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Welcome to Dog Training Elite Texas! We are a professional San Antonio dog training company with over 40 years of experience that specializes in strengthening the bond between your dog and your family, with a strong emphasis on teaching your dog the highest level of obedience, despite even the toughest level of distractions. Our programs are certain to meet all of your training needs. Unlike a lot of other dog training companies, we understand that each client has different needs, so we tailor our dog training programs to accommodate your unique situation. Dog Training Elite Texas also trains service animals and personal protection K9's and has donated their time to those with special needs in training personalized service dogs.

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Empowering Owners

We work with dogs of any breed, size or age - and we empower owners with lifelong skills to continue successes, no matter the problem behavior.

  • Leash & potty training
  • Staying & coming
  • Destructive chewing & digging
  • Stealing food, clothing, or other objects
  • Barking, howling & whining
  • Food guarding & begging
  • Mouthing, nipping & playing rough
  • Anxiety & submissive urination
  • Jumping up & hyperactivity
  • Aggression & anxiety


Success Stories

Puppy Training

Our San Antonio & Bexar County dog trainers begin working with puppies as young as 8 weeks old. We will even help you select a puppy from a litter that possesses a desirable and teachable temperament.

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Service Dog Training

Dog Training Elite Texas has a variety of service dog training packages, all of which are highly personalized to the individual seeking assistance.

Service Dog Training

Personal Protection

Dog Training Elite Texas’s personal protection dog training process will ensure that a dog’s loving and social temperaments are retained as the protection skills are properly developed.

Not offered at all locations

Anxiety & Aggression Training

One of the most difficult, necessary and rewarding behaviors to correct in a dog is anxiety and aggression. Our San Antonio & Bexar County dog trainers specialize in proper dog training techniques that help correct a dog's anxiety and aggressive behaviors.

Anxiety / Aggression Training

Military / Retired Veterans

Dog Training Elite Texas believes strongly in the healing power of service dogs for retired military veterans, and we donate our time and passion to training service dogs for the foundation. We also offer a 10% discount to active service members.

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Therapy Animal Training

A Dog Training Elite Texas facility therapy dog is highly trained to have a positive impact on the health and well being of both individuals and community health.

Therapy Animal Program

Once you and your dog have basic commands in place (meaning your dog will successfully come, sit, stay and obey other basic commands), they are invited to join us for additional training that is highly valuable in further building upon already learned techniques. Our dog training classes in San Antonio are designed to place yourself and your dog in public places (surrounded by other dogs, people, smells, and sounds), so that you can train your dog to obey you... regardless of the many distractions screaming for their attention!

Dog Training Elite Texas is the last dog trainer you’ll ever need!

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Instructor
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
AKC Community Canine
Professional Retriever Trainers Association
Association of Professional Dog Trainers
International Association of Canine Professionals
AKC Member
The Malinois Foundation

