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Dog Training Elite First Coast is proud to provide the highest rated dog training services at an affordable cost near you in Jacksonville / St. Johns.

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I have a 3.5 year old Australian shepherd that I rescued and all this time have tried multiple different trainers, tried training him myself and had pretty much thrown my hands up that he was just “untrainable” until I came across Eric and his business! We are two lessons in and my dog is already more behaved and well trained than when I rescued him! He is understanding commands, doing those commands when told etc. I highly recommend Eric and his team and I am excited for the upcoming future lessons we have scheduled!
— Madison Craig
Posted May 4th 2024
Eric and the team are great! Easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend their training services.
— Justin Ramos
Posted March 7th 2024
We’ve been working with Eric for several one-on-one sessions for aggressive behavior from our rescue, and are seeing some signs of hope. I appreciate his willingness to listen and having us take an active role in the solution. We still have a long road ahead of us, but are encouraged by our progress so far! I am looking forward to the transition to outside the home to see Eric work with our girl. Definitely recommend!
— Frank Samu
Posted January 31st 2024
We are SO happy we chose Dog Training Elite for our golden doodle puppy. Eric is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, & our puppy loves him. I am so impressed, and surprised, at how much she has learned & is now able to do. It’s such a relief to trust her to listen to commands amid distractions, not run out the front door, etc. Highly recommend to everyone!
— Lauren Adams
Posted January 15th 2024
Eric and his team are excellent. Particularly at service and patience to meet your dog and family needs. Our Cavapoo took to Eric like a member of the family. I highly recommend their approach and methods, frankly, the hardest to train is us humans !!
— vinceo2b
Posted December 13th 2023
We have had an awesome experience with Dog Training Elite! We were ready to give up on our husky because not only was she naughty but didn’t listen either! We were so surprised at her behavior after the first appointment! With every appointment, she continued to grow more and more obedient and actually pays attention and listens and respond when given commands. We have had the pleasure of working with Eric! He has always been accommodating with our schedule and time. He is amazing and truly knows how to train and work with our pet! We have learned so much! Thank you Eric and Dog Traing Elite! Such a positive experience for our family and our husky Athena!
— Berri Umrani
Posted December 8th 2023
I’ve had several trainers with my dogs over the years, but Eric is by far the BEST! He’s so very skilled and knowledgeable! He’s patient and sweet with my dog and me! Pippin is learning so well under his guidance. This is the place to call if you want a positive learning experience.
— Linda Gattuso
Posted December 7th 2023
Eric has been great! We were so stressed & thought we would have to do something drastic & couldn’t see anyone fixing our issue. Our 1yo Rottie Odin was biting & not allowing us to pet him, barking at ppl & dogs and jumping on us. I really did a lot of research online & followed a lot of advice INCLUDING going thru 2 other trainers (one told us we should put him down)! Eric has been working with us for around 2mths now & he has changed everything! Odin hasn’t had one bad incident since day one of working with Eric. My relationship with Odin is so much better, I feel more confident & can finally love on him without worry. I have so many options on how to help Odin make the correct choices. I have gained so much knowledge & abilities. We truly felt we had tried so many ways to help Odin that I was really skeptical another trainer would really make a difference, I can tell Eric has really good knowledge and experience with ANY situation you may have, and lots of patience. This has made day to day living much better and I’m thankful Eric has learned what he has, so he can help others.
— Camren Kalinowski
Posted December 6th 2023
While being a new dog owner who wants to get her dog trained for being a psychiatric service animal, I had A LOT of questions. Eric, had SO much patience with me on the phone and answered everything in detail without making me feel rushed. He had an answer for them all and even provided me with examples of what they would provide for my specific needs. He also sent a follow up with the information we talked about immediately after our call. Super happy with the experience even before signing up to be a part of Dog Training Elite!
— Jillian Sagat
Posted December 5th 2023
Dog training Elite was the best decision. My five year-old mix made such fast progress. She behaves so well. I am now able to take her to public places. I am truly grateful to Eric her trainer. He is so knowledgeable and confident, and he is always so sweet with us. Eric truly helped me gain confidence with my dog. I am very happy and I certainly recommend this company, highly. Thank you Dog Elite Training!
— Nubia Santos, PhD LMHC CST
Posted November 20th 2023
I'm so happy with how training is going, my dog Zeus is doing so amazing after just two sessions! Eric is amazing and would recommend him to anybody.
— Alexis Doyle
Posted November 17th 2023
Eric is amazing to work with and learn from. I share that from both my perspective and my dog 😊 His technique is completely logical and is easy to incorporate into our daily routines. Highly recommend!
