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Josh helped our dog, Rossi, learn so much! He was very experienced, knowledgeable, and answered all our questions and assisted with all our concerns. Would absolutely recommend him for any training!
— Alarra Jordan
Posted February 24th 2024
Josh from Dog Training Elite is a fantastic trainer. Josh has helped us with the whole process of training our dog. From helping us select the best puppy to all of the training we have needed. With all of the hands on in depth training our dog has learned so fast and is excelling at public access and the group training. Josh has answered every question we have had and is training our dog to be a service dog and helping us through the whole process. I would 100% recommend Josh and Dog Training Elite Greater Cleveland for anyone who wants their dog trained.
— thomas hartline
Posted February 22nd 2024
We rescued a 6mo aussiedoodle while having a 6mo baby, 3yo and 8yo. We were immediately overwhelmed and knew we needed support to have the family dog we dreamt of. Josh and his team are amazing. They are so professional, calm and collected. Their attitude toward our dog is that she can do it. She wants to know the ropes and to be a good dog. In just a few sessions, we noticed improvement in her obedience. Two months ago, we could hardly walk her on a leash as she pulled and chewed the line. Now, I can walk her and my double stroller with ease. I cannot recommend this team enough! She can hangout on our porch while the kids play and other dogs walk by, no problem at all. It is money SO well spent to invest in this training.
— Mary Breslin
Posted February 22nd 2024
Andrea has helped us train our golden retriever to be a service dog for my child. She and her team are incredibly phenomenal and I would highly recommend them. Kiddo was admitted to hospital and Andrea even met us there to work with him on some hospital specific skills. They’ve become part of our family!
— Tonya Knowles
Posted February 13th 2024
Josh and his crew are some great trainers. I appreciate everything they did with my dog Rhys, I’ve seen a dramatic change in Rhys’s behavior since working with them. Highly recommend working with them, make it easy to learn with them by breaking everything down and explaining what we did and how we did it. I can’t thank them enough.
— Colin Ransom
Posted January 28th 2024
We have been working with Josh since our dog was a puppy. We started with the puppy training and transitioned into the adult program. Josh has been amazing! We have tried other trainers with previous dogs (including board and train) and this has been by far the best experience we’ve had. Josh teaches you and your dog at the same time. Not only do you learn the fundamentals but he teaches you so that you can teach your dog anything outside the scope of the class. I would recommend Josh to anyone!
— Tony Sileo
Posted January 7th 2024
We are completely blown away with the "magic" that Josh brings to the training sessions. He is articulate and knowledgeable and shares that knowledge in a way that makes it easy to understand and follow. We saw an immediate change in our weimaraner after just the first session. It's made visiting friends and family so much easier.
— Jeff Harbin
Posted December 23rd 2023
After going through 5 other trainers, we are super-grateful to have found Josh Lopez and DTE. He’s experienced, creative, dependable and committed to helping us resolve all our dog-training challenges. Having an older dog with established long-standing issues makes it more challenging, but he doesn’t give up. We’ve seen great success in several areas (dog aggression, not coming when called) and anticipate a long-term ongoing relationship with Josh. I recommend DTE highly
— Beth Schuster
Posted December 23rd 2023
Josh has been fantastic at helping us get our puppy Nugget to a place where he is much better behaved. We went from a mindset of, "oh no we might have to rehome this new puppy that won't stop chasing our cats and kid," to a point where he listens to basic commands and is now a happy, welcome part of our household. Thank you so much, Josh, you're appreciated more than you know!
— Sonya Acosta
Posted December 23rd 2023
Josh is awesome to work with and gave us all the tools to train our Bernese puppy to be better behaved. By far the best trainer I've used!
— Andrew dutt
Posted December 23rd 2023
Josh has been training my shepard Emma, ( and myself) for a while now. His training techniques and attitude before, during and after classes FAR exceeds any and all expectations that I had. Emma is a very stubborn dog at times and he will give tips and tricks to help me. I really enjoy the group classes. Emma and I have both learned a lot and also made a couple of friends along the way.
— Bill Pawloski
Posted December 23rd 2023
Training is amazing, Josh has worked with our dog and it is amazing how well behaved our dog is now.
— Michael Hogan
Posted December 23rd 2023
My wife and I have a new puppy who was causing tons of stress in the home. Dog Training Elite has helped tremendously. Our dog, Nugget has improved a lot since we started the training. He is more obedient and confident. He also enjoys the training sessions. We highly recommend Dog Training Elite to anyone who wants to have a well-behaved and happy dog.
— Jaime Acosta
Posted December 23rd 2023
Josh is an amazing trainer and makes you feel heard and helps with any question you have regardless of the time. He makes all the time for you and takes the time to get to know each person and dog individually. I highly recommend.
— Olga Pierce
Posted September 5th 2023
I love my dog but he is a wild boy. One giant puppy. I have been trying to find the right trainer to get him started on his road to being a service (PSA) dog. We started with the Gold Obedience package and the difference the 5 weeks of training have made are night and day. Josh was a joy to work with. Kratos really liked him and worked well with him. I would recommend Josh to anyone looking for a experienced good trainer that cares. We look forward to group sessions and the continuing training over the next few months! Update: Kratos is now a fully trained (PSA) service dog. His obedience is amazing and lots of times even anticipates my next command or what I need him to do. He has learned behavior interruption, watch my six (we use this one a lot), and orbit. I couldn't be more pleased and would recommend Josh to anyone.
— David Gilham
Posted May 13th 2023
Dog training elite did a great job with my Zeus! He listens now, understands his commands and much easier to walk now. Josh is great at what he does and I noticed a difference after our first class. He not only trains your dog he trains you to do exactly what you need to do to get results.
— Stephanie Mackey
Posted December 6th 2023
Josh and Sean are great! Our puppy was having tremendous difficulty and they were able to set him straight even after the first session! Their program has helped us tremendously, we weren’t sleeping and their detailed schedule helped us get his potty training and crate training situated in about 1 week. He learned commands quickly and easily with practice and correct use of his collar. Highly recommend.
— Tom Rumsey
Posted September 26th 2023
Josh and his staff are the best trainers. They are passionate about helping dogs change behaviors. Our Aussie Doodle had behaviors such as barking, jumping and pulling that were a distraction and safety concern for our family. The home teaching sessions were great and designed for our home and yard setting. We noticed a noticeable change after each session beginning week #1!!!!! The group classes which we are currently attending are invaluable. The dogs practice their new skills amongst other dogs and their family. The program is awesome! Our home is peaceful!
— Sandra Harris
Posted September 26th 2023
The training experience we have had with DTE and Josh is outstanding! At first I was very apprehensive to having someone else training my dog, but my husband and I learned a lot of good technics in making our dog a good respectful dog, Josh and his crew continues to work to making my Thor a well -behaved boy.. they are very patient and kind to animals (even when our Thor was being a jerk). I would recommend DTE to anyone who needs dog training!!!
— Kim Riggen
Posted September 9th 2023
Worth every penny. Josh is amazing I've never thought training my dog could be so easy and effective.
— Doug Perry
Posted July 28th 2023

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