Group Dog Training Class Schedule

Please Note: Group Classes are for Dog Training Elite Clients Only

Dog Training Elite offers small dog training classes after obedience training is completed and only once a dog is fully immunized. Dog obedience classes in Oklahoma City are held on a consistent basis and are included in most packages. Our dog obedience training classes are designed to place yourself and your dog in public places (surrounded by other dogs, people, smells, and sounds), so that you can train your dog to obey you... regardless of the many distractions screaming for their attention!

Our group class schedule is coming very soon...

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Dog Training Elite offers professional group dog obedience training classes for all clients in Oklahoma City.

Why Are Group Dog Training Classes Important?

  • Provide Socialization
  • Training Practice in Distracting Situations
  • Fun and Friendly Community Building
  • Small and Highly Personable
  • For all Breeds and Sizes
  • Included in Most Packages
  • Basic Obedience Training Required
  • Only for Fully Immunized Dogs

Classes are a mix of all dog breeds and sizes, and our classes provide necessary socialization skills and practice around high levels of distraction. We like to make our group classes exciting for both dogs and handlers, we have created fun training games and an environment that feels less like a class and more like a social outing. We are building a community and our dog training groups tend to feel like a family and less like a dog training group. Friends are made, bonds are formed, and both dogs and dog owners look forward to their once a week group training sessions.

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Not all training packages may be available at our Dog Training Elite Oklahoma location, please reference our pricing page for complete information on services offered.

(Service Dog reevaluation mandatory 6 months after certification to verify maintenance of training - small additional fee)

We help your dog become a valued companion and beloved member of the family. Read what our customers have to say and then give us a call!

Prior to DTE, Dashi was very nervous and reactive around other dogs, people, and vehicles. Treats were required to get her to do anything and we would never have dreamed she could ever be off-leash. Now, she is so well behaved and much better around all sorts of distractions. She regularly goes off-leash and is so much more confident and obedient! We can have so many more adventures now because we have confidence that she will listen. DTE was a game changer and our whole family is grateful! Multiple people have noticed that she really is a different dog. We won’t have another dog without DTE!
— Lindsey Madden
Posted December 1st 2023
Look man, my day was a straight up "BREAK SOME shhtuff" day! While dealing with a family emergency, I realized, I was 30 minutes away from home and my apt started in 10 minutes! I called Kristen who relayed the message to Korbyn (already patiently waiting at my home because you know... punctuality matters... sorry again . She got a heads up that I was having a hard time and NEEDED the therapy. (I'm not crying, you're crying!) When I arrived to my home, 40 minutes later; (I said sorry...) Korbyn sensed my stress/anxiety and informed me that she enjoyed the views my Homefront offer. She just told me if I needed some time to center or grab a drink she would sit right there and enjoy the view. INSTANT relief. Despite my tardiness, she ensured I understood every aspect of the information she provided me. I even had a breakdown moment in front of this young lady y'all. There is not a single, tiny little thing I can say negative about her. I am HONORED to post this. ~ Adam
— Adam Johnson
Posted November 12th 2023
These trainers are top notch!!!
— Liz Springer
Posted September 18th 2023
David and Kristin have a real passion for the services they provide, and their love for both people and dogs is so genuine. We are grateful for the time and work they put into their training to ensure success!
— Marcie Waligura
Posted September 17th 2023
You won’t find better training in the area for your best furry friend!! You’ll be so glad you called Dog Training Elite OKC!! We’ve known the owners/operators for many years and their results are truly inspiring!!
— Holly Jule
Posted September 13th 2023
I loved DTE so much and believed in their training so fully that I became a trainer with them myself! Couldn't recommend highly enough.
— korbyn carter
Posted September 11th 2023
I love Korbyn! She's amazing with my dog!
— K G
Posted September 8th 2023
Kristin and David helped me train my pup and now he is my full time service dog! They are so thoughtful and passionate about what they do. Couldn’t recommend them more!
— Korbyn McKale Poetry
Posted August 27th 2023
This is the company and these are the people to use to train your dog. David and Kristin are amazing! They are patient yet authoritative with my dog. I saw an improvement in my dog after just the first session. But not only is my dog learning, but I’m also learning how to be a better owner. David and Kristin make the training simple and have given me the tools to reinforce everything they have taught my dog. I am so fortunate to have found them. I highly recommend David and Kristin and Dog Training Elite.
— Jason Dawes
Posted July 28th 2023

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