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Please Note: Group Classes are for Dog Training Elite Clients Only

Dog Training Elite offers small dog training classes after obedience training is completed and only once a dog is fully immunized. Dog obedience classes in Fort Wayne are held on a consistent basis and are included in most packages. Our dog obedience training classes are designed to place yourself and your dog in public places (surrounded by other dogs, people, smells, and sounds), so that you can train your dog to obey you... regardless of the many distractions screaming for their attention!

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Dog Training Elite offers professional group dog obedience training classes for all clients in Fort Wayne.

Why Are Group Dog Training Classes Important?

  • Provide Socialization
  • Training Practice in Distracting Situations
  • Fun and Friendly Community Building
  • Small and Highly Personable
  • For all Breeds and Sizes
  • Included in Most Packages
  • Basic Obedience Training Required
  • Only for Fully Immunized Dogs

Classes are a mix of all dog breeds and sizes, and our classes provide necessary socialization skills and practice around high levels of distraction. We like to make our group classes exciting for both dogs and handlers, we have created fun training games and an environment that feels less like a class and more like a social outing. We are building a community and our dog training groups tend to feel like a family and less like a dog training group. Friends are made, bonds are formed, and both dogs and dog owners look forward to their once a week group training sessions.

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Not all training packages may be available at our Dog Training Elite of Fort Wayne location, please reference our pricing page for complete information on services offered.

We help your dog become a valued companion and beloved member of the family. Read what our customers have to say and then give us a call!

Dog Training Elite has helped us train the dog of our dreams. Clint is fantastic, and his methods work. Our 10 month old mini schnauzer is very well behaved on and off leash. She’s great in public places, she’s a pleasure to be with, and people are always commenting on her good behavior. It definitely takes practice and repetition, but it’s worth all the time and $. We earnestly tried reward-only training, and it couldn’t touch the results we’ve gotten working with Dog Training Elite. I wouldn’t get another dog without enrolling them in the program. Don’t hesitate to get started.
— Lowe Family
Posted May 31st 2023
My pup son Zeke is two year old German Shepherd that I rescued back in October. When I got him, he was very dog reactive and the shelter I got him from wasn’t sure and didn’t seem confident in his ability to be around other dogs and honestly neither was I. But man oh man did Mr. Clint and his Dog Training Elite program quickly change my perspective! During our one-on-one sessions we worked on various skills but because Zeke is/was reactive to other dogs Mr. Clint brought his dogs to our sessions and worked with Zeke to reduce his anxiety and build up his confidence around other dogs. Mr. Clint honestly also reduced my anxiety and built up my confidence as an owner. When we did our session at Lowe’s and PetSmart, I was beyond amazed that Zeke could care less about the other dogs. He didn’t bark, lung, or even try to sniff another dog. Now we are in group classes and Zeke continues to amaze me. My family and friends are also amazed at how well trained he is and I say that was nobody but God and Mr. Clint lol. Believe me, you want to work with Mr. Clint and Dog Training Elite Fort Wayne! Go ahead and call to set up your free consultation you will NOT regret it!
— Na-Shaunda Rayford
Posted May 20th 2023
Dog Training Elite was a last resort for us and our Shepherd, Anubis. I reached out to DTE with limited hope. Clint responded that evening and we set up the assessment discussion. Clint explained how the training worked what would be expected of everyone. He then explained the training packages and cost breakdown. There were payment options available and explanations for everything. Clint was very patient, knowledgeable and always respectful to us and our dog. Clint explains everything thoroughly and makes sure you understand. I highly recommend DTE to anyone looking for help training their dog.
— Bill Goyings
Posted May 14th 2023
The trainers were very knowledgeable and made training our almost 1 year old boxer mix easier than expected.
— Susan Chandler
Posted May 11th 2023
This dog training is the best.i would highly recommend Dog Training Elite to anyone seeking training. Clint is fantastic
— Vickie Schebig
Posted May 3rd 2023
Clint is absolutely amazing with corgi. If you’re on the fence about training, this is your sign to DO IT. Its been 1000% worth it
— Haley Bloom
Posted May 1st 2023
Clint has been a fantastic trainer, very knowledgeable and outgoing and enthusiastic with not only the dog, but us too! He also remembers details to continue conversations through training sessions and overall made us feel part of the family.
— Robert Erickson
Posted May 1st 2023
Clint was very helpful and patient training our two dogs (Aussie and Aussie Mix), but most of all giving our family the tools our dogs needed to be successful. Our pups have gained the confidence they needed to feel more comfortable in public settings, going on leashed walks, and getting their obedience under control. Thank you Clint and team!
— Jessica Ottenweller
Posted April 18th 2023
We requested an in home evaluation and when Clint arrived he was incredibly professional, caring, kind and super awesome with our new puppy Bella. You can’t go wrong engaging this company to help with your pets!!
— Stephanie McCormick
Posted April 5th 2023
Very professional. Very knowledgeable. Met our families needs. Always on time. We really learned a lot about training our dog. Very highly recommended.
— amanda bailey
Posted March 28th 2023
Great company. Friendly staff. Very good at what they do. They take the time to explain and teach. They have helped us so much with our shepherd and we are only 4 weeks into training! Highly recommend

