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We had a fantastic experience with George from Dog Training Elite! Our Scottish Terrier, Paul, showed remarkable improvement in his behavior across the board. George's training not only helped Paul build confidence in new environments but also significantly reduced his anxiety around new people. We couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend George to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate dog trainer. Thank you, George, for transforming Paul's behavior and making our lives so much better!
— Taylor Doeden
Posted May 26th 2024
When we first brought our dog home, he was 1 1/2 year old, 60 lb dog with no training. He wanted to be loved and play all the time but his form of play was a little much to handle, jumping and mouthing us and our guests. After we trained with George, he was a completely different dog. He knows when to play and listens to commands even though he is busting with love and still wants everyone's attention. We would highly recommend working with George at Dog Training Elite, Twin Cities. He is patient and loving and quickly became our dog's best friend!
— Mary Munson
Posted March 10th 2024
I highly recommend Dog Training Elite. Previously I had enrolled in a different training program where my dog had to drop out due to her anxiety and reactivity. I also put her through a dog training month long boot camp. Neither of these had the success which I am experiencing now with Dog Training Elite. For the first time I am able to walk her without being afraid that her reactivity and pulling will be unmanageable. George is great and also answered promptly with suggestions when I texted with training questions. I am so glad I finally found something that is working.
— Jennifer Loupe
Posted February 15th 2024
My dog is a different dog since George came to my house. Louie loves to be trained and he is now a wonderful puppy. I would highly recommend George!
— Kate Lundsten
Posted January 17th 2024
George is an amazing trainer! He is always on time, very kind & understanding, dogs worship him, & will have you seeing results with your dog almost instantly. I got my dog for my PTSD & George helped turn my 3-month-old puppy into one of the most amazing companions in the matter of 6 months. His training programs are very much worth your time, effort, & money.
— Katrina Cannady
Posted December 13th 2023
We worked with George and were very satisfied with this training experience. We have a 3 year old Rough Collie and were experiencing issues with leash reactivity and "Stranger Danger" in our home. Our Finley thought it was his job to control people he didn't know in our house. (These herding breeds can have a tendency to nip and herd). We can now manage this situation and have a more safe atmosphere for others. The e-collar training is fabulous if you have a dog that has impulses or a situation where "positive only training" isn't getting the results you want. Great for off-leash commands. You will not regret the decision to go forward with this training.
— Sue Schinke
Posted October 27th 2023
Take advantage of the free in-home assessment to see for yourself, but I highly recommend George for anyone looking for a dog trainer. I have an anxious American Bully that other trainers were not willing or able to work with, but George was able to build a great relationship with her and train both of us. He's very responsive, engaged, and specific with training feedback and epxectations, which I found was very helpful - also supportive for any/all questions that I've had. Going through training with George has significantly improved our quality of life - went from having a reactive dog that would bark anytime others entered the home to now having the skills in place to allow others to visit without it being a big event. Thanks George!
— Lisa Nelson
Posted July 30th 2023
My dog Nigel was very anxious, guarded, and reactive before we did training with George. Each session, George coached Nigel, but he also coached me on how to be a more assertive owner! I feel like I was given the tools I need to make sure Nigel is safe out in public. I was shocked at how quickly the reactive behavior subsided once Nigel felt more confident, and now he is a much happier dog. I’m more confident with him too. George is very knowledgeable and was able to answer any question I had, and he really listened to and abided by my training goals. I’m excited to continue with the Saturday park sessions!
— Leah Tillman
Posted May 23rd 2023
I thought I was hiring someone to come to my house and train my dog but really I was trained how to effectively train my dog. George was an excellent teacher and was super great with Oreo. Very flexible when I needed a reschedule and also with the lesson plan by helping with things outside of the list of commands in the contract. Would recommend to family and friends for sure. Looking forward to the group classes this summer.
— Jay Zachau
Posted April 26th 2023
Rosie was a reactive dog, we lived our life afraid of her becoming aggressive to those entering our home. George taught us week by week on basic commands that built upon each other. He was reliable and professional. Rosie is a different dog. The cost of individual in home training was worth every cent. Our Rosie is more confident of herself and comes by command, something we never thought could happen. We are so thankful!
