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If you’re looking for an affordable franchise in the pet industry, Dog Training Elite is an ideal fit! Many pet businesses require purchasing office space, maintaining a large inventory, and managing full-time staff. Not only does that require a high-dollar investment with considerable overhead, but it also makes your job more complicated. Running a business doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to operate an affordable franchise within the pet industry that is both simple and successful.

Why Dog Training is More Affordable Than Doggy Daycare

Two of the preferred business models in the pet franchise world are dog training and dog daycare. Dog sitting seems like a fun opportunity, but the closer you look at the expenses and risks, dog training comes out on top.

  • Acquiring the appropriate space and equipment is costly.
  • There are ongoing expenses, like utilities and property taxes.
  • Liability risk is high if dogs get injured or ill while in your care.
  • You must hire and manage a large staff.
  • Property and premises insurance rates are high.
  • Heavy wear and tear on equipment require frequent replacement and upkeep.

Dog training is a much more cost-effective business model that does not carry the same risks that doggy daycare businesses do.

Dog Training Elite provides an affordable franchise opportunity to work in the pet industry.

What Makes Dog Training Elite Affordable?

You might be eager to do business in the pet industry, but have limited resources with which to do so. You must analyze your budget carefully before committing to any new venture. If a lower investment is a priority for you, you’ll be happy to learn that our dog training business opportunity is financially feasible.

Home Based

Home-based businesses have many advantages. Not only do you get to skip the daily commute, everything you need to run your job is easily accessible. Most people are more comfortable working from home, a familiar environment that doesn’t require a suit and tie! A home office also saves you money on rent and other related expenses.

If you’re operating a brick-and-mortar business, you have to acquire real estate, pay for utilities and higher insurance premiums, and take care of ongoing repairs and maintenance issues. With Dog Training Elite, you work from home, which requires minimal capital. Your setup doesn’t have to be anything fancy either, as you never meet with clients in your home setting. That represents big savings!

Training in Your Client’s Home

While you can manage office tasks from your home, you will be on the go most of the time as a dog trainer. You’ll spend time teaching group classes, doing assessments and giving estimates, and offering private training sessions in your client’s homes.

Go Solo or Hire a Trainer

As a Franchise Owner operating one of our affordable franchises, you don’t have to concern yourself with managing and paying staff, which is another cost-cutter. As the owner-operator, your position is a full time dog trainer!

If you’re interested in running your business part time, you can choose to hire a full-time trainer. Our semi-absentee model frees up your time for other pursuits. You pay your trainer a full-time salary, and you handle operations from home.

Investment Breakdown

Investment Breakdown

The initial investment in your dog training business covers everything needed to get your business started, including: the franchise fee, initial training, equipment, technology, software, your vehicle wrap, start-up package, and initial marketing costs.

Interested candidates need $120,000* in liquid capital and a net worth of $200,000*. Starting your own Dog Training Elite franchise will range anywhere from $159,050-$186,750*.

What does all that money help pay for?

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $159,050-$186,750*
    This is like an entry fee. It’s the price you pay to unlock the franchise opportunity, giving you access to the franchisor’s proprietary business systems and intellectual property.¹
  • Travel Expense During Training: $2,500-$12,500
    This cost will vary depending on how far you have to travel to reach our headquarters, and what fuel, flight and lodging prices are like at the time.
  • Specialty Training: $3,500-$15,750
    Trainers who wish to expand upon their expertise have the option of diving into more specialized training. Additional training for each technique or program carries expenses.
  • Specialized Travel & Equipment: $2,500/$500
    Also an optional expense, these costs will be factored in only if this training requires travel and if the trainer wishes to purchase the associated equipment.
  • Real Estate & Improvements: $0-$10,000
    As mentioned above, Franchise Owners have the luxury of working from home. If you wish to rent an office space or renovate your home office, this investment point will cover those costs.

Dog Training Elite is known for their affordable franchise opportunities near you.

Dog Training Elite is the top affordable franchise opportunity near you that provides professional dog training services.

  • Start-up Packet: $900-$1,100
    To get you started on a firm foundation, we’ll provide you with an assortment of resources, including the documents and software needed to run your business efficiently.
  • Additional Equipment and Mobile Device: $500-$3,000
    We provide each owner with their own CRM software and other technologies that help to calculate costs, generate estimates, schedule training dates, and more.
  • Vehicle Wrap: $3,500-$5,000
    This cost is determined by the type and size of vehicle you have. These attractive wraps identify you as a member of our elite team and market your services as you drive to and from appointments.
  • Banner & Signs: $750-$15,000
    From event signage to marketing materials, this investment point covers everything you need for visibility to current and potential customers during training events.
  • Misc. Opening Costs: $2,000-$6,000
    We’ve done our best to break out these investment points exactly, but there's always a few final touches to consider. This extra cost will help you cover any of those “bells and whistles!”
  • Three Months of Marketing: $2,000-$6,000
    A key element to a successful business launch depends on a strong marketing strategy. Our sales team has all the tools and tricks needed to get your name out there so your community knows about your services.
  • Initial Operating Capital: $22,150-$23,650
    This three-month fund is sufficient to carry you through those first crucial steps as you gain traction as a professional dog trainer. Until you establish a strong ROI, you’ll need this reserve to act as a buffer during the start-up phase.
  • Veteran’s Discount
    In honor of our military veterans, we offer a $4,000 discount to those who have served our country and wish to become a Franchise Owner through us. We’re delighted to offer this benefit to the men and women of the armed forces.

As a dog training Franchise Owner, you are positioned to take advantage of a booming industry. Opening a professional dog training business with as little as $159,050 is pretty remarkable. Our current Franchise Owners average $187,237* in gross sales annually, proving our strong economics.

Because of the increasing demand for specialty training programs, Dog Training Elite has experienced year-over-year sales growth of 92.6%*. When you represent an established brand like Dog Training Elite, your road to success looks bright and promising!

*Numbers obtained from our 2023 FDD

A Way to Finance Your Dream

We are a proud partner of Benetrends, the nation’s leading small business funding organization. If being short on funds is the only thing keeping you from achieving your goal, there may be a way to overcome that obstacle. Fill out our online form to see how much you can qualify for.

So Many Peripheral Benefits

Besides a fair price, our affordable franchise offers various benefits.

    Low Risk, High Reward

    With reasonable initial investment and an impressive ROI, you’ll enjoy the economics of operating a business like ours. But the rewards are more than monetary. You will partner with a company that has a healthy track record, offers consistent support, and trains you for success.

    Lower than the Industry Average

    Our start-up costs run below average within the pet industry.

    Better Work-Life Balance

    For many, a top priority along any career path is striking a healthy balance between one’s work and home life. While money is a useful commodity, time is just as valuable. With Dog Training Elite, you’ll enjoy taking charge of your schedule so you can live a fuller life.

With Dog Training Elite, investors find more than a winning business model. Time spent with pets and local community members is often more satisfying than the payments received from clients. Helping pet owners forge a strong bond with their beloved dogs is more fulfilling than any dollar amount.

If you’re a dog lover, you already know what a world of a difference a canine companion can make in one’s life. The sense of fulfillment that comes from enriching the lives of others by strengthening those relationships is priceless!

If you’re ready to make your mark in the lucrative pet industry and want the chance to give back to your community, Dog Training Elite is the perfect place to begin!

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