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Wow! Jordan is a great coach.! He seriously acts out the persona of the dog and you (the dog parent) so that it’s so easy to learn. I live with my parents and my yapping and uncontrollable dog would make my parents so upset at me. This was my first dog ever too. Jordan helped me so much. My parents can’t stop thanking me for going to Dog Training Elite because of Jordan! My dog used to be really bad.
— Jacob Salim
Posted September 7th 2022
We have truly enjoyed all the trainers at DTE. We have 4 young children and 3 other dogs besides the dog we are training. To say the trainers are exceptional is an understatement. Jordan is a family favorite. He is so patient and calm and does an outstanding job. He even braved Home Depot with our family of 6 to train Bella. We are impressed with her progress and couldn’t be happier with our choice of trainers. Thank you!
— Abby Haydel
Posted August 11th 2022
Are you looking for the best means out there to train your dog? You’ve found it!! I highly recommend Dog Training Elite. I took their at-home program which includes unlimited access to group sessions at their facility as desired. I adopted a 2YO dachshund/pitt mix from the pound with some sass and bad habits who was getting love but needed some structure and stability. DTE helped me not merely teach my dog useful, everyday commands but also build a trust and respect with her that has helped us build a wonderful life together! Now I can take her out with me anywhere dogs are welcome! Special shout out to our trainer, Jordan! He always did an amazing job of reading when my dog needed to be pushed or if she was truly at her limit. He was also very supportive of me as a trainer, giving advice unique to our situation and encouraging insight into life with his own dog.
— Rachel Fisher
Posted August 11th 2022
When it comes dogs you just don’t know what you don’t know. Felicity has been nothing short of amazing! Great w the puppers and done tremendous job training us. Very informative and knowledgeable. Our sincerest thanks!
— Michael Connors
Posted May 27th 2022
Yuni and the DTE Team in DFW are absolutely fantastic! They have a passion for building relationships with your dog and if you are looking for quality results, DTE is your answer! Yuni is very personable and passionate about giving back to the community through dog training. I wish I could give 10 starts, highly recommend!
— Kyle Christie
Posted May 12th 2022
As an owner of two Doberman puppies, we knew we needed a trainer that is extremely strong, knowledgeable and consistent to work with us and our dogs. We unfortunately attempted a board and train that was not successful, with a different company. We needed someone that would meet not only our dogs needs but our needs, in the home. Yuni came in for the evaluation and she heard all of our wants and needs. We knew immediately we wanted to work with this team because of her professionalism, knowledge, and understanding. Kyler then showed up and changed our lives. He was able to work with our dogs, teach us so much about how to properly train them, and showed so much strength and patience throughout the process. Kyler has become such an important person in our lives. We truly love how Dog Training Elite has been so available to us to answer any and all questions and to be of constant support. We continue to grow and learn in group training classes and enjoy meeting other well trained dogs and parents. We have the most amazing behavior because of the hard work and guidance. Thank so much Kyler!!!
— Laura Iglesias
Posted April 13th 2022
Would first say that I highly recommend these guys. At first I had a very hard time getting in touch with anybody by phone which was very frustrating as I would have liked to actually speak with someone but somebody did eventually reach out via text to get everything set up. We were looking to get assistance training a service dog for my daughter. We had done a lot of work but needed help to progress. We were working with a company already but not getting the results we needed. We worked with Kyler exclusively because my daughter felt comfortable with him and trusted him which is very important in her situation. So that was a request from us that he be the only trainer. Kyler is an amazing trainer and an amazing human. He was very sensitive to and respectful of my daughter's struggles. Which, as a mother, I cannot thank you enough. Our dog is excellent, consistent and reliable and we could not have done it without the assistance of this company. On a personal note, Kyler you have truly changed my daughter's life for the better and we are so so grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Jennifer Smith
Posted April 13th 2022
We got a rescue dog that was just over a year old and was never trained. She would bolt out of the back gate given ANY chance. After the first personal training session she never did it again. I can leave the gate wide open and she never looks at it. I can now have her in the front yard with me and she listens to everything I tell her to do. All the trainers are very knowledgeable and can help you and your dog work through any problems you are having. You do have homework though. 15-30.minutes a day of training with your puppy/dog. The training WILL NOT work as well if you don't do the homework.
— Chad Householder
Posted November 26th 2021
Within our first couple of weeks we saw a big difference. We still have a long way to go for our two boys that fight, but everyone has been great to work with. Tra and Yuni are the best! They work well with our boys and are very clear with the training. It's a lot of work, but it pays off.
— Dawn Skinner
Posted October 7th 2021
I have tried other trainers in the DFW area— they do not compare to this company. When Tra told me that koda (Shetland sheepdog) would be off leash in 2 weeks… I did not believe him at all. Koda used to bark at squirrels, other dogs, pull on his leash a bit, but now he is a different dog. He used to be so nervous around scary noises, flag poles, dumpsters, and just about anything new. DTE really helped him grow his confidence and be the dog I knew he had the potential to be. As the owner you definitely have work to put in, but it is all worth it once you see the progress. I’m so thankful to Yuni and Tra. I cannot recommend them enough. They are great at responding, very transparent about what you need to do, and explain things really well.
— Carson Gonzalez
Posted October 7th 2021
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