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Had a super experience with Elite! They are very knowledgeable, flexible with our schedule and continue to be there for support if we have questions.
— Evan LaValley
Posted March 25th 2024
This is my first time professionally training a puppy. DTE has made this experience so enjoyable and rewarding for me and my pup. The whole team are wonderful. Cohen, Lexi, Trevor, & Fona have all worked wonderfully with me and my sometimes challenging schedule. Thank you all! From Summit & I, we are so thankful to have chosen you to enrich our lives.
— Breck Dittman
Posted February 24th 2024
have had a remarkable experience with Dog Training Elite Northern Utah. Like any canine, whether young or adult, there were instances where I experienced triumphs and setbacks. However, the trainers were present throughout the entire journey, extending their assistance in every situation that I encountered. Presently, I work with my dog on a daily basis, and it is a delightful experience to witness the extent of her obedience and training. She is steadily progressing towards becoming an exceptional Service Animal. CC Vidmar
— CC Vidmar
Posted April 29th 2023
I could not be happier with my dog’s trainer, Trevor. He was professional, fun, extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of training and overall care of my puppy. His enthusiasm was infectious for me and my dog. No questions I had were too big or small for him to answer. Great interaction with both pet and owner.
— Joanie Engram-Bibb
Posted April 26th 2023
Dog Training Elite Northern Utah has transformed Malo, our German Shepherd mix, from being aggressive and out of control to being the loving, relaxed dog he was as a puppy. Malo had grown to hate strangers, and it was impossible for us to calm him down if anyone he didn’t know came to our house. We had tried other training programs that hadn’t worked for us and made us feel frustrated and desperate. Within the first few minutes of our first session, Trevor had Malo happily walking next to him. The training occurred in our home, which was exactly what we needed to deal with daily issues like answering the door and having company over. Trevor even incorporated our other dogs into the training so Malo learned not to join in when the other two get riled up or bark at various things outside. The weekly group classes have provided a safe space for Malo to get more comfortable around other people and other dogs. We still have work to do with Malo, but we have the tools necessary to handle new situations while keeping Malo and everyone involved safe. Trevor and team have been lifesavers for our family!
— Brenda Alexander
Posted March 22nd 2023
Wow - totally appreciate the team at Dog Training Elite - Northern Utah. The system is simple to learn for me and my dog and highly effective. My headstrong rambunctious dog is walking nicely on a leash, coming when called, sitting on command and learning to ignore distractions and focus on me. The training tips are specific to my dog and me. And the team has even helped lessen his anxiety about riding in cars. I was referred to DTE and it is one of the best suggestions to come my way. Thank you DTE team!
— Senja Maholland
Posted February 26th 2023
Finding Dog Training Elite was the best thing to happen to me in 2022. Being new to the area and after working with a few trainers in the recent past, I was unsure of where else to turn when my mini Aussie Kona continued showing signs of aggression towards kids and specific people. Kona is NOT a fan of my landlord at all, and when he’d come to the house, she would react like she wanted to actually eat him. After working with Trevor (who is an incredible trainer) we got Kona to the point where my landlord was able to walk her on a leash inside AND outside my house right next to him! I was amazed and so was my landlord. This company is BY FAR the best to hire for any type of reactive behaviors and simple commands. I don’t know where Kona and I would be if I wasn’t able to get her reactive behaviors under control. My little Fluffy baby is more loving than ever and has done a full 360 . She absolutely loves Trevor when we have classes, and finally has an understanding that this is OUR world and she’s living in it. Not the other way around haha Thank you to all the trainers we have worked with! Your all wonderful!
— Desiree Carpenter
Posted January 17th 2023
The trainers have taught us how to help our new puppy understand the rules of his home and become a beloved member of our family. We have two kids under 5 that he already interacts with gently and kindly despite being a large and energetic breed. We are incredibly grateful to have gotten to skip the usual puppy terrors thanks to their help. Cannot recommend them highly enough!
— Jennifer Shuler Deramo
Posted November 23rd 2022
I own a 2 year old Golden Shepherd(German Shepherd/Golden Retriever) mix. We started training when he was around 1, I was nervous he was too shy of a dog to be service but DTE worked wonders with him. The trainers are so kind and caring they helped Zeus fly through his training. He is now my psychiatric and medical alert service dog. If you’re looking to train your dog whether it be just basic obedience, aggression, service, etc. I highly recommend going through them, they really care about what you want but also the well-being of your pup. And special thanks to Melanie, she became Zeus’s best friend!!