Posted March 28th 2023
Clint is an incredible dog trainer. He always goes above and beyond to ensure I understand what is being taught to my dog. Scheduling with him is so easy and is also prompt responding to my calls and messages!
— parker fillmore
Posted March 28th 2023
Professional Results!! A coworker and I selected Dog Training Elite to teach us how to become Certified Therapy Dog handlers. Clint showed us how to transition a shy 8 month old Golden Retriever into a confident and disciplined Therapy Dog. ROSC-O works along side his handlers 40 hours a week in a hospital setting servicing patients, visitors and staff. If you want results, choose Dog Training Elite. You will discover how Clint is really teaching you more than the dog to become a team. This training will enrich your enjoyment of your dog and make a positive difference in the world.
— Tom Ibholm
Posted March 25th 2023
Clint has done an excellent job working with my dog, Parker and me. The training sessions are consistent and detailed. We have learned quite a bit and are excited what we will learn in the future. Great job Clint. Thank you.
— Denise J. Stump
Posted March 21st 2023
My husband and I got a Belgian Malanois and knew we needed to get training for this smart, high-energy breed. We tried to do our own "YouTube" training... but that quickly proved we needed a professional. We were at our whit's end with Rogue (our Malanois). Clint came at the recommendation of a couple different friends who knew him, do we called him and set up training. Seriously, from DAY ONE, we saw such a difference in our dog! We swear she liked him better than us, her owners! He was always so helpful, accommodating and professional. He knows his stuff and it's evident, based on what we experienced during our sessions. Our only regret is that it went too quickly; Clint became a family friend! We would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing help with their dog!
— Kaila Stafford
Posted February 6th 2023
Clint was great with my 1 year old German Sheppard, Walker. Walker loves to run outside and sometimes ended up on the roof of the house. Clint provided the needed training to get Walker to listen when given a command. I really enjoyed the training at Lowes and Pet Smart to work on distractions. I feel confident that if I continue to use the tools he gave me, Walker will continue to improve and I will not worry about him not listening anymore. I would recommend Clint and Dog Training Elite to anyone who has a puppy or dog that needs obedience training.
— Lisa Knapp
Posted February 2nd 2023
Dog Training Elite is a great investment for your dog. The training has made a HUGE difference in my relationship with my puppy. The method is very effective! Great service, very flexible, informative, patient. Highly recommended!
— Yorkova S. Dixie
Posted January 30th 2023
Dog training elite has worked wonders for our Golden doodle, Cooper, and cockapoo, Pepper. Cooper has had some situational aggression and Clint and Julia have helped with approaches and teaching us techniques for alleviating his tendencies. Pepper is coming along with her training as well. The results have been quick and loose leash walks were possible after the first session! We highly recommend giving Clint or Julia a call today!
— Janet Brown
Posted January 10th 2023
Elite Dog Training has been an incredible experience. Very patient, informative & respectful. As a new dog owner this training has helped me tremendously!
— Itora Kids
Posted December 29th 2022
Clint is a fantastic dog trainer! He really helped me gain control and confidence over training my dog. So grateful!!
— Kristie Bryan
Posted October 28th 2022

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