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Dog Training Elite Charlotte is an absolutely fantastic organization! Shawn and Sharon are 100% professional, accommodating, friendly, and all around wonderful people. Shawn and Sharon, open their home to training dogs in a loving environment with their own family and dogs. They treat them as a part of their own family. I was unable to get Miso, my Shiba Inu puppy into their in home program as I had missed the enrollment date. However, I was lucky enough to get enrolled into their 5 in home training sessions with 12 group classes. So far Miso and I have completed the 5 in homes and I will be scheduling the group classes soon. We can't wait!!! :) I have nothing but amazing things to say and want to start off with a HUGE thank you!!!! Before the first training session, Sharon worked with me to get the process started, she explained how everything works then sent me a puppy manual and videos to get me familiar. She worked with me to meet what worked best with my schedule for Shawn to come out and start teaching Miso and myself proper training. Shawn was always on time, or if he couldn't be, he kept me informed as to exactly what was going on to keep him a few minutes late with a new accurate ETA which was never more than 5 minutes behind. But Shawn and Sharon are so considerate that they even reach out if there is a chance for being even a single minute late. As soon as Shawn came to my house, he answered my millions of questions calmly and patiently. After answering my questions he statred to go over the training itinerary that we would cover in the next coming weeks, then showed me how the e-collar worked and what it actually does. People have many negative views and a lot of misconceptions about this device and I was a bit hesitant about it at first due to the ignorance I had about it. Shawn explained it to me and showed me how it worked and then put it on my hand to show me what it actually did. After feeling it, I knew it was just a useful training tool and nothing like the nay sayers were gripping about. Then Shawn started with session one of Miso's first amount of training. It was impressive and amazing to watch as Shawn showed his expert level of experience and expertise in canine training. I was absolutely amazed at how he worked with Miso and how quickly Miso was able to pick up the tasks. Every week followed suite and I am really proud of Miso and myself as we are putting in the work and doing the training correctly which is quite rewarding and helps you build an even stronger bond with your chosen puppy family member. :) I have never owned a puppy in my life so I was completely in the dark about the correct way to go about training one. I also had very little knowledge about breeds and their specifics. Shawn has even given me knowledge on even my dog's breed and the traits that come along with it. I am interested in having Miso be a service dog for me, but Shawn has been 100% up front and honest with me about how rarely a Shiba becomes a service dog because their temperaments are not usually suited for it. So he has kept my expectation levels in check, though there is always a small possibility depending on each individual dog. After, these first weeks of training Shawn has told me there may in fact be a possibility that Miso may be willing to work with me and become my service dog. So fingers crossed. Hahaha I could go on and on and rave even more about all the great things but I'll leave it here with saying: I give DTEC, Shawn, and Sharon 1000 stars and absolutely reccomend them to anyone interested in training their dog and setting them up for success.

Posted January 28th 2023
They have been so supportive through my whole process. At first, I wasn’t sure if a service dog could help me and at the consultation they taught me all of the ways a dog could help me and recommended some breeds that would be a good fit. Then Colleen drove 3 hours to the breeder to do the temperament test on 2 potential puppies to make sure whichever we chose would be able to handle the training and expectations of his job. Then the hard part of picking between 2 adorable puppies … that was on us 😜. Training started 3 days after bringing the puppy home. Starting with the absolute basics! Through the puppy training, basic obedience and now public access we have worked with multiple trainers who are all aware of my needs and our pup’s personality. They have all been knowledgeable, kind, and patient with our pup and with me and all of my questions. Before this, I’ve never had a dog that would walk with a loose leash, now I have a 5 month old pup that everyone asks how he became so well behaved and stays by my side!!! I tell everyone about Dog Training Elite of Northern Utah! I can’t recommend them enough for all types of training, but especially for potential service dog needs.
— Mary Derrick
Posted January 27th 2023
We found out about Dog Training Elite through a neighborhood friend. After initially attending training at a chain pet store, we realized we needed more for our overly energetic doodle. Waffles attended board and train with Dog Training Elite and came home a new girl. She still has her spunky personality but her behavior is much more manageable. We often receive compliments from visiting family and friends on how well she behaves. Additionally, Waffles loves to go visit for occasional boarding and we feel lucky to have such a safe place for her to receive quality care and continued practice.

Posted January 26th 2023
Speaking with Lucas today was absolutely awesome! I got all my questions answered in regards of how to go about the process with a service animal. It was a lot of information but very straightforward, which I really liked. The bubbly personality, politeness, and just how awesome the demo went today, I would recommend 100%. I'll definitely be doing business with them. :) Thanks again guys!
— Audrey Escobedo
Posted January 19th 2023
Ella has been in training since December and LOVES her DTE’s trainers, Jake —who also performed the initial evaluation and gives her treats, and Mccall. Ella particularly enjoys learning with Mccall, because we theorized that, being the independent self-thinking great pyr puppy that she is, she sees in her the alpha female😂😂. The enrollment process went smoothly thanks to Kaycee, and she is always ready to answer questions and fix our schedule/issues either via email or on the phone. We can’t wait to meet the rest of the DTE’s staff members and to complete our service dog training successfully. Thank you, Dog Training Elite. Ella says woof woof.
— Laura Gagliardi
Posted January 17th 2023
Very happy with the results. I highly recommend Dog Training Elite. Their training focuses on both the owner and dog. This approach has made a tremendous difference on my dog's stability and how I handle my dog.
— Andrea Andrea
Posted January 9th 2023
We have been training our two goldendoodle puppies to be therapy dogs with Dig Training Elite. They have been amazing and very helpful every step of the way.

