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Alisa is an amazing instructor! From day 1 our dog, Keko showed improvement, and it got even better with every new command we learned to increase Keko's learning good behavior, for different situations. I highly recommend this company. They have a joy, and passion for what they do and truly care about their clients and it shows In how successful their system works. Thanks for everything Alisa Marla & Tony Sarlan and Keko!
— Marla Blair
Posted January 10th 2023
Dog Training Elite of southwest Florida Alisa was great working with my RESCUED dog KEKO. In short order she had Keko learning his commands. In a matter of a few weeks working with her and staff , Keko is a joy to have a my new Buddy! I highly recomend D.T.E. to all dog owners . Keko says RUFF RUFF (THANK YOU) too
— tony sarlan
Posted April 19th 2023
We cannot say enough how happy we've been with Alisa and DTE. Alisa was patient with us and the pups and was thorough with each lesson and what was expected of us. DTE was worth every penny!!
— Joni Kroger
Posted April 16th 2023
Alisa and her team at Dog Training Elite of Southwest Florida is awesome to work with. She did a great job with our Cane Corso Sinatra on the home training and we look forward to the group sessions. I would recommend their services to anyone starting to train their dog.
— Mark Maroulis
Posted April 5th 2023
I have a 65 pound pit-mix, that I rescued at 10 months of age and pretty set in his dog-reactive ways. After being pulled across the street as well as falling while trying to contain his actions too many times, I really had to address this issue. The first trainer I used clued me onto the e-collar, but the method was a bit harsh. I wasn't completely satisfied with those techniques. A few months after the first trainer I found Dog Training Elite. Alisa, Chris and Denise also train with the E-collar but their methods and guidelines are more effective and humane. I've seen considerable improvement in Lance's dog reactivity since training with DTE. (I've also seen improvement in MY ability to handle situations where Lance might prove to be reactive - noticing the signs and stopping the meltdown before it happens.) After 5 in-home lessons Lance and I were to attend group classes. With other dogs?!? I was a bit leary about group classes with Lance but DTE's methods have allowed Lance to benefit from the "not-too-close" contact with the other dogs - and it gives me a controlled environment in which to practice with the E-collar. We have a good number of group lessons to complete but so far I'm very happy with the results. I can recommend Dog Training Elite to anyone who wants to enjoy living with a well trained pup.
— Mari Franklin
Posted April 4th 2023
We inherited a 5 yr. old powerful German Shepherd. Due to sad circumstances, he had absolutely no exposure to people or any animals. After 6 months of intensive work, he now is good with everyone and a loving companion. However, a simple walk was always challenging, unpredictable and filled with us with anxiety. The sight of a dog or even a rabbit would spontaneously make him super aggressive. Thanks to Alisa and Denise who gave us the advantage of their skills, knowledge and experience, we are now in control. At one point it was questionable if we would keep him. We are happy to say that using DTE secured him a permanent home. Thank you, Charlotte, Frank & Navajo
— F
Posted April 4th 2023
We interviewed several dog training companies but once we spoke to Denise at DTE we knew it would be the right fit for our border collie, Lulu. Our trainer Alisa has been incredible from day one. She is patient, accommodating, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. Our Lulu has some anxiety issues and Alisa has recommended some fantastic ideas to help both myself and Lulu work through them. The process will take time, but we make strides each and every week. So thankful to Alisa and the DTE team!
— Dawn Bozkurt
Posted April 3rd 2023
My only regret about hiring the Dog Elite Training Team was not hiring them sooner. Our trainer, Alisa, was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I recently had a friend stay at my home for several days and she couldn’t stop complimenting just how well behaved our dog was. My dog often gave us a hard time during walks by getting distracted by just about everything. Particularly, he would bark incessantly and pull when other dogs didn’t want to interact with him. All negative behaviors are under control and although not perfect, we now have the tools and knowledge to deal with misbehaviors. I recommend Alisa and her team without any reservation. We just completed the in-home portion of our training and are looking forward to our park interactions.
— Sandy Colon
Posted March 30th 2023
My experience with Elite was phenomenal! GiGi my Biewer Terrier is a new dog. My children and grandchildren could not believe the change in her. She listens to commands and doesn’t bark constantly! If you are having any problems with your dog I highly recommend them.
