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Our dog has been difficult to train (on the leash with distractions)but the different techniques we have been taught have started to work. Dog training Elite won’t give up until the right method works. The group class is extremely important and helpful. There are several trainers that attend and are willing to help if you need it .
— Janis Schechter
Posted February 22nd 2024
Anthony was flexible and great to work with.
— Denise Wright
Posted February 14th 2024
This has been the best investment of time and money. Our Teddy is well on his way to being the perfect dog thanks to Chris’s invaluable training tips. I highly recommend Elite Dog Training.
— Margaret Lopez
Posted February 9th 2024
Winston is a new man! He is still making progress and has finished his home training.
— Judy Romano
Posted February 5th 2024
Very pleased with this portion of Oliver’s training. Chris was there for not only training but to answer other sometimes unrelated questions. He was very patient with Oliver. Always available for questions
— Douglas Childers
Posted February 3rd 2024
Great training sessions! Chris was awesome!!!
— timothy cabrera
Posted December 14th 2023
I can’t say enough great things about DTE! They’ve helped me tame my sweet, although aptly named, pit bull puppy “Riot” from a wild boy to a polite and well mannered boy. From yanking and tugging on leashes, ignoring commands, and chasing the poor cat to actually listening to me! It seriously only took a single class to notice a difference! And the more we practiced, the better we both got! Thank you DTE, y’all are the GOAT!
— Rachel Norris
Posted December 3rd 2023
Can’t say enough amazing things about Dog Training Elite of Southwest Florida. My 1.5 year old dog, Griffin has made a full transformation with the skills of the trainers. Can’t thank them enough!
— Tori Lennartz
Posted November 22nd 2023
From evaluation to training, Dog Training Elite has been our life saver. Our trainer Chris has been amazing with our Eleven and taught us how to transform her from bad behaviors into an obedient and submissive dog. All of our family and friends have recognized what a different dog she has become in such a short time. Consistency is the key. Thank you Chris we are forever grateful for you, your knowledge and skills.
— Debi Pickelsimer
Posted November 20th 2023
Mike has been amazing to work with and the training methods Dog Training Elite uses have gotten us very fast and effective results with our highly reactive dog, Rocky! Before working with Mike, we were beginning to think we would never be able to change Rocky and would always have to keep him away from people and other dogs. Although we still have ongoing work to do with him, we know Rocky is on the right track now and feel so confident he will be able to be the awesome dog we see at home when he goes out into the rest of the world.
— Val Bailey
Posted November 13th 2023
I am incredibly happy with my experience with Dog Training Elite. The trainers are fantastic & wonderful to work with. My very highly energetic puppy is 100% improved in his behavior. Most especiallly our walks have become an enjoyable experience for both of us with no more pulling! That in itself is worth the investment!
— Maureen Pierson
Posted November 9th 2023
DTE has been absolutely amazing in helping me with my service dog prospect Maia. I was really worried she wouldn't have what it takes because of how reactive she was, but everyone has been really encouraging about Maia and her progress. We just started our group classes and already I can see the difference in her behavior. I went from being completely unsure if Maia would ever be able to be a service dog, to now being confident that I made the right choice. I am so thankful to everyone at DTE, but especially Chris for being so patient with me during the individual lessons. Thank you so so so much
— Katie Tryba
Posted October 27th 2023
After reading really good reviews about Mike, on the Elite training webpage, we decided we needed a male trainer for our new dog who was initially scared of men. Denise and Alisa were understanding and the demo blew me away . I knew this was an amazing team! . We got Mike for our 5 at home lessons . Mike has no trepidation and really got our dog. The training has been so important for her and he has shown her ( and us) so much patience and care.. we had to take a month and a half off due to her getting in heat and then getting very sick and he was there for us the whole way regardless. We just completed the last two lessons . I have confidence to walk almost anywhere now and look forward to more progress in the months ahead. It’s a journey especially with a dog who was abused and reactive as a result . Mike has the calm presence she needed. I feel very fortunate we found him. We go on to group classes next! Perfect sit in the park before “ come” . And she does “place “beautifully .
— fendust (Fen)
Posted October 18th 2023
What a difference this training has made for our pup. She was young and stubborn, but follow the Elite process she has become a great listener without losing the playful puppy side. At 8 or 9 months old she is more a teenager than a puppy now, so we make sure to continue the training process. The E collar is the way to go. We are looking forward to the open sessions to test her skills. Chris was awesome and you can tell he loves what he does!
— Tom Lowenstein
Posted October 3rd 2023
We couldn't be happier with our training experience with Dog Training Elite. Chris was our trainer and was excellent! The whole training was top notch and our once uncontrollable 109 pound lab puppy is now trained and obedient. We are still in shock, we didn't think it was possible. Before he was jumping, counter surfing, eating everything, nipping and now he listens to us and waits for our commands. We still have some areas to work on but we couldn't be happier with the training knowledge and lessons that we received. 100% would recommend to anyone asking.
— Erica Giesler
Posted September 20th 2023
We are thrilled with the progress our dog Milo has made with DTE. Mike was great with him at our in home sessions and we have really enjoyed going to the group classes. I highly recommend them to anyone who thinking about it.
— Leslie Indre
Posted September 19th 2023
The best and I mean the best and most productive dog training experience you could have !
— Neil Silverberg
Posted September 19th 2023
Mike worked a miracle on my puppy Ruby, and me her owner as well. All was pleasant, and rewarding, every lesson, with obvious progress each time. I highly recommend them.
— Molly Gleason
Posted July 18th 2023
incredibly professional, consistent trainer to trainer, offering lots of support and resources, very happy to find such a great fit!!
— Pamela Olin
Posted July 28th 2023
I wish I had chosen Dog Training Elite sooner than I did! I had spent a fortune on another local training program. I sent my now 2 1/2 year old Morkie to a 2 week board and training course when she was about 8-9 months old. If I had known the outcome , I never would’ve done it. Chris was our trainer and I can’t say enough about how excellent our experience was. It was so much better to have in home lessons, because it not only trained her but me as well. I now have the skills to further improve upon Coco’s abilities. We are still working on a few things, but her improvement and obedience has done a complete 180!!! We are looking forward to joining some group classes in the near future. If you’re looking for training for your pup, their training program is definitely the way to go! I am so thankful that we discovered Dog Training Elite!
— Kimberly B
Posted July 27th 2023

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At Dog Training Elite of Southwest Florida, we believe that Service Dogs save lives. It is our mission to make these life-saving companions available to our Veterans, First Responders, Women Survivors, and Children with Medical Needs. Whether it be for PTSD, Mobility Support, or Special Needs, Dog Training Elite of Southwest Florida works with the Malinois Foundation to heal and empower these individuals with a specialized service animal, a partner in life, and a new best friend.

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