— Joy Fulton
Posted November 7th 2023
I have a large breed, Sherlock, about a 1yr and 7 months old. He had problems with listening if you weren't right next to him and a anxiety/dominance issue that would turn toward aggression to people. The trainer, Eric, was amazing and helped us and Sherlock gain confidence in his training in recall, boundaries in the yard and doors, place, on his leash, and sit and down. We also learned how to prevent and work with Sherlock when be displayed his anxious/dominance behavior to my family or guests. They were flexible with scheduling, and checked periodically throughout the week to make sure the training was going well. I would highly recommend them.
— Sara Broskie
Posted October 6th 2023
Outstanding!!! After a serious google search for dog training in the area I just moved I went with my intuition and hired Eric from Dog Training Elite First Coast for my 7 months old German Shepard. After a long conversation on the phone I realized I made the right choice. Eric came to my place, met my puppy and evaluated him and we discussed the different training plan options. No hidden fees, everything was upfront and honest, no push for the expensive plans so the owner of the dog actually has the final word on what is best for his/hers budget and of course what he/she expects from the training. There is a plan for every budget!!! I was given a folder with all the details and info about the company and training and Eric business card. Any breed can participate in any plan. So far my puppy had 2 one-on-one classes and it already paid off. I had a scary situation when coming back from shopping I found my entrance door opened. No sound, no movement and I just froze for a second. I completely opened the door and called my pup and to my surprise he was waiting exactly on the line where Eric trained him to stay for door boundary. Eric practiced with him the previous week about this!! My pup could have been roaming in the building or outside and get lost or hit by a car but he stayed inside and waiting for me. I was just stunned!!! My 7 months old pup actually listened to Eric and remembered that he needed to stay at the boundary and not go out. Best investment to hire Eric!!! I realized that I was so lucky I started my pup on a 6 weeks plan!!! My pup adores Eric, he looks at him with reverence and makes great eye contact and listens to him. Ok, you might say but what about when Eric is not there training my GSD? Fair question!!! So far all that Eric taught me how to handle my pup worked out nicely. I do have homework!!! Repetition, repetition everyday!!! I am looking forward for the future classes and I already want my doggie to have the advanced classes. Thank you Eric for your professionalism, patience, great communication and feedback but most of all for giving me an amazing opportunity to have my puppy be a better behaved dog. I already recommended Eric to many people in my building.
— Carmen Blau
Posted August 8th 2023
I can't express how happy I am to have found Dog Training Elite First Coast. Training with a professional trainer was a game-changer for me and my puppy. Nemesis is my 7-month-old Doberman puppy. She is very loving and full of energy but has a super aggressive and destructive attitude. No matter what I did, I could not get her under control. I couldn't go for walks, have company, or take her anywhere in public because of her aggressive behaviors. I watched video after video with zero luck. I was at the end of my rope when I found Dog Training Elite First Coast. The trainer, Eric, even during the assessment visit, gave me tips that worked immediately! The best part was that the training wasn't just learning the basics for Nemesis; I could ask questions and learn how to address any behaviors I wasn't sure how to deal with. He gave me all the information to correct the bad behavior immediately. I cannot recommend Eric and Dog Training Elite First Coast enough. It's like I have a new dog! If you love your dog but are stressed about their bad behaviors, this training is a must! 10 out of 10 recommend!
— Charity Albritton
Posted July 18th 2023
LOOK NO FURTHER FOR DOG TRAINING, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! There is something to be said about watching a trainer love your dog like it is his own. Eric is amazing not only with Remy but with me as well.
— Amanda Murad
Posted June 17th 2023
The training my pet received was top rated. I highly recommend Dog Training Elite for anyone who has a stubborn pet such as mine.
— Liberty Security Agency (L.S.A.)
Posted June 14th 2023
Amazing work! Our dog is learning so fast and listens so well. She is a bit stubborn so this is just an amazing experience to have her learn so quickly.
— Valerie Ortiz
Posted June 2nd 2023
Grate dog trainers and very nice and good at what they do.
— Robert Mathis
Posted May 1st 2023
Highly recommend! After getting my first goldendoodle, (Dudley) I decided to begin obedience training to start my puppy off on the right foot. I searched for a while and even visited a few places where they take the puppy for a couple of weeks and return it trained. Frankly, I wasn't a fan of this approach. The dogs were kept in small crates and away from home and their families. I felt bonding with my new puppy was equally important to his training so Elite First Coast was the perfect option. They train in your home, weekly. That way your puppy can bond with the family while learning AND the family learns how to do the training that is needed. The only hesitation I had initially was the training collar. I learned that the training collar is actually nothing to fear! Eric was patient and kind with Dudley and never used it except in a positive way. By the time we finished initial obedience training Dudley is proficient in healing, sit, down, stay, coming when called (recall), not running out the door when guests arrive, and even some off lease work. We have even hired Eric to take Dudley to the next level for service dog training to be an emotional support dog for me. I cannot say enough great things about Eric. If your considering dog training, Eric is your guy!
— Julie Davis
Posted April 24th 2023

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