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We were introduced to Mary and Milwaukee Dog Training Elite through a Veterans organization to train our German Shepherd puppy to become a service dog. Mary was experienced, informative, and kind. She also produced results. Mary was always available to help guide us through any challenges we were facing. The combination of training in our home combined with group classes at her training facility provided us with the skills, challenges, and scenarios needed to maximize our dogs’ potential. We were so pleased with her services, that we sought therapy dog training for our new Saint Bernard puppy. As you can imagine, the difference in breeds required a variety of training methods for the same results. Mary is definitely not a one size fits all dog trainer. She took the time and effort, and has the experience needed to bring out the best of any breed or age of dog. We have recommended her time and time again when asked how we have such well behaved dogs.
— Elisa Alferi
Posted April 4th 2023
We are so very thankful for Mary's assistance preparing our dog Goldie for a life as my Service Dog and Partner in crime. Not only do you need a good Dog you need an even better Trainer!
— David Fritzke
Posted February 23rd 2023
Mary is awesome! Not only as a trainer, but friendly and accommodating. My 9 month old high energy pup now walks off leash and comes when called 100% of the time! Thank you Mary! (Love Anne and Dobby)
— Anne Tyrrell
Posted February 16th 2023
This was the first time I've owned an XL Breed, and the stronger he got, the more I knew I needed a trainer for help. After extensive research, we found Mary and DTE. She has been absolutely amazing. Our Great Dane stopped pulling and jumping after the first session! It has only gotten better since then. We can now confidentiality take him anywhere with us, and recieve endless compliments on his behavior. We name drop her as much as possible to anyone who will listen!
— Taylor Drews
Posted February 11th 2023
Mary came into my house with a young, energetic, and BIG Bernedoodle puppy who ran the household. After just 2 weeks, this dog took the tools Mary taught him and developed into an obedient young pup while retaining his playful and goofy personality. She stood strong as he tried to do things his way and had “temper tantrums” to avoid her new standard. She was great to work with and I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a better relationship with their dog.
— Jack Snow
Posted February 8th 2023
Mary did a great job setting us for success with our dog! Our golden doodle is about one year old and behaviorally was already doing well, Mary helped us to modify the training to fit our specific wants and needs and perhaps most importantly taught my wife and I how to keep pushing and advancing his training on our own in the future! Very thankful to have chosen Dog Training Elite!
— Henry Tomhave
Posted January 8th 2023
Mary is excellent. Highly recommended.
— Aaron Zwaska
Posted December 7th 2022
My experience with Training Elite has been so pleasant. My free home consultation was scheduled fast and the trainer was very respectable/knowledgeable. She was able to answer all my questions and confident my dog would be successful. It was nice Training Elite offered many different plans and the ability to start quickly. My trainer was able to build my confidence with my dog while also being mindful of my medical needs. My dog now responds to my commands and I have more trust. In addition, to the people whom see us are very impressed with my dog response to me. I look forward to my dog becoming a certified service dog. Yes, this is an investment and worth it if you Love your fur baby. I have recommended Training Elite to others and I will continue to talk about what makes them different from other trainers. I am extremely happy I decided to use Dog Training Elite to help me train my dog.
— Bbp Voss
Posted October 23rd 2022
Mary has been great to work with, and the training has been very effective, for my very challenging husky. I appreciate the fact that my dog is more obedient and easier to handle. We have come a long way thanks to Mary's help.
— Jeannine Weyker
Posted October 20th 2022
Our one year old rescue 'Brady" was super aggressive toward strangers and after a few sessions with Mary he has turned the corner even to the point that just yesterday he sat with his head in her lap and allowed her to pet him. That was the very first time someone other than my wife and that he has allowed anyone to approach him. Looking forward to group classes
— Jim Duplessie
Posted September 29th 2022
Great experience and our dog is so much better behaved with Mary’s training g
— Mike Kowall
Posted August 25th 2022
This training method has changed my relationship with my dog, for the best! My 18 month Golden Retriever now behaves better than ever and I am bonding with him even more. He used to be unruly - jumping on people when they come in the door, nibbling on hands, and just generally NOT listening to any commands. We took him to 2 other training classes, and nothing seemed to work. Then when we tried Mary's training method, I saw immediate improvement! With other classes I always left confused and unsure of how to handle certain situations. With Mary's method, it is a lot more straight forward and easy to understand how to get your dog to listen. I highly recommend to anyone with a dog who needs to learn some manners!