— Megan Pryor
Posted November 5th 2022
So happy with my decision to use Elite for Root's therapy dog training! :) Very pleased with everything all of the trainers have helped us through so far. Update to come when we pass the tests!
— Dr. Kate Burton
Posted October 3rd 2022
These guys are the best, a 6 out of 5! We found them when we got a new cavapoo puppy to keep our 10yo Goldendoodle “young”, a plan which completely backfired. We’d had other trainings with Daisy over the years, including puppy classes, private trainers who worked with e-collars, etc and determined that she was a lost cause (she’s a rescue and pretty meek), though were okay with that because she usually comes when we call. Mostly she was terrified of the r-collar because of past experiences. Colleen came to evaluate, and suggested Daisy might benefit by training, and it’d be hard to teach Charlie (the new guy) good habits if Daisy was modeling otherwise. I was extremely skeptical of course, and tried to tell the other trainer we work with (Trevor) that I wanted to leave Daisy alone (he very cheerfully just said “let’s have some fun!”) Long story short, this meek dog now runs with her tail wagging every morning to get on her collar. It’s like she knows her day of fun and work is starting. Charlie is doing great too, but I expected that. I didn’t expect my aging dog to love her life so much even though now she listens to me instead of running after every duck or potgut that crosses her path. She looks at me, trembling with desire to chase but doesn’t budge. Maybe someday when she’s had months more practice (it’s only been a few weeks) I’ll “break” her and let her chase. Not sure about that, but I do know I am amazed by our miracle dog(s). Trevor and Colleen are worth their weight in gold. Our lives are literally better because of them. (Pics of Daisy “place”ing on a picnic table, them running together in the park, and Charlie rolling in mud (we haven’t had the no-mud lesson yet haha). I simply could not give them a higher recommendation.
— Helen Feltovich
Posted June 14th 2022
Dog Training Elite has been an absolute game-changer for our English Bulldog, Larry. When he started showing signs of aggression toward other dogs, we didn't know where to turn. I am so grateful I found Colleen and, specifically, Trevor, who have given us the tools to manage his aggression and expose him to other dogs in a safe way. Even more, Trevor has instilled the confidence in me to handle Larry in multiple scenarios. Larry absolutely loves Trevor (and the other trainers!) and wags his little tail non-stop during his lessons.
— Katie Perhai
Posted May 31st 2022
After extensive research on dog trainers and type of training, we went with Dog Training Elite and so happy with our decision! Colleen and the entire staff were excellent! Their communication, appointment reminder texts, patience and understanding of our concerns regarding e -collars and knowledge and expertise and communication skills explaining their methods, along with a quality e-collar (not all are the same), were phenomenal. Moreover, Colleen was incredible bonding with and teaching our 1yr old bernedoodle Oakley as well as with Oakley’s handlers (myself and daughter) - which is a huge part of the training. The five private, in home sessions, were invaluable. Colleen also helped us with our 10 yr old golden doodle Barley as Oakley would react to his “big brother” and not always in a good way. I cannot say enough accolades about Colleen - she exceeded our expectations. The park sessions are also a big perk in cementing the training in a social environment. Pics of Oakley who instantly picked up “place” and now goes on his own:)
— Laurie Tippet
Posted March 26th 2022
Finding Colleen and her team at the PC farmers market was the best thing to every happen for me and Odin! We went from a crazy puppy to an amazing dog, in a very short period of time. Colleen’s patience and ability to work with the whole family was a complete game changer. She took the time to understand all of the issues Odin was having and addressed every one of them. He is now a very well adjusted 16 month old, and we look forward to seeing the team again when we return to Park City. I highly recommend Dog Training Elite Park City, with no hesitation! Thank you to Colleen and her team
— tara Freifeld
Posted December 7th 2021
I'm so thrilled to have hired Colleen and the entire Dog Training Elite team to work with my puppy. They really helped with essentials such as listening, recall, and leash walking with several distractions. I definitely recommend using this company for dog training.
— Isabel Grover
Posted October 26th 2021
We were so happy we hired Elite dog training. We saw immediate results that made our puppy behave! It was really life changing for us, now we can take her everywhere with us. They helped train her to hike, bike off leash… I highly recommend them!
— Cindy Dupper
Posted July 28th 2021

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