— Donna J
Posted March 30th 2023
I appreciate the flexibility Dog Training Elite of SW Florida offers as it made it possible for us to participate and complete obedience training for Luna Rosa. Alisa met us at various locations and times to accommodate for my busy work schedule and both Alisa and Denise continue to support our journey towards Luna Rosa's service dog training with nothing less than flexibility, upbeat energy, and positive attitude, while maintaining professionalism.
— Viktoria B Toth
Posted March 30th 2023
What a great training team! They were so good with our dog and us. Teaching with patience and kindness.
— Constance Lewis
Posted March 28th 2023
We couldn’t be happier with our training experience with SWFL Dog Training Elite! Our trainer, Alisa was incredibly knowledgeable as well as patient and gentle with our anxious pup. By the end of our 5, in-home sessions we already see an increase in his confidence and obedience. We’re looking forward to seeing him continue to learn and thrive in the small group sessions. We highly recommend Alisa and Dog Training Elite!
— K. L. M. (KLM)
Posted March 28th 2023
Very knowledgeable trainers, they are patient with the pups and the adults! Prompt to arrive for scheduled sessions in your home. We are seeing positive results with our E collar. Recall is improving each day. Looking forward to our group park sessions.
— Deborah Duwe
Posted March 28th 2023
I can’t say enough about Alisa & Denise at Dog Training Elite. I really spoke with so many trainers before choosing them. I had so many concerns about training techniques and results… they took so much time with both me and my dog. More special one on one than I could have ever asked for. Yes I needed just as much training as my dog! Atlas absolutely loves Alisa… he gets excited for every class. Coming from the biggest skeptic, they are worth every penny! I can’t thank them enough!!!
— Renee Aiezza
Posted March 28th 2023
I can’t say enough good about this business! The compassion for the dog, the integrity of the job, and the fun they have while teaching …just wow! If you need your dog trained these are the folks to do it!
— KC Owens
Posted February 27th 2023
Professional, knowledgeable and a love of what they do. These are the reasons why we chose Dog Training Elite of Southwest Florida. Each week there was just enough to work on and progress into the following lesson. Problems were solved easily with modifications because they take the time to know you and your dog. Completely satisfied and impressed with their operation. Alisa could not have been better as our trainer.
— Jule Hober
Posted February 14th 2023
Training with DTE has honestly been the best decision I have made for my pup. Alisa and Denise have been great, expressing great passion when working with Ellie Mae, and always taking a fun and charismatic approach to their classes. Alisa is my primary trainer and has always managed to impress me with how rapidly Ellie Mae picked up every new command. When she first came to my home, she took the time needed to address my concerns mainly with the E Collar and if the training would have any change to the loving personality of Ellie Mae. I feel that both the attuite and behavior of Ellie has dramatically improved and that the training has strengthened the bond between K9 and Human.
— Braden de Jong
Posted February 12th 2023
Decided to connect with Dog Training Elite to look into making our dog a service animal. We entered the program with a solid base of obedience and Alisa and Denise were awesome about working with our individual situation. They were honest about giving my pet credit and catering the services they offered for her advanced level. Alisa was our primary trainer and she is passionate about what she does. She communicates very clearly about what is needed to take your pup to the next level. You never feel tense learning a new task even if you are messing up and need some tips, you can always laugh it off and its a genuinely good time during lessons (group, home or public service). Not to mention I went through this entire training experience while pregnant! If you're looking for taking your pet to the next level or just starting from a basic level Dog Training Elite of Southwest Florida has you covered, worth every penny.
— Yadezi LaMancusa
Posted February 9th 2023
Very very good trainers. Alisa was/is our trainer. She knows everything about dogs. Their system for training is unmatched. And evenings and weekends they are very prompt answering any questions should you have any. There is absolutely no reason to go anywhere else but Dog Training elite.
— R D
Posted January 12th 2023
We've had many dogs and worked with a lot of dog trainers. This team and their methods are beyond what any trainer has taught us. They've motivated and trained our lazy stubborn crazy lab in such a short period of time! If you need a dog trainer...look no further. This team is who you need!
— Teressa Pasch
Posted February 4th 2023

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