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Puppy Essentials Webinar

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Puppy Essentials Webinar


Join us for the online version of our trusted Puppy Essentials Training Class, now available right from the comfort of your home! You will learn everything from basic obedience to tips and tricks for raising your puppy. Socialization and neutralization are also covered in this enriching Webinar! Plus you will have time to get your questions answered by our experienced dog trainers, for a truly tailored experience.

We're offering this experience at a discounted rate from the usual $150 package because we know how important it is to start a puppy right, and we're doing our part to provide this invaluable information even during social distancing. Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity, now $45!

This class is designed for owners of puppies age 8-20 weeks old. The Webinar will take place on Zoom, a free and easy-to-use software.

You will learn:

  • Basic Treat Obedience Including: Come, sit, loose-leash walking, and down
  • Puppy Corrections (Stop biting, digging, jumping, etc.)
  • Crate Training/ House Breaking
  • Socialization Tips
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Puppy Enrichment
  • Caring for Your Puppy

Puppy Training Webinar

Get a jump start on puppy training in your home with Dog Training Elite Salt Lake City!

Choose a convenient date and join us in the comfort of your own home!

Our Balanced Theory

We base our training around the "Classical Conditioning" model (a.k.a. "Pavlovian" or "respondent conditioning"). This includes developing conditioned or automatic reflexes to commands. In its simplest form (after proper conditioning), when the owner says "sit," the dog automatically sits without thinking about it. Our unique techniques ensure our program is a success no matter what behavior we encounter.

  • Empowering Owners
    We empower owners to train so their dog knows who to obey at all times.
  • Personalized
    We deal with problem behaviors on a personal basis.
  • Environment Specific
    We train wherever issues tend to arise (i.e. jogging, park, home).
  • Supportive
    We support owners in the off-hours (when training is "not in session").
  • Involved
    We work with all members of the household.
  • Simplified & Customized
    We plan training around the owner's schedule and require only 15 min/day follow-up practice.
  • Continued Training
    Additional programs / group sessions offered after in-home training.
  • Lifetime Investment
    We follow up & are invested in the owner's success long-term.
  • Satisfaction Ratings
    Our high client satisfaction rating sets us apart from competitors.

We help your dog become a valued companion and beloved member of the family. Read what our customers have to say and then give us a call!

