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Doing a great job training me & my dog. I now have a well mannered enjoyable pet. Chris is a patient & confident trainer. I enjoy working with him.
— Linda Little
Posted June 15th 2024
We have had three sessions with Chris and the improvement in our dog’s behavior is outstanding. Both her fear of people and her aggression towards anyone outside of our household has diminished significantly. We still have work to do with her but the change in her after just three sessions is remarkable and we are looking forward to continued improvement as we move forward.
— Andrea Coldwell
Posted June 7th 2024
Thank you Chris (Dog Training Elite Reno) for the above and beyond work with Leo (the Hippo Face). Although I had some experience with pitts in the past, this guy was especially reactive due to his traumatic past. (rescue). Chris worked so well with him, he really connected with Leo and helped me be a responsible pet owner.
— Erica Cardona
Posted April 20th 2024
Chris is a miracle worker at the very least. He is also an amazing dog trainer. I will be the first to admit that I was very skeptical about anyone's ability to teach my Aunt's Cairn Terrier anything. His nickname was Devil Dog, and well deserved. She was unable to walk him without dislocating her shoulder, he frightened anyone who dared come near + drove the neighbors crazy with his barking. If I hadn't been present to observe the transformation first hand, I would honestly think she had gotten a new dog. I would highly recommend Chris to everyone.
— Teri Littler-Frazier
Posted April 10th 2024

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