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“Get a puppy” they said. “It’ll be fun” they said. While it is fun, it’s not all fun. The barking, the jumping, the chasing (him after everything…me after him), the nipping… was too much for me manage. Insert Justin and Dog Training Elite Midlands. Not only has Milo (the lab) learned boundaries, respect and how to follow commands consistently but he has also learned some really cool tricks and made friends along the way. Justin is timely, communicative and personable in a way that makes both you and your pup comfortable. Worth every single penny. Don’t know what we did before but sure don’t want to go back. 5 stars!!!
— Heather Bowers
Posted May 16th 2024
Dog Training Elite is by far the nicest and most amazing dog training company out there! From the moment I reached out to them, Dog Training Elite exhibited professionalism, expertise, and genuine care. They provided extensive guidance through every step of the training process with patience and compassion, ensuring that both my dog and I felt supported and knowledgeable. I rescued a 9-month old Australian Shepard named Beau and Dog Training Elite provided the most wholesome and thorough therapy dog training. My now therapy dog, Beau and I worked with Justin who was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough during the initial assessment and during each training session. His dedication to training therapy dogs is truly remarkable, and I cannot recommend Dog Training Elite enough. If you're looking for a dog training company that truly cares about the well-being of your furry friend and delivers exceptional results, I wholeheartedly recommend their professional dog training services. Thank you, Dog Training Elite, for helping us unleash Beau's full therapy dog potential!
— Ansley Hardeman
Posted May 13th 2024
I have to admit I was very hesitant about committing to dog training due to time. However, Dog Training Elite made this the best experience! Justin has a true heart for animals and it shows! My 7 month old puppy is such a joy to be around and friends and family can’t believe how well behaved she is! I have never had a dog that would walk by me off leash and not run off. Dog Training Elite has given me such a precious gift and I have her entire life to enjoy this partnership between my dog and I. I was so appreciative for Justin’s patience. I never felt pressured or a sales pitch when we first met which told me he was the right trainer for my dog! This was one of the best investments I have ever made! Thank you Justin for such an amazing gift!
— Heather Shuler
Posted April 16th 2024
Best dog training around! I have worked with several dog trainers with a previous dog and our youngest pup, Bailey. Justin is by far the best! He truly cares about each dog's well being and will end training sessions early if the dog is becoming too tired or stressed. After your 6 in home sessions, you then have the option of attending group classes where you'll receive further instruction, a chance to socialize your pup and guidance to help your dog be the best he can be. My Bailey went from ignoring me in the yard and afraid of anyone at the door to coming when called and remaining in his place while people enter the house. Everyone is amazed at our well behaved pup. Highly recommend Justin and his team!
— Brandi Blake
Posted February 3rd 2024
I have a very fiesty Doberman Pincher and Justin taught us how to calm him down and make him obey. He was very calm, cool and collected. His experience with dogs is very effective. I highly recommend this company.
— Mattie Sanders
Posted February 3rd 2024
Justin, Jeff, and Darlene with Dog Training Elite are AWESOME!!! Our dog Saint, a 90 lb. German Shepard mix is so sweet, rambunctious, and also very strong. At times, he is determined to do his own things on our daily walks which included pulling and dragging his walkers to wherever he wanted to go. We became increasingly concerned about taking our gentle giant on walks in the neighborhood. Justin is very knowledgeable and patient with both dog and owner (Saint loves to see him at the door!). Saint has learned the off, sit, place, and heel commands including heeling off leash - we have seen a significant improvement on our walks and general behavior around the house. They answered all of our questions and demonstrated the commands and "homework" as many times as needed to affect a positive outcome. We are pleased and grateful for their training and program. Thank you for all that you do!
— M. B.
Posted December 15th 2023
Justin is an incredible dog trainer. He really cares about your dog's progress and wellbeing with a good balance of assigning and holding the owner accountable as well. Would highly recommend Justin and his Company!