Great trainers! The dog was transformed
— Jason Struck
Posted April 19th 2021
Trained my husband's service dog their Amazing!
— Joanne Ludos
Posted March 30th 2021
100% recommended, I couldn't be happier I made that investment for my dog. It is a change from heaven to earth in only 5 sessions and the group sessions are still missing. everyone at home is grateful to elite training salt lake city especially to coach Evans who gave all of his best to our Sam and not even the language barrier could stop us. the best 💪
— Yohana Briceno
Posted March 19th 2021
An EASY choice. I had intended to interview 3-4 different dog training companies but after meeting JENNY for our in-home consultation, I knew I didn't need to look any further. She brought a sincerity about her work that made me feel like she would care about teaching and training our dog as if it was her own. RONNIE is our 10month old toy poodle... he only weighs 3.5lbs but Jenny has created a confident, smart, obedient little giant in our dog. We are training him to be a therapy dog, as in comforting those at the hospital or in therapy sessions. Jenny seems to know weekly just what Ronnie needs to progress. She isn't forceful but she's not a push over either...each week she builds on his skills by setting a standard for him to reach by the end of session. She has included our five kids (ages 16-6years) in Ronnies therapy and gives us responsibilities weekly to reinforce his training that is simple to follow thru with. It's so exciting to see the progress our dog makes every week.
— Cameron & Camille Kesler
Posted February 18th 2021
DTE has been amazing to work with! They’re attentive to not only my needs but my service dog in training Charli’s too. I love that they have made me feel welcome at ease anytime I have to leave Charli there. The staff there is SO INCREDIBLE! If you want trainers that love not only your dog but care about you too then this is the place! Jenny has gone above and beyond for me and my pup! Charli loves seeing Jenny and the other trainers! Anyone that knows my Charli girl knows she is sassy so it’s been great having her be with the best of the best!
— Kristin Smith
Posted February 8th 2021
We started sessions with our dog Ellie two weeks ago and have already seen major improvements in her behavior! She is a very anxious doggo but has the sweetest personality and Evan has been the greatest help. He wants to see her improve as much as we do! We couldn't ask for a better trainer! Ellie is less stressed and and working on trusting people again. We can't wait for more sessions!
— Glenne Miller
Posted February 6th 2021
We are amazed at the quickness and thoroughness of the obedience training from Elite. We can take our Golden unleashed on a walk, and she'll 'place' on a bench or a rock when people pass. They say, "Wow!! What good manners!" Thanks 100% to Evan, our trainer!! He's almost got us, the owners, trained too.
— Gail Howe
Posted February 5th 2021
I just started with Dog Training Elite for my little pup Daisy, she is currently in in the Gold Package and will soon be starting Service Dog Training! So far the staff has been nothing short of wonderful! They are professional and quick to answer any and all questions I have. Jenny is my current trainer and she is amazing! I am so excited to be working with her each week!
— Roxane Coleman
Posted February 3rd 2021
Jenny at Dog training elite was a miracle worker with our puppy. In just a short time she taught out Golden Retriever to sit, come, stop biting, and most importantly to stop chewing on unknown objects. They made sure to individualize the training to meet our needs. Thank you so much for teaching us and our dog, as well as getting me banned from talking about my "perfect puppy" while my coworkers complain about their misbehaving dogs.
— Bradley Hillyard
Posted January 27th 2021
We simply cannot say enough good things about Colleen and Dan!! We enlisted Dog Training Elite for our puppies Charlie (a Cockapoo ~8 months old - who was a major terrorist before) and his little sister Belle (a Bernedoodle ~4 months completely untrained and getting bigger by the day) We were absolutely blown away by the dog they brought to our house for the demo - we immediately signed up, and were not disappointed!! Colleen showed up for the first at home lesson and blew our mind. She was beyond patient - and Charlie was so disobedient one day we didn’t get through the entire lesson for both dogs and she offered to come back an extra time. (Side note: Colleen did not give up - she did get Charlie to obey the commend “Place” and he was rockstar after!!) We met her husband Dan for the first time at the park class (after the 5 at home lessons), and his passion for, and ability, with dogs is unmatched (Dog Whisperer 2…but really - Cesar Milan anyone?!) He even got my puppy Charlie to sit on a stool in the snow, which we thought was IMPOSSIBLE!! And he got Belle to walk onto the jungle gym and go down the slide (UNREAL!) Not only did they train our dogs but they also took the time to train us, which was probably even more difficult. Also important to note the park class was a phenomenal way to meet other dog owners and build a community and friends. If the above wasn’t enough, we wanted to see our family in HI for the holidays and the puppies were not old enough to come (rabies vaccines + COVID = impossible) - we almost did not go see my family because the thought of leaving the dogs with ANYONE would not do - especially after the training, we did not want them to regress! Not to mention, if you could see how pampered Charlie and Belle are (we do not yet have kids, so they are our kids), you would understand the helicopter parenting my boyfriend and I have over the dogs + the amount we spoil them - they are everything — boarding would not do! — and then here came Colleen and Dan!! :) They took both puppies (note: neither Charlie or Belle were not crate trained or trained to eat set meals) into their home with their 3 dogs (1 of which was also a puppy) and made Charlie and Belle apart of their family for 4 WEEKS!!! During the holidays!!! On top of that - we had originally planned on only being gone 2.5-3 weeks and extended the stay while we were there, which Colleen and Dan welcomed with open arms <3 During that time we received the best videos and photos of our puppies literally THRIVING (we were a little worried Charlie and Belle wouldn’t want to come home lol) under their care all the while being TRAINED and taken to park classes on Saturday!! :) (Note: boarded is not the appropriate word because Colleen and Dan truly made Charlie and Belle part of their family aka dog pack :) We cannot wait to continue working with this program and Colleen and Dan now that we are back in town with our beloved pups! PS - Colleen / Dan: My mom lives at the Four Seasons on the Big Island, HI and she would like you two to open a training center out there!!
