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Dog Training Elite Dallas—Fort Worth is proud to provide the highest rated dog training services at an affordable cost near you in Fort Worth.

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Just completed our in-home sessions with DTE and have been so impressed with the individualized attention and customized approach that helped us meet our goals. All the trainers have been top notch and really helpful in assuring our newest family member (and us) are polished up on our manners so we can enjoy each other and life adventures. I must specifically mention Megan as a trainer whose passion and dedication did not go unnoticed and is deeply appreciated. Mufasa and I are looking forward to our group lessons!
— brandi Ciufi
Posted July 1st 2024
We've been working with Dog Training Elite Frisco for almost a year. Kyler and the team have been fantastic to work with in helping train my mom's service dog. Esper is a GSD, and started training as a puppy. She learned her basic obedience quickly with positive reinforcement and the techniques and tools DTE recommended. Quickly moving into her Service and Task training. Now a year later (actually less time) She passed her task training and public access test and goes with us everywhere. She is welcomed at restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, due to her great behavior and provides an invaluable service to my Mom. I highly recommend Dog Training Elite Frisco, Kyler and the team there. Next up is our new 15 week old puppy who will be evaluated soon and start his puppy training.
— Forrest Hart
Posted May 15th 2024
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the very kind lady called Kelly. She was really good and patient at teach me and my dog. awesome lady
— Darwin araujo
Posted May 14th 2024
loved it. she was so sweet with my dog. this was really good training i definitely recommend!! kelly was such a good trainer my dog is so much better!!
— Jalissa Martinez
Posted May 14th 2024
Jordan is patient and calm while training our dog and teaching us what to do. He is great to work with. Lulu learned respect quickly. I would highly recommend him. His dog Atlas was such a sweet dog and very well trained.
— Juanita Ace-Bo
Posted July 3rd 2023
We worked with Jordan yesterday and my puppy responded Really well to him and we got lots of great help! Really looking forward to how Clark progresses and to see how the next sessions go.
— Laura Riggs
Posted May 6th 2024
We contacted Dog Training Elite to help us with Bean, our not so mini mini dachshund who wasn’t great with new people coming into our home especially men. As we are relocating overseas & only had enough time for 4 sessions, the best we hoped for was great advice that we could take with us & put into practice. 4 sessions later we are delighted not just with the advice but the incredible change in Bean’s behaviour! All we can say is a huge thank you to the team at Dog Training Elite not only for accommodating us with so little time but for setting us up to succeed with Bean. A special thanks to our trainers Kyler & Tra. You guys are amazing! Thank you!!!
— Tracey McAdam
Posted April 27th 2024
They staff is AMAZING. Very helpful, and really explains everything. Luke and cowboy has done an amazing job really building a bond!!! I would recommend!!!!
— Dkota Gibbs
Posted December 21st 2023
I can’t speak highly enough of this group of trainers! They have been very professional and VERY helpful. Luke is my daughter’s favorite trainer and he does so well with my daughter and her dog. You WILL NOT regret hiring them to train your dog. Highly recommend!!
— Tonya Gibbs
Posted December 21st 2023
All the trainers have been great but Luke and Cowboy are absolutely amazing! Our service dog has been very responsive! We have friends who have also utilized this service and love it just as much! Thank you Luke and the Elite team!
— Stacey and Josh Glosson
Posted December 20th 2023
This company is hands down the best training program in Dallas! I cannot recommend them enough. All of the trainers I’ve worked with have been so kind and helpful. With training, my dog and I have built a level of trust and a deeper bond after every session. Luke and Cowboy have been wonderful to work with and genuinely care about the success of your dogs training. If you’re looking for a trainer in Dallas, this is the place!
— Lacey Spell
Posted December 20th 2023
We needed to have our corgi service trained. Our trainers were amazing. We loved that they came to our house. It was so much easier to keep our pup’s attention. The trainers had great recommendations for training, and were always right on time. They’ve reached out to our social media to watch our progress @travellingprincessannie. You can tell they holistically care about our success with Annie. We’ve had such fun with our girl, we even took her on vacation. We couldn’t have done so without the dedication of the trainers and staff. Thank you!
— melany loftin
Posted August 30th 2023
Luke was awesome! He is very knowledgeable with scent and obedience training and helped us understand what we were doing in order to train our puppy.
— Marcus Morgan
Posted August 24th 2023
Luke is amazing! He takes the time to answer all of my questions and is incredibly encouraging as I practice new skills with my puppy. Luke also works well with my daughter, helping her to be a part of the training. I started training feeling unsure of myself, but each week I leave session feeling more and more confident. Dusty is going to be a fabulous therapy dog because of Dog Training Elite!
— Ashley Smith
Posted August 20th 2023
This is the BEST place to get your dog trained. My puppy Oakley has been working with Luke for 3 months now and it’s amazing how much she’s learned. Luke is so good with her and she gets so excited every time she sees him. All the workers are so positive and helpful. I highly recommend.
— Catherine Calomeni
Posted August 17th 2023
Definitely recommend Dog training elite! Cheyenne was super helpful with our dog Rocky! He finished up his in person trainings today, and has become more confident and obedient!
— Cara Kasemsri Webb
Posted August 14th 2023
Our neighbor is a trainer for them!
— Deanna Garncarz
Posted July 21st 2023
I have been blown away by the trainers at Dog Training Elite! We are just beginning our therapy dog training journey and Dusty has already made such progress. Both Luke and Felicity took extra time and care to thoughtfully respond to any and all of my questions. I've tried other training formats in the past and nothing beats having a trainer in my own home to be able to individualize the training to my family's needs. I highly recommend this group!
— Ashley Smith
Posted July 17th 2023
I’ve gone through the 1 on 1 training with my blue heeler/corgi Winnie and now I’ve been taking her to the weekly group classes which has been great! Winnie struggles with dog reactivity so at first the idea of taking her to a group class full of dogs sounded like a nightmare. Amazingly she’s been doing great and it’s been exactly what she needs to work on that dog reactivity! Both Kyler and Jordan have been great! They are so friendly and familiar with each dog in the group which helps me feel confident they know exactly what my dog needs to be challenged. They both welcome questions after class and are a constant support for both Winnie and my other dogs at home. Thank you Dog Training Elite!
— Melissa Robinson
Posted July 4th 2023
Absolutely love Dog Training Elite and all the progress our Aussie - Podrick has made thus far in therapy training! Especially our trainer Jordan and Atlas! He took all the time to get to know Podrick and to help make him feel comfortable and controlled throughout his training sessions. As well as being extremely thorough in making sure my husband and I felt comfortable and ready to take on the training ourselves throughout the week before our next session. Highly recommend them for you and your fur babies! Happy Training!
— Alexis Reinke
Posted May 8th 2023

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