— William Bossong
Posted December 14th 2023
I thought my 9 month old Great Dane Menkoi was a show stopper before…but with the training and service that Jeff, Justin and Darlene provide, he is turning heads and keeping their attention for all the right reasons. The care, knowledge, follow up and follow through that they provide really have put us at an advantage and ensured that we’ll be able to take Menkoi everywhere we need to. Happy earlier birthday Justin!
— Tinsley
Posted September 8th 2023
We started our puppy with Dog Training Elite for obedience training. Justin, Jeff and Darlene are great at what they do and very helpful. Our puppy is learning quickly with the program. Very happy with Dog Training Elite Midlands!
— Kayce West
Posted September 6th 2023
The best dog training service in Columbia! We have two dogs, one of which is extremely stubborn and we had run out of patience and options. We did not know what to do and had even tried some other dog trainers and programs around. We were so skeptical of this working but it was our last hope. We originally just signed up our one dog and now we have both of them in the training program. Just a couple weeks in we saw a tremendous difference. It is so nice to be able to give our dog praise instead of always being frustrated and getting after him. Not only is the program great but the customer services in incredible! Justin and his family are kind, understanding, patient and so helpful. We recommend Dog Training Elite to everyone with a dog. Our sweet Scar and Mufasa love their training sessions with Justin!
— Ashlynn Rasmussen
Posted May 17th 2023
I could not be more pleased with the training help we’re receiving from DTE. Both Justin and Jeff are a pleasure to work with and Kaci is quickly learning to obey new commands!!!
— Pam Webb
Posted March 29th 2023
We have been Training with Justin for about 6 weeks now and Hazel has already learned so much. We have learned a lot too! Some of her behaviors we thought were untrainable have quickly changed. Hazel has always pulled on the leash and this is something we thought would never change. Hazel is now a pro at heel and our walks are so much more enjoyable. Justin and the other trainers are very professional and have been very patient and kind to Hazel. We strongly recommend Dog Training Elite if you have a difficult dog that you think cannot be trained.
— Michal Talley
Posted February 23rd 2023
Our dashound Pepper would always be jumping on people, barking at people walking by, pulling on the leash when walking her. After joining Dog Training Elite, Midland, Pepper is a different dog, with only 5 weeks of training so far. She kneels, comes when called, sits, stopped jumping and barking. I highly recommend Dog Training Elite, Midlands. Owner Jeff Collett has done a wonderful job training Pepper.
— Donna Hladis
Posted February 22nd 2023
Where do I start?! Justin, Jeff, and Darlene are all amazing! The communication and service has been excellent. Before deciding to trust DTE with training me and my pup, Justin and Jeff demoed their abilities to train , answered all of my questions, and offered training services without pressuring me. Justin has worked with me and my pup teaching us thoroughly how to work with each other everyday and answering every single question that I have had. My pup went from little to no obedience to knowing how to come, hold a place on many different items and surfaces, sit, listening to the off command, quiet, down, and heel. I am so excited to see how well we do in group sessions! I am happy I decided to trust DTE!
— Katrina Garland
Posted January 13th 2023
We loved working with Justin and team for teaching us (and Minnie) basic obedience principles!! Our chiweenie, Minnie, has come a LONG way since we started her 6-wk program! I highly recommend DTE-they are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and caring people.
— Devin Banitt
Posted December 18th 2022
Justin and team are fantastic. We are proud owners of a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. He is1 1/2 years old and has never had any formal training. We purchased the Gold Package and within weeks, they have turned our dog from a good dog to an amazing dog. We highly recommend them - you and your dog won’t regret it.
— Beth McDuffie
Posted November 27th 2022
Justin and his family run a first class operation. When it comes to experience and customer service I do not believe anyone does it better in this line of business. Our Golden 'Sasha' enjoyed every session throughout the Gold package that we purchased. Worth every penny! Thank you Justin!
— Zach Woodham
Posted November 22nd 2022

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