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Whitley Cheatham

Whitley Cheatham

Experience: 10 years

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Dave Reyes

Dave Reyes

Experience: 10 years

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I have no idea who these people are or why I was asked to review their business, but I'm sure they're great (though I don't know why.)
— Raymond Lindsey, Posted February 6th 2020 on Google
Dog Training Elite San Antonio, Whitley and her team, are fabulous!!!! We needed a service dog for my daughter. I knew nothing about how to go about that. I contacted Dog Training Elite and they walked me through their process and gave us recommendations for breed and age. We went with their breeder recommendation a...
— Dr. Perry, Posted January 18th 2020 on Google
People were super nice and answered my questions
— Melony Salguero, Posted October 13th 2019 on Google
The BEST dog training EVER!!! I tried other dog trainers, before I tried Whitley and Dave and none of the other trainers worked. In fact, my dog's behavior was getting worst. Within the first week of working with Whitley and Dave, I could see improvements! It's now been seven months, and my dog is now my Service dog! R...
— Kimberly C., Posted September 27th 2019 on Yelp
unfortunately I just don't find it professional for someone to ask for such large amount of money and can't properly manage her schedule as well as not give sufficient notice. my pups have not found the right trainer and will continue to search.
— Mike Sanchez, Posted August 2nd 2019 on Facebook
My dog is a rescue dog who required training in many commands &, who has issues with separation anxiety & contact with men. Whitley & her staff have done a fantastic job in training Baxter. He is much calmer now & is so eager to please. I highly recommend using their services. It is truly amazing how quickly my dog had...
— Ma Mak, Posted April 17th 2019 on Facebook
Whitley is wonderful to work with! she is so helpful and can really transform your dog! Her prices and payment plans are really reasonable considering the quality of service you get!
— Alya Alex G Shelko, Posted March 31st 2019 on Facebook
I suffer with anxiety and bipolar. A couple of years ago I had a panic attack at the Poteet Strawberry Festival, then another at the grocery store. My doctor wanted to just put me on more pills, finally my wife suggested a service dog. I talked to my doctor about the idea, and next thing I know I have a letter certifyi...
— Kristine Fidelis Ambrosino, Posted March 29th 2019 on Facebook
Today my dog, Little Ann, graduated from service dog training. She has come so far in this program and she has really helped me. Whitley and Melanie are amazing people who are amazing with dogs. The training that Whitley and Melanie do at Dog Training Elite is spectacular! And now my dog is fully trained and has good m...
— Maya Gaffney, Posted February 20th 2019 on Google
Love dogs
— Dr. Drew, Posted January 5th 2019 on Google
Love dogs
— Dr. Drew, Posted January 5th 2019 on Google
Love dogs
— Dr. Drew, Posted January 5th 2019 on Google
Whitley is an amazing trainer! She helped me get through the puppy stages with my Belgian Malinois (which can be quite a handful). Her knowledge, expertise, and experience shows in each training lesson. She always explains everything very thoroughly and offers to help/give advice on almost anything dog related. Bes...
— Samantha Marie Williams, Posted November 5th 2018 on Facebook
Whitley is the dog whisperer! She does an amazing job with all of her dogs. She trained my Havanese to be the ultimate service dog by teaching her to put her puppy energy to good use and to be more confident. Marceline graduated today at the San Antonio Airport and am so happy with her progress. Without the help of Dog...
— Melanie Sierra, Posted August 1st 2018 on Google

Our Balanced Theory

We base our training around the "Classical Conditioning" model (aka "Pavlovian" or "respondent conditioning"). This includes developing conditioned or automatic reflexes to commands. In it's simplest form (after proper conditioning) -- when the owner says 'sit', dog automatically sits without thinking about it. Our unique techniques ensure our program is a success no matter the behavior we encounter.

  • Empowering Owners

    We empower owners to train so their dog knows who to obey at all times.
  • Personalized

    We deal with problem behaviors on a personal basis.
  • Environment Specific

    We train wherever issues tend to arise (i.e. jogging, park, home).
  • Supportive

    We support owners in the off-hours (when training is "not in session").
  • Involved

    We work with all members of household.
  • Simplified & Customized

    We plan training around owner's schedule and require only 15 min/day follow-up practice.
  • Continued Training

    Additional programs / group sessions offered after in-home training.
  • Lifetime Investment

    We follow-up & are invested in owner's success long-term.
  • Satisfaction Ratings

    Our high client satisfaction rating sets us apart from competitors.

Our processes allow for us to easily complete our training services at your home or within the environment where behaviors manifest— such as in the park or around other dogs while you walk through the neighborhood! At Dog Training Elite Texas, we provide professional dog training services in the following areas and more!

  • Bexar County
  • San Antonio
  • Alamo Heights
  • Lackland AFB
  • China Grove
  • Leon Valley
  • Boerne
  • Kirby
  • Converse
  • Schertz
  • Selma
  • Castle Hills
  • Balcones Heights
  • Shavano Park
  • Garden Ridge
  • Universal City
  • Live Oak
  • Helotes
  • Fair Oaks Ranch
  • Hollywood Park

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San Antonio in home dog training

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