Posted January 7th 2023
Took my dog for service dog training (Platinum package). She had already completed a board and train, and was very trainable. DTE took that to the next level in what feels like absolutely no time at all. It's worth noting that the training really is what you make of it. Go to the group trainings. Listen to the trainers. Hold your dog accountable. Do your homework and continue the training at home. If you do all those things, you won't be disappointed with the results.
— Stephen Rivera
Posted January 4th 2023
Dog Training Elite did fantastic with my very active Vizsla puppy. Haven’t done any of the group training sessions or started the service training yet, but if it’s anything like the first at home sessions, I’m sure it’ll be perfect. Thank you!
— C Sears
Posted December 31st 2022
Highly professional and so talented at what they do! My service dog training experience with DTE SA has been absolutely amazing so far!
— Shannon Kratky
Posted December 30th 2022
My husband and I are very satisfied with the elite training program we took for our puppy . Sharon , Shawn and Angela are very kind and caring , we received a great guide for them . Thank you guys ! With love Sergy , Camila and Harper 🐶
— Camila Knobler
Posted December 21st 2022
You can see an immediate effect from their work, and the long-term impacts are even greater.
— Micki O'Neil
Posted December 20th 2022
You can see an immediate effect from their work, and the longterm impacts are even greater.

Posted December 20th 2022
Great trainers who are extremely kind, patient and most importantly - knowledgable. Had great results and quick results.
— Giles Clasen
Posted December 20th 2022
Dog training elite has trained all 3 of my pups and they are amazing! Best Trainers around! Highly recommended them for any dog needing training!
— Emily Baggot
Posted December 20th 2022
It took me over 6 months to research accredited, repeatable, legitimate, trustworthy and effective professional dog training business. Dog training Elite (DTE) (San Antonio, TX) was by far the goldmine I was looking for. They are extremelly knowledgeable about ADA laws and Service Companion behaviors. The team's patience is beyond professional, they are a caring community that take the time to ensure all there human and fur clients understand they are FAMILY. Whitney and Tammy thank you for your management professionalism and getting me and my fur baby established and integrated into the DTE Family first impressions set the tone for new clients. You both are truly appreciated. I am very impressed with the training my fur baby has received and I look forward to the next phase of his training. I am extremely impressed and grateful for Geneva, Wolf, Amanda and Adakias for their professionalism, expertise and passion of love they share with my fur baby. Job well done! I look forward to being part of the DTE Family. THANK YOU!
— SL S
Posted December 5th 2022
This family does an excellent job training dogs. They are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. we loved are experience and the confidence and attitude are dogs have after completing the puppy training and then the advance training. the videos and pictures you get of your dogs going through the training is a perfect way for you to see the progress. When you get your dog out of your vehicle for the second time visiting this family and they are excited to see them again tells you all you need to know. Thank you for your service to our dogs and our family. John
— John Russell
Posted December 8th 2022
My puppy started their service dog training at 3 months old, and I was so impressed with how much he learned in just one week. We didn’t think it’d be possible because of how young he was, but the training facility really puts so much effort into instilling good behaviors. They have made it so easy for me to really keep it up on my end. One thing my husband and I really wanted was to invest in our dog with a good trainer, and highly recommend Dog Training Elite. They’ve worked with my schedule, and really want the best outcome for every dog! Love this place!!!!
— Ashley Trevino
Posted December 7th 2022
Everyone is absolutely amazing. The trainers have tremendous depth of knowledge in a wide range of training and behavioral situations. McCall is awesome, she truly cared about our dog and made training sessions fun and exciting. She taught Bailey so much more than just sit. McCall not only helped train our dog but helped train us to be the best dog parents for our four legged child. We are so thankful we chose Dog Training Elite!
— Scott Johnson
Posted December 6th 2022
my service dog in training and I absolutely adore dte san antonio! the trainers have love her and helped build her confidence as well as mine as a handler! every time we walk in the door she gets so excited to see her ‘teachers’. the trainers at this facility also really go above and beyond to help with any kinks in the training and answer all of my questions immediately. i would recommend this facility to anyone looking for a service dog, or even basic obedience! i could go on and on about the staff here, they are incredible.
— alyson welborn
Posted December 5th 2022

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At Dog Training Elite Greater New Hampshire, we believe that Service Dogs save lives. It is our mission to make these life-saving companions available to our Veterans, First Responders, Women Survivors, and Children with Medical Needs. Whether it be for PTSD, Mobility Support, or Special Needs, Dog Training Elite Greater New Hampshire work's with the Malinois Foundation to heal and empower these individuals with a specialized service animal, a partner in life, and a new best friend.

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