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Trainer Hunter, is just what my pup and I needed. Norah, my spunky Aussie-doodle, has already learned so much from Hunter, as have I. Norah is much more respectful and intelligent after proper training. Norah and I are doing full service animal training. It is a lot of work, but it is done with an emphasis of care, not only with Norah, but with me. Thank you Hunter and DTE! Shout out to Evan who has also helped me tremendously!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
— Cortney Jackson
Posted June 12th 2024
I cannot thank Evan, Hunter, and Kaycee enough. They went above and beyond to make accommodations for extra support either in person, phone, or texting. They are the A-Team to have for helping me with my service animal and helping me meet a hard deadline before I leave town. My Great Dane attached instantly which tells me she reads them as leaders who also love and care for her, and not “do this!” because I tell you to do so. That is huge, as a Great Dane is incredibly sensitive and needs special handling. My quick rundown: 1) after assessing my girl and my short deadline, they tailored the training for focus on the top 5 ‘must haves’ first. This was after long onboarding conversations with both Kaycee and Evan. We dove right in with full 1-hour sessions that provided me with easy to do homework so results for that week’s lesson were ingrained quickly. The use of an e-collar was hard until it was explained and demonstrated. This, in conjunction with our already established treat/reward training, was taken into account and has been well received by my girl. So far, highly effective and notable progress is being made. Overall Experience is a 5/5: I highly recommend this very specific A-Team. The communication, accommodations, and approach coupled with Evan’s expertise, is making me smile!!
— April Smith
Posted May 28th 2024
I highly recommend Dog Training Elite with Hunter and Evan! They really are dog whisperers because they genuinely care about and love dogs. Implementing the commands, rules and boundaries with our pups is helping to make Toffee and Frito an even more beloved part of our family. I loved that Hunter took time to teach my daughters and husband and I how to use the e-collar correctly for obedience training. They also worked individually with Toffee and Frito. We have been given all we need to succeed in our homework for the week and reinforce the learning. We always look forward to the next visit! The time Hunter and Evan have spent with us has won us over. This training is completely worth the money. The new ownership and trainers have far exceeded our expectations. Even the company and scheduling is well organized and just fantastic. Moreover, our dogs love Hunter! He has gone above and beyond to help us get the kind of training that ensures our pups are healthy and happy and we are too!
— Amy Ence
Posted May 22nd 2024
Best dog training place in St. George. My dogs never behaved, but after working with Sarah and Hayden, I have seen such an improvement in the behavior of my dogs. Highly reccomend!
— Dracozu
Posted September 12th 2023
Hayden and his team of trainers have been so wonderful to work with training our dog! About a year ago we started working with Dog Training Elite to service train my dog and we have had nothing but positive exprience from day one. Even now, if I ever have an issue or concern with my dog, the trainers are more than willing to help out. 10/10 best investment for my pup!
— Shantel Baker
Posted March 17th 2023
Sarah and Hayden have done such a great job for us and our dog Lil'bit. They helped us to be more confident which has given our dog an opportunity to rise to his confident self. With all the preparation we were so happy when Lil'bit was introduced to other dogs. Hayden did such a great job helping Lil'bit understand how to interact with other dogs. Both Sarah and Hayden have helped us to be confident with our dog around other people and other dogs. Thank you for bringing more freedom to our home.
— Kaimana Allen
Posted February 22nd 2023
I adopted Watson two years ago after losing my 18 year old Peekingese. I have gotten older and I needed help with Watson's training. I am so glad I called dog training elite. The e-coller has never left any marks on my dog however it does help him to pay attention to what is being taught. Hayden (the trainer) is professional, dependable and very patient with me. Hayden explains the training techniques thoroughly and I am seeing real results. Thank you Dog Training elite!
— Cynthia Guptill
Posted January 4th 2023
In the beginning, I was involved with the shock collar for my dog, and I was not comfortable with doing it, and really didn’t want to believe in it. But after being educated about the guard and how it teaches the dog faster and more relevant to the situation. So it took me a little while but I grew into it and now it’s become an every day lesson with my dog.