— Katie Anderson
Posted January 10th 2021
There really isn’t enough positive things to say about this training camp and Colleen and Dan specifically. There is an unspoken strength that they have with dogs. Our dogs excelled so quickly with their training tools and have created obedience we did not think was achievable. It’s incredible watching them in action. We didn’t think we would find genuine friends along with two well trained pups from the program. We believe we are what we do in life, Dan and Colleen are that pinnacle of integrity and ethics you would only dream of investing in. It may sound corny but it’s 100% the truth. Beyond training they additionally at no cost provided us extra lessons and even took our pups in when we needed to travel. It’s inspiring to watch this program and it’s employees. My girlfriend and I are beyond grateful to have found this camp and a couple who truly loves what they do. Dan and Colleen. Thank you for being you and providing us with a lifelong program that gave us pups we could only dream of being this well behaved. If anyone has questions please feel free to reach out.
— Chris Skinner
Posted January 10th 2021
Wonderful experience with DTE! Trevor is an awesome trainer, the office staff are always pleasant and helpful, and our 1 year old GSD/Rott has made leaps and bounds in his training. It is worth the time and money to have professional help & guidance when training your puppy! Group classes after the in-home sessions are complete are an added, awesome perk. Sherlock sure loves you guys. Thank you, DTE!
— Kendall Brownie
Posted October 8th 2020
Very professional and VERY effective. Trevor helped us train our puppy to stop nipping and snarling at our 7 and 11-year-olds and also stop being so possessive over food, toys, and off-limits “treasures” he finds around the house. This is our first time owning a dog, so we were total newbs. We had no idea what we were doing, and it really showed in our dog’s unruly behavior. We worried about him biting our kids or our neighbors kids. Now we have been empowered with leadership training tools that really work. Our dog has changed from being a punk, bully, and troublemaker, to being a sweet, playful, obedient little brother. Thank you, Dog Training Elite! ❤️❤️❤️
— Nan Kennard
Posted July 15th 2020
Amazing experience. Trevor and Emma have changed our lives. Our dog is trained and an amazing companion thanks to them! Would leave 10 stars if it was an option.
— Terry Nashif
Posted June 14th 2020
I can’t say enough good things about Dog Training Elite! Everyone that works here is absolutely amazing, so kind and helpful. It is a night and day difference with our 3 year old Sharpei mix. My biggest worry when starting training was her losing her personality and what made her, her. But it’s not an issue at all and now she gets to do things she never got to do before since she is SO good. Thanks for all you guys do. :)
— Cheyenne
Posted June 5th 2020
DTE, were do I start? Retired Military and was taking the next step and getting a service dog, one of owners came to my house talked with us and he was very understanding and familiar what I required; great guy! They referred me to a breeder and that breeder was straight on point, couldn’t ask for a better dog! Next we started our training and their lead trainer Trevor came out and started working with us (this was end Nov/Dec time frame). Over the weeks to come myself and my wife were so pleased with Trevor, one just a great guy and an awesome human being (hard qualities to find in this world right now), he worked with us and he was so patience with Buffy and us, as he was training us too and every time he left just amazed on his knowledge and interaction with Buffy. I cannot say enough good things about this young man or the company! so Vets if your pursuing the new VA grant procedure for service dogs or just getting on your own this is the company for you, and if you just want a well-mannered dog then this is the company for you also. I feel that every cent paid was worth it and they providing that and so much more, even through this 19 pandemic they are going above and beyond to keep up with their client’s needs, on-line tutoring, online tools for home training. Bottom line you just cannot go wrong with DTE!
— Bootstrap Phil
Posted March 26th 2020
Dog training Elite has been amazing to work with! They are helping us train our puppy to be an anxiety support dog for our son. Their love of dogs and quick response to all my questions has turned this non dog person into a proud dog mama! Can't wait to finish our training so my son gets the help he needs from our pup.
— Kari Collins
Posted March 26th 2020
We LOVE these guys! Trevor has been helping us train our Rottie, Oakley, to be a service dog, and it’s been so awesome. The lessons are easy to practice because they teach things so clearly, both to us and the dog. Very friendly, knowledgeable, caring, and professional. I would DEFINITELY recommend them for any kind of dog training, from basic obedience to specialized service skills!
— Kari Smedley
Posted March 26th 2020
Right before my husband deployed we had adopted a 2 month old Dane mastiff pup aoong with already having a pit terrier and my son and his wife moving in temporarily with 2 of their own dogs. Not just for my own sanity reasons but for all of us including the dogs I knew I needed help and guidance to make our household as calm and manageable as possible. I hired Dog Training Elite and it was the best decision I could have made!! It was like night and day as I was able to take our dogs on a walk for the 1st time with out struggling or worrying. Our dogs learned how to get along, they were able to stop bad behaviors and changed the dynamic in my household to a much more manageable and calmer state. Trevor is amazing and taught all of us how to better understand our pup's behaviors! Thanks to everyone at Dog Training Elite!!
— Kathy Snelson
Posted March 20th 2020
Dog Training Elite trainers are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and up to date with training techniques. They are detailed, patient and inclusive when working with the handlers. Oscar is our 7 month Golden Retriever currently receiving Service Animal training through Dog Training Elite to assist my disabled husband. Oscar has graduated from their “Puppy Class”, is currently attending “Group Obedience Class” and Advanced Retrieval Training. Oscar is preparing to receive Diabetes Alert Training and Mobility Training. Oscar’s training through Dog Training Elite is LIFE CHANGING! We recommend Dog Training Elite to anyone who is looking for professionalism and RESULTS! THANK YOU Dog Training Elite!
— Roxi Alba
Posted February 2nd 2020

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