Best Service Dog Breeds for Vets

Posted on May 17th 2021

For many brave veterans, the return home after service is simply the beginning of another tough battle. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, more commonly referred to as PTSD, is a clinically diagnosed psychiatric disorder that occurs following the experience of life-threatening events. The brain exists in an almost continuous state of fight or flight, unable to cope with trauma. Those living with PTSD experience flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, and uncontrollable intrusive thoughts. Fortunately, trained service dogs can help their owner handle some of these symptoms. Service dogs reduce stress and anxiety, mitigate depression, and ease social integration. Their unique services help restore confidence and independence in veterans living with PTSD. The decision to work with a PTSD service dog can be a transformational event, extending into all areas of a veteran’s life.

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How to Handle Your Dog's Separation Anxiety

Posted on Apr 26th 2021

Pet parents of an anxious dog may find that their dog becomes destructive or disruptive when the family leaves, and it’s important to learn how to recognize signs of stress and how to address them.

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Why Goldendoodles Make Great Service Dogs

Posted on Mar 24th 2021

Fluffy and oh-so-cute, the Goldendoodle is an incredible dog that brings joy to the lives of many. An intentional cross between the Golden Retriever and Poodle, Goldendoodles exhibit the best traits of each breed. The friendly, outgoing, and devoted characteristics of the well-loved Golden Retriever meet the intelligence, exuberance, and low-shedding coat of the Poodle. While the Goldendoodle is a popular choice for families, his capabilities as a service dog are where this breed truly shines!

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America's Favorite Dog Breeds

Posted on Feb 24th 2021

Are you looking for a new canine companion to join your family? Getting a dog is an exciting prospect for families, especially those with young children. And while there are hundreds of breeds and mixes out there to choose from, we recommend taking a close look at the most popular breeds (according to the American Kennel Club) chosen by American families over the years.

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Proven Benefits of Dog Ownership

Posted on Feb 22nd 2021

There is a reason that dogs are considered "man's best friend." Their loyalty, devotion, and silly antics keep us smiling all day long. Our furry friends offer a feeling of peace and comfort that is hard to find anywhere else. We all know that big, round puppy eyes are enough to make anyone's heart melt, but science tells us that there are various other benefits that dogs provide us.

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