— Shane Davis
Posted December 8th 2022
I can’t even tell you how happy I am with the results of training our puppies with Dog Training Elite St. George. I guess since I’m submitting a review I will try. I have 2 dogs ages 5 and 1. We have all but given up on our five year old ever responding to us when we call him (unless it’s on his schedule). When we got the new puppy, we decided to make the extra investment to train him right. We really want to have a well behaved dog that doesn’t freak out in public. Hayden from Dog Training Elite trained both dogs for us! Now, when people come over, the dogs will stay in their place. They don’t jump up on people. We can take them for walks or to festivals and they are so well behaved. Now, I’m one of the cool dog owners that has the awesome dogs- not just one, but two! Also- we have trained our little dog to be a service animal and he gets to visit the kids in the hospital and they love it.
— Leslie Seal
Posted October 22nd 2022
I would definitely recommend working with them to train your dog! Very clear instruction and results.
— Katelyn Bryner
Posted October 20th 2022
Hayden at DTE has been absolutely outstanding in getting my crazy German Shepherd Dog under control. He has taught me a great deal on how to control my dog’s behavior. In just a few short weeks I am able to walk my pup with confidence without all the barking and pulling. Thanks Dog Training Elite! Money well spent.
— Bobby Cuomo
Posted August 16th 2022
Hayden has been great!! We have 6 dogs. 4 pit mixes (all rescues) one heeler and one Dane. My Dane and male pit mix are having some aggression towards one another and my main goal was creating an overall more structured/peaceful home for them. DTE has been super accommodating! I live in Mesquite and Hayden comes to my house every week! And worked with my goals. We still have a long way to go but he has truly helped me and my four legged kids. As someone who has years of experience with animals of all kinds, having his outside and professional skills has dramatically improved our lives. Pic of our two boys together!
— Alexandra Imbach Lagenour
Posted July 16th 2022
A life giving experience. We were ready to find a new home (or possibly put down) our aggressive dog after he had bit several people including us multiple times and a random kid. We were completely lost with what to do, it was a very emotional time. We called Hyden with Dog Training Elite out of complete desperation. Within a few weeks our aggressive puppy that we loved so much was making huge strides. Not only is he not aggressive anymore, he has learned basic and advanced obedience techniques. We would HIGHLY recommend Dog Training Elite for anyone with an aggressive dog or anyone who is looking to improve their dogs’ behavior.
— Andrew Jensen
Posted May 1st 2022
Hayden has been absolutely wonderful to work with. (As well as Grayson who has been great with appointment reminders and any questions I have!) Super professional, reliable and patient. I adopted my 1 year old dog, Bat, a few months ago, he is extremely sweet with some pretty reactive behaviors, I already see so many positive changes in my dog and we just started the program. I feel that both Bat and I are very supported in the training and I’m excited for the weeks to come.
— Megan
Posted April 26th 2022
We have a rescue aggressive dog who has so much potential it was hard to not get her the help she needs. Everyone turned us away except the dog training elite. They have gave my dog a life just in a few short lessons. She’s a whole new dog it’s been amazing to watch her progress. I never thought she would do this good ever, but thanks to them she will be able to live a happier life. I would completely wholeheartedly recommend the trainers at the dog training elite above everyone else we have tried training with. They work around what you have so it’s not more out of pocket and they are very accommodating when it comes to working around my crazy schedule. They have been nothing but kind and very patient with our sweet girl.
— Sara Burgess Schwartz
Posted April 22nd 2022
They were so kind and helpful with training my puppy. So grateful for everything that they did.
— Treena Schweikart
Posted April 19th 2022
Working with our trainer was such a great experience, I highly recommend Dog Training Elite.
— Stacy Schmalz
Posted March 23rd 2022
We have enjoyed working with Dog Training Elite! Their puppy course helps us to curb some of the undesirable puppy behavior. With the one on one training our little guy is so well behaved and happy. He gets excited when his trainer comes over and is sad when he leaves! Thanks Dog Training Elite!!
— Maggie Doty Yunker
Posted October 26th 2021
Working with Dog Training Elite has not only a great experience for my family, but for our dog as well. He gets so excited when his trainer comes and we have noticed significant changes! Thanks Dog Trailing Elite!!
— Maggie Yunker
Posted October 24th 2021
Great dog training and excellent company!
— Maddie Rogers
Posted October 19th 2021

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