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Tyler and Matt really helped us. Our dog is so loving but had severe behavioral issues when we got her (not her fault- rough puppy life before we adopted her) They are compassionate. Patient. Kind. Caring. Our dog LOVED them. Tyler was our main trainer and she LOVES him. They do NOT advocate punishment based training at all. They have a level of patience I only wish I could have on a daily basis. Our dog is happier and healthier now. Amazing.
— Tracey O'Leary-Benack
Posted October 8th 2021
Thank you so much Sharon and Dog Training Elite. Getting our sweet new puppy a head start on her obedience training is awesome. We have never had a puppy, and I feel like we are starting off strong. We feel confident that we understand how to train our dog and help her to be a happy well behaved dog. Thank you so much
— Sharon Kingsley
Posted October 4th 2021
We have a ~9 y.o. rescue minpin who has been with us for 6-1/2 years. We recently had a baby and our dog really struggled with the transition- started acting out and behaving somewhat erratically. We were afraid his behavior may turn aggressive and immediately sought help. We looked into multiple dog trainers in the area and ultimately engaged with Shawn after reading rave reviews and having an initial consultation where he was very upfront about expectations- both what he expected from us in order to be successful and what we could then expect of our dog’s process. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to engage with Shawn! Even after our very first session together, we saw major improvements in our dog’s behavior, and felt so much more confident in our ability to lead him and maintain a safe and low-stress environment in the home- for our dog, our baby, and ourselves alike. After 5 sessions, our dog is thriving- the most obedient, relaxed, and happy we’ve ever seen him. It takes commitment and intentional training by us as the owners, but it’s so worth it - and something we should have done years ago. What was amazing to me is that there was sort of a ripple effect- while we focused on training only a handful of commands, our dog’s behavior improved in ways that were seemingly unrelated, simply because he learned he was no longer the “leader” of the house- eg we never explicitly trained him to stop begging for food but he suddenly knew it was not his to take or demand. The program is such that Shawn trains us (incl demonstrating and doing the initial introduction of commands with our dog), and we in turn train our dog. Because of this approach we’ve learned so much that will help us be much better, more competent, more effective owners for both our current and any future dogs. Further, while initial sessions are 1x1 in our home / neighborhood, now that our dog has a solid baseline of obedience we will be joining group lessons, which we’re excited for to keep the training up and- now that he’s ready- work on socialization with strangers & other dogs in a controlled environment. Throughout all of this, Shawn has been super great to work with- both for us as well as our dog. He’s incredibly competent, personable, responsive, and just a dog lover through and through. Cannot recommend him enough. Thanks Shawn!!!
— Kristi Higgins
Posted September 28th 2021
Jess Cunningham has been very professional, and caring with our needs in training our 6 month old Golden retriever. Jess is dedicated to the needs of the person and the animal in producing the training results for both. Thank you. Hawkes family
— Nannette Hawkes
Posted September 20th 2021
This is an amazing group of people who are very professional, helpful, and caring. During the peak of COVID last year I took my pup to Olympus Cove Vet (NEVER take your pets there) and they didn't let me go inside during the appt. I'm not sure how they handled my pup, but she was different after the appt and became aggressive towards me. Trevor taught me so much about my pup and helped us stop my dogs aggressive behavior. She is back to being the sweet little girl she was before the vet experience and no longer bites, runs away from us, or snarls. Trevor not only taught us about anxiety/aggression in dogs, but he taught us basic dog training tools we will use for pups we get in the future. Thank you so much Trevor and Dog Elite!
— Amber DeDen
Posted September 15th 2021
We had a stubborn GSP that wanted to rule the roost and then some. We were basically a hot mess express trying to go it alone. Evan to the rescue! There is a night and day difference in our dude and we are so happy we found Dog Training Elite. We highly recommend them to anyone!
— Tori Crowell
Posted September 14th 2021
I was ready to rehome my aggressive pitbull. But through working with Salena I love my dog again and I am able to take her out for walks with out her trying to attack other dogs or people that frighten her. She is building confidence with each session. Thanks DTE for helping me keep my dog at home were she belongs.
— Michelle Alcas
Posted September 13th 2021
Working with DTE was a phenomenal experience. We had a very troubled rescue with severe anxiety and DTE made her a new pup. We are so thrilled with her progress and cannot recommend DTE enough!
— Taylor lewis
Posted September 12th 2021
‘Shawn was amazing to work with and I could see immediate results after the very first day! He and his staff are on time to pick up my puppy and brought her back every day on time. They would then spend some time with me so that I could learn the training she had learned that day. I am so very thankful for this company and I highly recommend!
— Kristen Tucker
Posted September 9th 2021
Dog Trainers Elite have been so helpful in taking away the stress of an unruly dog and now have a dog that is comfortable in any situation. They really know what works.
