We have developed training programs that follow social distancing practices.

We have developed training programs that follow social distancing practices.

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Harness or Collar: Which is Better for Your Dog?

Post by: Andrea on May 26th 2020

It's important for your dog to have everything he or she needs for a happy, comfortable life. While a collar is essential for safety, a sturdy and comfortable harness that fits your dog properly will make walking a more enjoyable activity for both you and your dog. If you have a particularly disobedient dog that loves pulling, professional dog training that covers basic obedience can help. Dog Training Elite offers various obedience dog training programs in Gilbert.

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The Malinois Foundation: a PTSD Success Story

Post by: Ninthroot on May 22nd 2020

Josh, a U.S. Air Force Veteran, came to The Malinois Foundation in hopes of finding a canine companion who could help him reacclimate to civilian life after serving in Afghanistan. Over 1,000 miles away from Josh's home town in Arizona, our San Antonio franchise had a one-year-old fully trained PTSD service dog named Gizmo fall into their laps.

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Dog Training Elite in Gilbert Is Open!

Post by: Andrea on Apr 27th 2020

At the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, Dog Training Elite ceased regular operations in order to combat the spread of the virus. During this time, we reorganized our training programs to fit social distancing and heightened sanitation measures. We have been approved to reopen and offer our in-home training and group classes in Gilbert.

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Quarantined with a Naughty Dog?

Post by: Andrea on Mar 23rd 2020

As self or state enforced quarantines are enacted across the nation, you may be wondering what you and your family will do stuck inside with a naughty pup. If your new dog is a mischief maker, follow these tips to stay sane during time spent indoors:

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