— Stephanie grechowiak
Posted August 21st 2022
Mary is amazing and we are so happy with Dog Training Elite! The training sessions are so helpful and informative and our dog has progressed so much. We would highly recommend Mary to anyone looking for a trainer in the Milwaukee area.
— cheryl neldner
Posted August 14th 2022
Not only is she a knowledgeable and effective trainer but she makes the training fun and enjoyable. She is kind sincere and fun to be around and once dogs have the basics she has a variety of fun activities and games to play to keep dog training engaging and interesting for all.... Most of her jokes are pretty good also.
— Christopher Roth
Posted July 29th 2022
Mary was great to work with and genuinely cares about the dogs she works with! Made a huge difference training with my puppy Allie. Allie is going to have a fun happy life as a result! Highly recommend!
— amber420kay
Posted July 11th 2022
Started my puppy with DTEM at around 8 months old. Before starting training he would pull on walks, playfully bite, jump on anyone passing by and had a hard time listening (normal puppy behavior). Now, four months later we go on off-leash walks everyday! He never jumps or bites and has started following commands out of habit (without having to be told and without the use of e-collar). Mary is very knowledgeable about e-collar training and worked SO well with my pup! My only complaint is that I wish I would’ve started sooner!!
— genna
Posted July 11th 2022
I'd like to take a moment to talk about my experience with "Milwaukee Dog Training", Mary, the trainer, to be exact. I was at a cross road in life and was advised to get a puppy/pal for the next chapter of my life. Due to the fact I was in the middle of several life changing operations and would be rehabbing them for 2 yrs, the timing was right. I picked the breed that fit my needs and finally found my puppy/pal and drove to get him.... in Maine. A handsome American Staffordshire Terrier, brindle in color. Now, I needed a LEGITIMATE/certified trainer to teach me how to be a responsible owner, even more so because of the breed. Due to my physical limitations, I qualified to have the puppy trained as a Service Animal. Mary instantly made me feel at ease with her presence and guidance, as she began to teach ME how to train and bond with my puppy, Tiberius. During the process, there were several times I needed "real time" advice on " what to do" at that moment and she always made me NOT feel silly for any questions or concerns I had and ALWAYS gave me sound advice. I even sent her pics of the 1st baby tooth I found! I can't count how many people have complimented Tiberius and how well behaved/trained he is!!! I'm very proud of him and couldn't have gotten him there without Mary's no- nonsense, spot on, solid techniques, and advice. She's still working on MY training and consistency, lol. Dog. Tony Workman
— John A Workman (Tony)
Posted July 6th 2022
We signed up with Dog Training Elite for Bailey, our 2-year-old Labrador mix who was extremely reactive to other dogs while on leash. Mary taught her and us the basics and then tailored our sessions to Bailey’s particular needs and how best to address her reactivity issues. Mary is knowledgeable and creative in her approach. Mary’s love for dogs and commitment to improve their lives are evident. Bailey’s progress in six weeks has been tremendous, and Mary has provided us with useful strategies going forward. Bailey is much calmer on walks and is able to enjoy herself. We highly recommend Dog Training Elite. Mary has changed the life of our dog, Bailey for the better.
— Jean Zanoni
Posted June 30th 2022
Mary at Dog training elite Milwaukee helped us get on the right track with our doodle. In just 6 short home sessions George learned the basic commands, and-is a much better listener. Our goals were to be able to walk George on a leash without pulling, enjoy our dog and play in the backyard without fear that he’d see something and bolt or accidentally run from us ( which happened) All of our goals were met. We are enjoying our dog outside, playing ball and running in the yard every day. What we learned from Mary was invaluable and it has made a huge difference. George loves to please us and we have a happy fun- loving dog! We couldn’t be happier!
— Cathy Brisk
Posted June 27th 2022
We really enjoyed working with Mary in our home. We have a schnauzer who knew some commands but needed further training, especially barking when people come to our home. She is an excellent teacher, her methods are firm but friendly. I would definitely recommend her.
— Martin Duchow
Posted June 7th 2022

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