put the dedication in as well. The past 8 weeks were full of ups and some downs. But Ramiro reassured us every step of the way if something wasn't working, or Axle wouldn't listen. I highly recommend this training to anyone second guessing their dog. You will be amazed as to what your dog can learn and change in a way you'll barley recognize them by the time your done! Now onto group training!
— Amber Gilliam
Posted July 12th 2024
I highly recommend Dog Training Elite! Ramiro was so kind with Axle. We were trying to get Axle to listen to us to know that people are okay when they come in the fence. And Ramiro did just that! Axle caught on so fast to the training it was crazy! 8 weeks ago we started this journey and we are so thankful for Ramiro. Zero bad experiences at all. It was clear that he was good at his job and was able to explain things to us so we not only knew what to do but why to do it.
— mike young
Posted July 12th 2024
We are having a great experience with Dog Training Elite! Stephany called me shortly after I filled out the online request for a free assessment. We were able to get started with training very quickly! Our dog Gus can be reactive to unfamiliar people and other dogs. We were always very nervous to bring him places in public and have friends come over. Ramiro was able to help ease our fears by giving us tools and training to help Gus be successful. Gus responded very well to the training and learned a lot during the individual lessons. We are very thankful to Ramiro for being patient with Gus and understanding of what we wanted to get out of the training. We are looking forward to continuing our training with Gus in the group classes!
— Jessica DeMeuse
Posted July 5th 2024
Bonnie is a great 2 yr old dog whose parents needed help to finish her training particularly her excitement in greeting people and recall. Bonnie loved training and was able to strengthen her original puppy training skills and quickly learned her new ones. Ramiro was wonderful with us and Bonnie. We can’t wait for the continuation of learning as we graduate to the group classes.
— Rae Patel
Posted June 30th 2024
I wish it was possible to give more than 5 stars!! We are so happy with the training our Golden Retriever puppy is receiving from Dog Training Elite Northeast Wisconsin. This is our first dog and we are training him to be a psychiatric service dog. Though he is still a puppy, he has made INCREDIBLE progress thanks to the expert guidance and training provided by Ramiro. Whether we are walking our dog around the neighborhood, or out in public, we get so many comments from passersby about how well trained he is. That is 100% thanks to Ramiro and Dog Training Elite. They have been with us since the first week we brought him home as a fluffy, little 9 week old puppy, and have gotten us to this point where, at 6 months old, he is ready to really dig into Service Dog task training. I cannot recommend Dog Training Elite Northeast Wisconsin highly enough! Don't hesitate to contact them for your dog training needs and goals.
— Danica Lewis
Posted June 25th 2024
Our dog, Millie, just graduated from the platinum program and passed her canine good citizen test! Millie was always a good dog, she was just really struggling with listening and manners, which was problematic since we take her everywhere with us. Our trainer Alli was great with Millie-she is a completely different dog now! She listens to us, she's great with making new human and dog friends, and we can trust her off leash. We couldn't be happier with our results! I would highly recommend Dog Training Elite to anyone with a dog in need of training!
— Kelly Penn
Posted June 23rd 2024
Wow wow wow! We had a panic month when we moved here and our dog Chunk started fighting with our small dog causing injuries. I frantically started researching any training to help us or I was going to re-house him to protect our other dog. When Stephanie answered the phone she was so sweet and sympathetic and could hear in my voice the urgency. We were able to see Ramiro within a couple days because of a cancellation and started immediately. Chunk is absolutely a different dog! He obeys commands that we didn’t even think necessary and other commands that we never thought he could handle. Our little dog has started playing with him again and Chunk has not shown any sign of anxiety or aggression towards him. We are so thrilled to be able to take him in public and be confident that he will be the most well behaved dog in the bunch! Thank you so much and we look forward to continue working in the dog groups and referring everyone to your training!!
— Gates Christina
Posted June 13th 2024
We had a wonderful experience with Dog Training Elite. Ramiro was attentive to our concerns and went over and above in ensuring that our dog, Fizz, was both learning to behave and still able to be a fun loving dog. For any future dog we have we would not hesitate to have them train with us again.
— Aaron Frailing
Posted June 8th 2024
The absolute best! Ramiro will take great care of you and your dogs needs!!
— Ryan Krueger
Posted June 7th 2024
Dog Training Elite was simply fantastic. We had an absolutely amazing experience all around. My nearly 5 year old corgi had issues with resource guarding and he ended up biting my husband twice (to the point of blood being drawn and prolonged healing). Ramiro answered all our questions and made us feel SO at ease with the plan. After the first session, my dog’s attitude was changing—he knew his humans were the boss, not him. After completing their Platinum Package, including 8 weeks of in-home sessions (1 day/wk), plus “homework” to complete each week, we are now completely comfortable having both adults AND kids over—we know that if food is dropped, people won’t be attacked by our dog if they go to pick it up. Ramiro and the entire Dog Training Elite staff… THANK YOU for giving us the tools and resources we needed to have a well behaved dog that we are now EXCITED to share with friends, family, and strangers. We are forever grateful for you and your hard work!