— mrs fitz
Posted September 8th 2021
If you're looking to get your dog trained, whether for obedience or service, Dog Training Elite is THE place to go. You won't find a more dedicated and kind trainer in the Houston area who cares for animals and their humans alike. I'm not usually one to leave reviews, but thanks to Alex and his business I'm slowly getting my life back. It has been nothing short of amazing to have someone so compassionate, devoted, and patient training my dog to be my service animal. I'd had my disability diagnosis for a long time, but I always thought getting my dog trained would be out of my reach. I had done a cursory search on Google in the past and found that the price points for service dog training were altogether inaccessible for me. Enter Dog Training Elite. After finding them on Google, I submitted my information, and had Alex call me back almost immediately. From the very first meeting, Alex put me right at ease. We resolved to start my English Shepherd, Moony, in obedience training with the goal of transitioning her to service training if she did well. Throughout the entire process, Alex brought positive energy, patience, and a calming confidence to our training sessions. He balances a warm personality with professionalism, and his love of animals shines through in every session. At times when I was unsure Moony would be able to learn something new, he encouraged both me and Moony to keep practicing. Moony was stubborn and energetic, but Alex believed in her ability to learn. He believed in her ability to grasp the commands even when I was anxious that she wouldn't. My training sessions with Alex and Moony are always the highlight of my week. The level of kindness, understanding, and genuine joy that he brings to sessions has made this experience unforgettable. Where other trainers I've worked with have felt impersonal, Alex is engaging, present, and genuinely cares for the animals he works with. We have been in training with Alex for 4 months, and Moony has officially passed her service dog test! Thanks to Alex, I am slowly regaining control of my life. Being able to take Moony with me everywhere has given me a freedom I haven't felt in a long time. This is not something I could have done or accomplished without Alex. Moony and I are eternally indebted to him and his business. If you are looking for a training service that will make you feel secure, confident, comfortable, and free of judgment, look no further. There aren't enough words in the English language to truly describe how amazing this experience has been!
— Ximena Duarte
Posted September 8th 2021
Thank you for all that you have done with Ranger in just two weeks. He follows commands, walks great on and of a leash, more confident, less barking at other dogs and humans and you’ve made him a more enjoyable part of our family! In just 2 weeks of training we can see such a difference with him minding his manners. I can’t believe how much progress he made in a short period of time. Everyone was very professional and accommodating to our needs and Ranger’s needs. We are truly thankful for the all that you have done to make a Ranger and more confident and obedient puppy 🐶🙌🏻
— Lindy Newsome
Posted September 3rd 2021
Already seeing improvements in my dog after just a few sessions. :) Thank you DTE. Looking forward to working with you for the remainder of the service dog program
— Casey Lane
Posted September 3rd 2021
Tyler was absolutely amazing! Our dog is wonderful and funny and amazing and pretty gosh darned smart, yet he still had bad habits and a lack of ability to understand some basic commands. Tyler turned all that around and is pretty much a miracle worker. We even asked for something off the menu in our last session and I’m not kidding, Tyler had him doing the off menu item within four minutes. ❤️🐶❤️ I wish I had those skills!
— Tammy Derrigan
Posted September 3rd 2021
They are very professional, communicate every step and expectation. They work with you every step of the way and ensure I understood every facet of training.
— Scott Higgins
Posted September 2nd 2021
I truly cannot say enough good things about DTE and Shawn!! My 6 month old doodle puppy was pulling bad on a leash and was puppy biting. After the first day I saw a HUGE change in Goose. He was no longer pulling on a leash or biting. By the end of the 2 week day camp, Goose could completely walk off leash with no issues. Shawn is extremely knowledge and makes sure you are completely comfortable with each command that they teach.This has been the best investment for both me and my pup and I will forever recommend them to anyone I meet!
— Lyndsey Brown
Posted August 27th 2021
We have had three sessions so far and the difference I have seen in Sunny is incredible! Highly recommend!!
— Amanda Polk
Posted August 26th 2021
Dog Training Elite Charlotte turned my 1 year old German Shepard mix from a stubborn, resource aggressive, and inattentive dog into a confident, obedient, and happy dog!! She learned to come, sit, lay down, and stay in place to each command given. I can now confidentially walk her off leash and trust her to play well with other dogs, adults, and children. I exhausted multiple other training methods and DTE was able to turn my dog around in only 4 weeks! I highly recommend DTE to anyone that is looking to train their dog to the highest level.
— Karis McElroy
Posted August 26th 2021
We’ve learned so much and our dog has excelled with their help. Thank you for your training and support for our dog!
— Ian D.
Posted August 20th 2021
We went from having a puppy who nipped, bit, and and growled at me and my 8 yr old child for 5 weeks, even had the thought maybe we shouldn’t have a dog. Grandpa even called her Cujo. So happy that Evan with DTE walked into our lives, he has made our Athena girl our true Goddess. She makes everyone in my famliy feel so special by the way she minds & comforts us all. Thank you again, Whittaker’s
— Krazy Kitty
Posted August 20th 2021

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