Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Dog

Posted on Feb 14th 2022


Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Dog

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day totally dedicated to celebrating love. And what better love to celebrate than the unconditional love between you and your dog?

But, how do you celebrate Valentine’s day with your dog? Chocolates are obviously out of the question. Flowers probably aren’t right either. A stuffed animal? Now you’re on the right track.

Here are seven ways to let your pup know they are loved on this holiday:

Purchase or Make Valentine’s-Themed Treats

They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Man’s best friend is no different. Although your pup may not appreciate the difference between heart-shaped treats over regular treats, you can still set the mood with some treats printed with sweet messages to read to your pooch. If you decide to go the extra mile and make your own, cut them out with heart-shaped cookie cutters. This recipe promises to help freshen up your dog’s breath - perfect if they want to give you a smooch to say thank you!

Valentine's day dog treats in red bag.

Go On a Long Walk

If you have an energetic dog who loves to be outside, what better way to show you love them than with a nice long walk? If they love to play catch, throw a ball or Frisbee. Or, if your dog is very social, plan a puppy playdate or a visit to the dog park. A training session can also be great mental stimulation and opportunity for you to bond with your furry Valentine - perhaps to hug or kiss on command!

Pamper Your Pooch

Treat your pup to a relaxing spa day either at home or a doggie salon. If you decide to stay home, try a new brush meant to massage your dog. At the end of the day, let them snuggle into a soft new bed that contains a classic phrase like “Be Mine” or “Hug Me.”

Dog getting pampered - at-home dog spa.

Write a Love Letter

Is it kinda cheesy? Yes. Do we love it anyway? Yes! Putting your love for your dog down into words can be a meaningful experience for you as a dog owner. Your dog may not understand what you’re saying if you choose to read it to them, but it will help you preserve loving memories of your dog for years to come. If you like the idea of doing something a little more long-term, start keeping a jar and write down things you love about your dog every time you think of them, and put them in the jar. By next Valentine’s Day, you’ll have a jar full of wonderful memories and reasons you love your dog to review.

Buy a New Valentine’s-Themed Toy

Stuff these cute plush strawberries into a heart and give your dog a puzzle to solve. Keep it simple with a squeaker toy that reminds your four-legged friend “I Chews You.” Or, as you relax at the end of the day with a glass of wine, let your dog relax with their own squeaky toy version.

Dog with valentine's day heart toy.

Donate to a Shelter, Rescue, or Organization

If your dog has brought joy into your life, consider spreading the love by donating to your local shelter or rescue to help more dogs find loving homes. Dog Training Elite Shreveport is a proud sponsor of the Malinois Foundation, which helps make service dogs available to veterans, first responders, children and more. You can make a donation here.

Take Some Fun Photos

Dressing up your dog in cute, holiday outfits is fun. But what’s even more fun is documenting it! Dress up yourself and your dog in pink and red for a Valentine’s Day-themed photoshoot that you can look back on for years to come. Dress Fido up with a bow tie, a t-shirt, or a bandana.

Dog wearing pink heart glasses.

If you’re looking for a way to deepen the bond of love and trust between you and your dog, a great way to do so is through training. Sign you and your dog up for group training classes at Dog Training Elite Shreveport, or schedule a free in-home evaluation session. Happy Valentine’s Day!