— Stephanie Ledvina
Posted June 7th 2024
This is by far the best thing we have done for our dogs. Ramiro changed Matsui into the best dog. Matsui was a stray dog that needed some training that we couldn’t provide. Ramiro is professional and his knowledge of dogs is by far the best I have seen. If you need anything for your dog from barking to behavior to just about anything Ramiro can handle it.
— Michael
Posted May 25th 2024
We paid for the platinum package and our dogs, Sarge and nova have really grown these past months! Elite dog training was a very helpful experience and are great at their job! Thank you again
— autumn yang
Posted May 24th 2024
Ramiro did an amazing job with Keebler! Before starting training, Keebler would bark and nip at anyone who came through our doors. He’s very protective of our children with disabilities sometimes too much. I love that Ramiro laid out all the options for Keebler's training and did not sugar coat the experience. I was nervous to start Keebler due to his aggression towards strangers but Ramiro took one look at Keebler and said “by the end of this I’ll be giving you belly rubs and you’ll be giving me kisses”. That’s exactly what happened. Keebler succeeded all of the trainings each week and he’s a better dog for it! Thank you so MUCH Elite Dog Training and especially Ramiro!
— Tricia and Angel
Posted May 9th 2024
My 2 goldendoodle have been training for 4 weeks and they are doing great. I was trying to train them on my own, at 10 months old they won't going good with the training. So I call elite and asked from help. My girls are doing wonderful since we started training with Ramiro.
— Jamie Deprey
Posted April 28th 2024
We reached out to Dog Training Elite to do puppy training for our Great Dane. Before we started training we were having a really hard time getting our puppy to pay attention and listen. Throughout training and after we have a completely different dog. Stephany and Alli were amazing and always made the training fun and informative. I would recommend Dog Training Elite to anyone!
— Emily Gallagher
Posted April 25th 2024
I have struggled with my black lab mix since I rescued him at 4 months old. He is now 3 yrs old. We have struggled with Eddie being fear reactive to strangers and other dogs. I tried everything. I mean everything as in music, calming treats, two types of medication that the vet prescribed and four different trainers etc. I am so thankful that I found Ramiro and his wife. Since the first day of meeting Ramiro he has been easy to talk to. He listened to my concerns and my goals and made them happen. The one on one training at my home, different neighborhoods and even my sons high school baseball game has been the best experiences for Eddie and I. Our last one on one was at home depot and Eddie made me so proud by accepting a treat from a stranger with no issues. Finally, the group class is amazing! Knowing that us and others at the group class are all there for the same reason. Very comforting to know that it is a controlled environment and the trainers are there to help you and your dog get through the tough parts confidently. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
— Jenny Quella
Posted April 14th 2024
We have a smart but stubborn shiba-sheltie who’s 4. We were contemplating having to rehome her due to her debilitating anxiety. We tried everything from vet help, medication, YouTube training videos, etc. We decided it was time to turn to obedience training and that was the best decision we have ever made. The free consultation was super helpful for us to make the decision and have any questions answered. We got matched with Ramiro for our training and he was so knowledgeable, friendly, and helped transform our dogs confidence which drastically improved her anxiety! We went with the platinum package as that came with unlimited training and group classes. Ramiro made sure that we had our needs met and constantly checked in to make sure we felt satisfied with the training and would ask if we felt anything was missing. This couldn’t have been a better experience for us and our dog. We could have done weekly trainings forever it was that enjoyable. Thank you to Ramiro and his wife for the support and experience overall! They run a great business and are so passionate about what they do. 1000/10 will always recommend them!
— Sophia Melotte
Posted April 10th 2024
Elite training took our rambunctious 18 month old who rarely listened, to an obedient, well behaved pup! I never would have imagined he could be turned around so quickly! Addressed every behavior we wanted help with - jumping up, off leash listening, manners when visitors to the home, walking without pulling. I liked the benefit of in home training by correcting behaviors where we mostly are. Quality of training was well worth the cost and liked that all training tools were included. It was clear to me how not only knowledgeable the staff is, but they genuinely care about the health and well-being of our dog and our family.
— Kim Gillis
Posted April 10th 2024
Dog Training Elite all the way!!! I bought a Belgian Malinois puppy, right off the bat the owner Ramiro knew what course of action to take to tame this three month old beast. Over the course of my eight week package I had the pleasure of getting to know Ramiro and his wife Stephany, these two take their job very passionately and seriously. I am extremely happy that I made the wise decision to go through Dog Training Elite because if I did not I would probably have a very stubborn puppy. The results of Ramiro and Stephany's Training is not only very effective but rewarding in its own ways, I would HIGHLY recommend Dog Training Elite to anyone who is thinking of getting any breed puppy or is just looking to train an old dog some new tricks!!! Thank you Ramiro and Stephany for your time and effort towards me and Maverick!!!
— Owen Froelich
Posted April 9th 2024
Stephanie and Ramiro are excellent at training you and your dog. Ramiro solved some issues I was having with my German Shepherd. Communication was excellent. He was flexible with scheduling. He adapted and tailored a program to accommodate my needs and goals. His method works!
— rjknauf
Posted April 9th 2024

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