— Tamara Uhde
Posted February 14th 2023
George has done a fantastic job with our pit bull Cleo, not only is he skilled but he is also personable. Highly recommend him to anyone seeking elite dog training.
— Zac M
Posted February 3rd 2023
George deserves this 5 star review! Such an all-around dog trainer and person! Helped not only train our four legged best friend but also us as owners. cleo is a pitbull who was extremely stubborn and jumped on anyone who came through the door. Cleo used to take ten minutes before calming down. Now Cleo sits and waits until she is given the okay to welcome guests. She is also reactive towards other dogs but if the help of conditioning Cleo with the collar and commands, she is a lot less reactive. He even volunteered his own dog to help equipped us with the tools to introduce our dog to others. He answered any and all questions that he had plus more. Would highly recommend!
— Madlyn McMullen
Posted February 3rd 2023
George was a wonderful trainer! We were out of options for our anxious, aggressive golden doodle. After working with George, we were able to take our dog to family holiday gatherings with no incident. George patiently answered all of our questions and equipped us to be better dog owners. We would highly recommend!
— Sara Veit Kaufman
Posted December 21st 2022
George was great and easy to work with. We have a rather aggressive shepherd mix with other dogs and we worked through some techniques that help us approaching dogs on our nightly walks. He was patient & offered a lot of tools to help us better handle those situations with confidence.
— Lucas Duppler
Posted December 5th 2022
We can't be happier about our decision to finally get our dog, Fulton, properly trained! Fulton is a 5 year old Olde English Bulldog that is anxious and STUBBORN! Prior to our training sessions with George, I had never been able to walk him because he pulled too much, despite using every type of harness available on Amazon! Now I can casually walk Fully without worrying he will pull or get distracted by other dogs or squirrels! My husband and I thought that Fulton was destined to be stuck in his kennel whenever people came over. His big test was on Thanksgiving when we had family over for dinner. Fulton didn't jump once and was able to be out of his kennel while our family was there! That was AMAZING!! George was very patient with us (and with Fulton!) and took the time to answer our questions and give us suggestions to target specific problem behaviors. Fulton is proof that a dog is never too old to learn new tricks! Please give George a call and see what he can do for you and your dog! The results speak for themselves.
— Julie Onken
Posted December 2nd 2022
George was really great to work with for the past 9 weeks! We have an Australian cattle dog with bad aggression, and I never thought we would see the change in him that we do! It’s still a work in progress but George was always so helpful and patient with him and very knowledgeable! We would recommend DTE to anyone we know! We have Far more confidence going into situations with our dog now than we did before!
— Lexi Kingsley
Posted September 10th 2022
George's knowledge and guidance has had an invaluable impact on my reactive dog and our family, I highly recommend Dog Training Elite to anyone struggling to manage their dog's reactive behavior. Thanks to George, we have training tools and tricks that WORK to keep my dog calm and responsive to my commands. I'm so proud of the progress my dog has made with George's excellent training. I've learned so much and I'm so grateful that I found a trainer who is patient, understanding, and sees the best in my dog.
— Kayleigh Halter
Posted August 8th 2022
I have seen the effectiveness of DTE Twin Cities training methods and the positive transformation in the behavior of the dogs they train. George genuinely wants each owner to have the best possible relationship with their dog so that they can experience all the fun activities and joy that dogs bring to our lives. If you would like to make your dog a bigger part of your lifestyle, I encourage you to contact DTE Twin Cities.
— Vince Conrad
Posted July 28th 2022
George is a fantastic trainer. He's dedicated and truly passionate about improving the bond between dogs and their owners. I highly recommend him for all of your training needs!
— craig fizer
Posted June 14th 2022
George is awesome and Karma is the sweetest, most well-behaved Rottweiler ever. The level of training she has is amazing!
— Valerie de Armas
Posted May 24th 2022
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