Dog Training Franchise:
Not Just For Pet Lovers!

Whether you’re a fan of four-legged friends or not, a dog training business can be a smart franchise investment opportunity.

Dog enthusiasts and business-savvy entrepreneurs alike can find an attractive and fulfilling franchise investment opportunity in the world of dog training! The pet industry is lucrative and growing every day, bringing in an expected $283 billion by 2023. Even without experience in the industry or even a profound love of dogs, Franchise Owners with Dog Training Elite can enjoy a flexible and fulfilling career.

If you’re looking for a franchise investment opportunity to take back your schedule, gain daily freedom, call the shots on your own growth, and leverage ongoing support, then Dog Training Elite is a great fit for you! Even without any dog training experience, Franchise Owners with Dog Training Elite enjoy the perks and flexibility of being their own boss, all while operating within a healthy industry that improves their community.

Whether you’re new to the franchising world or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, Dog Training Elite offers the balanced mix of support and freedom you need. Plus, with a home-based model and low overhead, it’s never been easier to get started. Learn more about the perks of becoming a Franchise Owner with Dog Training Elite!

Dog Training Elite provides ongoing support to franchise owners making it a great franchise investment opportunity.

Ongoing Support

Many people enter into a dog training franchise because of their love of dogs, but even if you’ve never owned a dog or don’t consider yourself a die-hard puppy fan, franchising with Dog Training Elite can still be a breeze! The combination of a quickly-growing market and an appropriately specific niche poises the dog training industry as a savvy franchise investment opportunity.

Plus, Dog Training Elite provides up-front and ongoing support. Becoming a Franchise Owner is a wise path if you’ve been dreaming of being your own boss and running a business, but aren’t sure how all the ins and outs should look. With Dog Training Elite, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own! New Franchise Owners will receive helpful support before opening and learn how to be a dog trainer and how to run a franchise. No prior experience is necessary — just an entrepreneurial and determined spirit!

Fulfilling Career

Many Franchise Owners are not necessarily dog enthusiasts, but they can still enjoy and appreciate the positive impact that dog training can make on a community. Through a variety of training programs, Dog Training Elite strengthens the bonds between pets and their families, trains service dogs for those in need, and assists with military dog programs. Excellent dog training programs make neighborhoods safer and reduce stress for pets and people alike!

Plus, Dog Training Elite’s non-profit organization, the Malinois Foundation, trains and provides dogs for veterans, helping to improve their everyday lives and provide support as needed.

Flexible Scheduling

When you become a Franchise Owner with Dog Training Elite, you gain the freedom to control your own work schedule. Work from the comfort of your home, on your own time. Choose between both running the business and doing the training, or hiring trainers and focusing solely and managing the business in a semi-absentee model.

The semi-absentee model option is one aspect making Dog Training Elite a solid franchise investment opportunity, even for those who don’t wish to work with dogs directly. Take control of your schedule by hiring trainers to commute to your clients’ homes and complete each training, while you focus on the business side of your franchise and strategize your growth. This frees up your personal time for hobbies, time with family and additional business opportunities.

Franchising with Dog Training Elite is flexible and fulfilling in many ways.

"I was working for an international company. I was just another number to them. I thought, 'I don't want to go back to work for somebody.' I decided I wanted to train dogs professionally."

Learn how Dog Training Elite Founder John Mestas turned his 40-year passion for training dogs into a successful business.

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Low Investment and Overhead

Because Dog Training Elite runs out of your home and your clients’ homes, there’s no need to lease a physical space or even to buy and store tons of merchandise. This makes dog training a great franchise investment opportunity with very low ongoing overhead! Plus, the up-front investment to become a Franchise Owner is generally around $83K with incredibly fast turnaround times to get your business off the ground — you can be running in 4-6 weeks! This opens the door to seeing returns on your investment very quickly.

Franchising with Dog Training Elite has relatively low start-up costs.

Growth Opportunities

Because the semi-absentee model allows for so much flexibility, many Franchise Owners choose to open multiple territories! The ability to manage various territories means there is endless opportunity for growth. Plus, Dog Training Elite offers seven different dog training services, which equates to various streams of revenue for you.

If you’re ready for a franchise investment opportunity that still allows you to live your life and foster a fulfilling career, you’re in the right place! Ask about our franchise opportunity today.

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