We have developed training programs that follow social distancing practices.

We have developed training programs that follow social distancing practices.

Entrenador Profesional de Perros Gilbert

Dog Training Elite ha desarrollado un programa de entrenamiento positivo para perros altamente exitoso y único que permite ha los dueños de perros y sus caninos a trabajar juntos, creando vínculos fuertes y una obediencia sostenida.

Nuestros servicios son altamente personalizados y están diseñados para enseñar a los dueños cómo entrenar a sus perros junto a un entrenador de perros profesional en su hogar familiar, así como en grupos pequeños. Creemos, firmemente, que la clave para mantener la obediencia y la capacitación es autorizar a los propietarios para que puedan. Tener una parte integral de la experiencia de entrenamiento. La mayoría de los programas de entrenamiento requieren una participación mínima o de ningún modo por parte de los dueños y desea que el perro regrese a su entorno familiar. Casi todo el progreso se deshace y los propietarios se sienten tan indefensos como antes.

Nuestra pasión por los perros y el servicio nos diferencia. Todos nuestros entrenadores son confiables, están dispuestos a estar allí para nuestros clientes y les encanta lo que hacen. Queremos construir una comunidad para nuestros clientes que aman a sus perros tanto como nosotros y, una vez que comience el proceso de capacitación con nosotros, se convierte en parte de la familia Dog Training Elite.

