We have developed training programs that follow social distancing practices.

We have developed training programs that follow social distancing practices.

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A Guide to Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy- Dog Training Elite Gilbert

Post by: Susan on Sep 21 2017

Dogs may seem to be full of restless energy, but keeping them healthy isn’t as easy as you may think. Your dog relies on you for nearly everything, so it’s your responsibility to keep them well taken care of. Help your dog stay happy and healthy with these tips.

 Feed Your Dog the Right Foods

Providing a nutritious diet for your dog is essential. Just like humans, the foods your dog eats will have a huge impact on their overall health and happiness. Diet affects weight, skin, fur, teeth, eyes, mood, and energy levels. Obesity can also be a very dangerous side effect. A good diet will change your pet’s life for the better. Make sure your dog is eating healthy, well balanced foods with a high-quality, easily digestible dog food made by a trustworthy company. Or, you can learn more about homemade doggy foods. Once you decide on a diet, monitor your pup for the next few weeks to see how they take to it.

 Make Room for Exercise

Routine exercise is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle for your dog. It keeps them happy, combates obesity, and extends their lifespan. Try getting into the habit of going on runs, walks, or hikes with your dog. Exercising together can improve your health too, as well as strengthen your bond.

 Schedule Yearly Vet Check-Ups

Besides you, the most important person in your pup’s life is their vet. Dogs age on a much faster schedule than us, making it easy for serious health issues to come on fast. Yearly vet check-ups are recommended to keep your dog at peak health. Do some research to find a vet that both you and your dog can trust and establish a relationship with.

 Play Together

Playing with your dog is the best way to build a solid bond between the two of you. Not only can it be a great opportunity for exercise, play time with your pup will help teach them good socializing and thinking skills. Dogs need companionship to thrive, and no playpal could be better than their best friend.

 Watch for Warning Signs

Dogs can’t communicate through words like we do, but you can tell a lot through their body language. Your dog’s health and mood are often on complete display if know how to look for it. Watch for warning signs your dog exhibits that may signify a health problem or uneasiness in certain situations. Not all unusual signs are cause for alarm, but there’s always a chance that your dog may be concealing a serious health issue. Learn what signs to watch for and how to act accordingly when your dog is exhibiting evidence of illness. Professional dog training in Gilbert can help to restore confidence in your pet. 

Dogs show us fierce loyalty and love, often without expecting very much in return. The least we can do for them is make sure their lives are filled with love and health. It may be a big responsibility, but seeing your best friend healthy and happy will be more than worth it.

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