Leash Laws: What They Are and Why They're Important

Posted on Jul 7th 2022


Leash Laws: What They Are and Why They're Important

If you love dogs like us at Dog Training Elite, you can understand the joy of seeing your dog run free and fully enjoy themselves out in the open. Sometimes leash laws can feel frustrating, and you might ask yourself, "why can't I just let my dog be a dog and run around?" Although they can be annoying, leash laws exist to keep dogs and everyone else safe. Read on to learn more about leash laws and why they matter for you, your dog, and everyone else.

What are Leash Laws?

Leash laws vary from state to state, county to county, and even town to town. The general rule is that dogs must be leashed in a public space. If you aren't sure about the exact laws in your area, look up local dog leash laws before heading out on the town with your dog.

Why are Leash Laws Important?

If you have a well–mannered dog, you might think it's okay to let your dog off–leash because he always obeys you. However, leash laws apply to all dogs no matter how well–behaved they are. Leash laws are in place to keep everyone safe, including your dog. We’ve listed several ways leash laws keep everyone safe, including your dog.

Help Other People Feel Safe

One main reason to keep your dog on a leash is to protect the people around you. Not everyone likes dogs; in fact, many people are downright terrified of dogs! Keeping your dog on a leash can help others feel safer and happier in public places.

Keep Pets Safe

Not taking your dog off–leash protects them and other pets as. You may have a well–behaved dog, but you can't always predict or control how your dog will act. You also can’t control how other dogs react. Not all dogs are friendly towards other dogs. Keeping dogs leashed means they can be held apart at a safe distance as needed.

Protect Wildlife

Most dogs are interested when a small animal is running around. Your dog may not immediately jump and run at a squirrel. Still, you can't always be sure how they will react when wildlife is around. Keeping dogs on a leash protects wildlife from dog intrusions and attacks. Keeping your dog leashed can also protect them from wildlife that may carry diseases fatal to dogs and protect them from ingesting harmful weeds.

Keep Public Spaces Dog–Friendly

There are many dog–friendly public areas, and they almost always require dogs to be leashed. Ensuring your dog is on a leash means they are welcome in these public spaces, and it keeps them safe. If you want to take your dog to a busy part of town, keeping them leashed can also protect them from potential vehicle accidents.


Leash Training your Dog

Leash laws are in place to protect you, your dog, and others. When your dog can sit and play happily on a leash, you can have peace of mind knowing you are keeping everyone safe and obeying the laws.

Most dogs don’t take to walking on a leash naturally and need to be trained. Puppies as young as eight weeks can begin leash training, but the Dog Training Elite training method works for older dogs too. Find a trainer near you today!