***Precio & Paquetes ***

We were referred to Dog Training Elite by a friend after a horrible experience with another training company. My guard was up we had a brand new puppy to start over and We didn’t even know if we wanted to attempt another training program but after our first meeting with DTE we were optimistic and wanted to give them ...
— Jaclyn Tapia, Posted January 23rd 2020 on Google
Dog Training Elite trainers are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and up to date with training techniques. They are detailed, patient and inclusive when working with the handlers. Oscar is our 7 month Golden Retriever currently receiving Service Animal training through Dog Training Elite to assist my disabled h...
— Roxi Alba, Posted January 23rd 2020 on Google
They are absolutely amazing! They have trained 2 of our dogs, one of which they trained and tested as a service dog! They worked with me on payments we could afford. Everyone always comments on...
— Heather D., Posted January 16th 2020 on Yahoo! Local
They are absolutely amazing! They have trained 2 of our dogs, one of which they trained and tested as a service dog! They worked with me on payments we could afford. Everyone always comments on how well behaved my dogs are! I would and have recommend them to everyone!
— Heather D., Posted January 16th 2020 on Yelp
— Piyush Akhauri, Posted September 6th 2019 on Google
Have heard great things, and have a client who has a service dog from them who is top notch. However, their website is brokennnnn
— Rebekah Johnson, Posted July 27th 2019 on Google
— Sagan Cazin, Posted July 16th 2019 on Google
— Robert Adair, Posted May 24th 2019 on Google
I cannot recommend DTE highly enough. I got my dog (first dog I've ever had) Stevie in May of last year. He started off really good but as he got older started developing some SERIOUS behavioral problems. He was picking fights with much bigger dogs and getting hurt and he also BIT MY FACE. I was so frustrated and didn'...
— Ciana Bataineh, Posted March 21st 2019 on Google
Neal is amazing! If you want your dog to be the best this company is the way to go! They have a lot of experience with Malinois and service dogs. 100% recommended
— Kelsey C., Posted March 5th 2019 on Yahoo! Local
Neal is amazing! If you want your dog to be the best this company is the way to go! They have a lot of experience with Malinois and service dogs. 100% recommended
— Kelsey C., Posted March 5th 2019 on Yelp
We have been working with Neil at Dog training Ellite for a few weeks now and have seen so much improvement with our puppy mowgli would highly recommend using their services!
— Taylor Palmer, Posted January 29th 2019 on Google
— Lauri Lane, Posted January 14th 2019 on Google
I rarely rate 5 stars, here is why Dog Training Elite deserves theirs. I homed screened 3 dog training companies in the greater phoenix area to help me with my 6 month-old Blue Nose Pitbull, my...
— Bill H., Posted December 7th 2018 on Yahoo! Local
I rarely rate 5 stars, here is why Dog Training Elite deserves theirs. I homed screened 3 dog training companies in the greater phoenix area to help me with my 6 month-old Blue Nose Pitbull, my family calls Blueberry. Not satisfied, I remembered I saw a dog trainer at the Home and Garden in Scottsdale, Dog Training Eli...
— Bill H., Posted December 7th 2018 on Yelp
— Susan Johnson, Posted November 14th 2018 on Google
Called Dog Training Elite (DTE) to get some advice on how to work with my aging dogs on some behavioral issues they were having due to my demanding travel schedule. Aidan scheduled an appointment (on a Saturday) to accommodate my schedule and provided honest, candid feedback and some innovative ideas/strategies on ho...
— Doug Roberts, Posted October 10th 2018 on Google
Dog Training Elite has done a great job of training my service dog. The combination of one-on-one training, group classes and their training techniques have been invaluable! Highly, highly recommend them!
— Jeff D, Posted September 27th 2018 on Google
Hired them to train our dog and couldn't be more happy with the results. Neal and Chris were both wonderful to work with, listened to any concerns or questions we had, and never rushed through a lesson. Even at group classes, they paid as much attention to each dog and owner and their needs as if each person was the on...
— Becky Kasavan, Posted August 30th 2018 on Google
I thought I had made a terrible mistake after adopting my 80 pound, Leonberger puppy. He was destroying my home and yard. He wouldn't come to me when called and he was terrible to walk. Being such a strong dog made it impossible for me to handle him. Aiden, my trainer, worked miracles with him. He is a great dog tr...
— Patricia Moorhead, Posted March 1st 2018 on Google
Great training! They really helped us to work with our dog to help him build confidence! Great experience!
— Raine CSA, Posted February 13th 2018 on Google
Neal and Bailey came to my house to meet my 6 month rescue lab mix Elle, and I was FLOORED with the level of obedience, love, companionship and a mutual respect there was. Neal gave commands in a calm normal inside talking voice and Bailey obeyed then from about 50ft + away!!! Elle and I are excited to start our trai...
— Jigar Patel, Posted February 7th 2018 on Facebook
I took my miniature dachshund to traditional puppy training classes and was disappointed when our home program failed. With months of training under our belt, at 6 months old my dog spent hours a day barking at anything going by, was still having difficulty with potty training and didn’t consistently follow any comma...
— Darci Hebenstreit, Posted February 6th 2018 on Google
The expertise and friendliness of the trainers is amazing! We love training with them and can highy recommend their excellent service!
— Simone De Keizer-Fink, Posted January 28th 2018 on Facebook
Before purchasing our puppy, I read many training books and I thought I knew how to train her. However, our puppy didn’t do what the books said she would. We couldn’t have kept our dog without Dog Training Elite. Hiring them was money well spent so that we can enjoy our dog for years to come. We appreciate their cu...
— Cindy S, Posted January 10th 2018 on Google
Excellent training!! Working with my rescue dog that we have no idea of her history and she has been coming along so quickly! Could not be more pleased with the trainers that have been working with my dog. 4 year old Shepard Mix.
— Darrell Moore, Posted December 14th 2017 on Google
All due respect, i start a pup like a pup, the nature of the dog you get, and the breeds used have genetic predisposition and habitual behaivor comes easy. At a show advertising a product and how you use it in your training are two different topics, and certainly not grounds to bash these folks with pure nonsense. I ca...
— JT Franke, Posted November 4th 2017 on Facebook
— Carrie Mueller Edwards, Posted October 16th 2017 on Facebook
— Tracy Swanson, Posted September 10th 2017 on Facebook
— Christine Kopp, Posted September 9th 2017 on Facebook
We first saw DTE working at The Phoenix Home Show. I was convinced at that moment, when I was ready for a dog, DTE was going to be my trainer.  I've had eight previous dogs but was never able to get the dogs trained properly.  I've tried group lessons, reading books etc., but working with Neal and Chris at DTE delive...
— John C., Posted August 13th 2017 on Yelp
Neal the owner of dog training elite has done a masterful job training our dogs.  My wife has seizures and needed a service dog to assist her.  He trained the perfect dog (a chocolate lab Ghiraradelli) for my wife and he has been a wonderful help for my wife. We have enjoyed having our dog go with us everywhere and o...
— Maynard J., Posted June 7th 2017 on Yelp
I have to give Neal and his crew much thanks. Rosy, my wife, and I started training with them at the first week of May pretty much as a last resort to get our dog trained on just basic obedience, before thinking about maybe having to take her back to the shelter which we were very hesitant on doing because of what coul...
— Juan Galvez, Posted May 26th 2017 on Facebook
— Mary Galvez, Posted May 25th 2017 on Facebook
Our 2 yr old yellow lab Kailani had been to a few trainers and still did not listen to us when there were "distractions" (which is often). She wanted to play with every thing that moved around her (bunnies, other dogs, people walking, kids playing). Neal came for our first session and we saw results immediately. The...
— Beth Correa, Posted March 11th 2017 on Facebook
Neal has taught our Aussie so much in a few sessions, we cannot believe the improvement! Of course, he has also taught us so much! AMAZING trainer! Highly recommend Dog Training Elite!
— Lisa Marie Denslow, Posted January 21st 2017 on Facebook
— Mary Profeta Lopez, Posted November 6th 2016 on Facebook
Could not be happier with Dog Training Elite. We have a 3 year old bloodhound that could not leave the house without pulling, howling and acting insane. He also couldn't be around crowds, because he would pull us everywhere. We saw them at the home show and hired a few months later. After only 2 weeks of training we we...
— Michael D., Posted August 22nd 2016 on Yelp

$150 para una evaluación de cachorros de 90 minutos.

Dog Training Elite Texas ofrece una evaluación de cachorros más profunda para cachorros de 5 meses o menos. Un entrenador de perros profesional en San Antonio vendrá a su hogar y le brindará información básica sobre entrenamiento, muestras gratuitas, materiales e información completa. Al final de la evaluación de la sesión de 90 minutos, demostraremos uno de nuestros perros completamente entrenados que han completado el programa Elite de entrenamiento de perros.

Esta evaluación es perfecta para los nuevos dueños de cachorros que no están seguros de entrenar a sus cachorros ellos mismos y están interesados en la capacitación personalizada de cachorros con la ayuda de un entrenador profesional. Queremos darte las herramientas para entrenar adecuadamente a tu cachorro y ponerte en el camino correcto hacia la obediencia sostenida. Si decide inscribirse en uno de nuestros paquetes de capacitación, la tarifa de evaluación se destinará a un paquete dentro de los 30 días posteriores a la inscripción.

  • Evaluación en el hogar
  • Habilidades básicas de entrenamiento
  • Muestras gratis
  • Materiales de información de entrenamiento
  • Sesión personalizada en profundidad
  • Demostración con un perro DTE completamente entrenado

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En casa entrenamiento del perro Gilbert

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Perros de servicio para trastornos de estrés postraumático Dog Training Elite Gilbert

El proceso de entrenamiento con Dog Training Elite

Un entrenador profesional de perros vendrá a su casa para reunirse con usted y su perro, evaluará cualquier problema y punto fuerte y lo ayudará a seleccionar un programa personalizado que se adapte mejor a ambos. Luego demostraremos uno de nuestros perros entrenados para ayudarlo a comprender mejor nuestras técnicas y los resultados que producen.

Servicios de entrenamiento para los caninos:

Un graduado de Élite de Adiestramiento Canino (Dog Training Elite) estará aquí tanto en casa como en un entorno distraído debido a nuestro enfoque ambiental múltiple y los resultados serán duraderos si el propietario sigue siendo un jugador clave en el proceso de el entrenaje. Un perrito quien es escrito para uno de nuestros programas será parte de la familia de Élite de Adiestramiento Canino de por vida.

Nuestros entrenadores son familiares por siempre teniendo soporto excepcional a los dueños, nosotros creemos en que hacemos y queremos instilar confianza en los dueños mientras también a los perros.

Obtenga una evaluation en tu casa GRATIS!

Método de entrenamiento equilibrado del perro

Utilizamos un método de entrenamiento de perros positivo equilibrado junto con un collar electrónico, esto no es un collar de choque. A diferencia de un collar de choque, un collar electrónico no duele ni hace daño al perro. Este collar se usa solo para llamar la atención de un perro en una situación de distracción y se siente como un simple toque. Con el collar, un perro se acondicionara rápidamente para redirigir la atención en situaciones de distracción.

Mantener la atención de un perro es la base de las sesiones de entrenamiento exitosas. Una vez que un perro está condicionado para enfocarse, se puede usar el elogio y el refuerzo positivo para crear un ambiente de entrenamiento positivo. Este método se está volviendo cada vez más popular a medida que los adiestradores de perros y los dueños de perros se dan cuenta de que si un perro está entrenado para correlacionarse positivamente con el buen comportamiento y la escucha, los comportamientos son mucho más fáciles de controlar. La diferencia se hace clara cuando se compara a un perro que está entrenado por miedo e intimidación frente a un perro que realmente desea complacer de adentro hacia afuera.

Método de entrenamiento equilibrado del perro Gilbert

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