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If you’re looking into pet franchises, you’re probably aware of the positive state of the pet industry. Those searching for dog training franchises should take a good look at all that the pet industry has to offer.

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The Pet Industry - a Closer Look

73 Billion

Accounts for more than $73 billion annually.


Steady growth rate of 7.8%, and the industry is expected to hit $100 billion by the end of 2020.

Pets = Family

Historical data shows that, even during times of economic downturn, pet owners are willing to spend money on pet care. Pets are often considered members of the family and their well-being is important.


More than 70% of all US households own a pet and this number is even higher among the millennial generation.


Training is considered a key in pet care for dog owners.

If you’re impressed by what the pet industry has to offer, why not take an opportunity to open your very own business in this booming market? With an established pet franchise, you can make your stake in the market without having to take too many risks.

Zoom Room - This dog training franchise offers some fun programs, like Doggy Disco and Dog Parties. While it may seem fun, the start up costs are quite high at $250,000.

Canine Dimensions - This is a basic dog training company that also focuses on anxiety and aggression programs, which are important for many dog owners. However, this franchise also includes a board and train program which can lead to higher costs and potential risks for franchise owners.

Dog Training Elite - A dog training franchise that offers a wide variety of programs, including everything from puppy essentials to therapy dogs, Dog Training Elite has a great business model. With an average investment range of $75,650 - $248,850, Franchise Owners will be provided with everything needed to get their business up and running. As Dog Training Elite is home based, Franchise Owners save big on costs and don’t have to worry about the risks associated with boarding.

best pet franchises

If you’ve taken an in-depth look at the best pet franchises out there, it is easy to see why Dog Training Elite stands out. Not only is it the safest and smartest option financially, Dog Training Elite is also backed by more than 40 years of experience. If you’re interested in all that the pet industry has to offer, it’s best to get involved under the guidance of an established company. John Mestas, founder of Dog Training Elite, has been involved in the pet industry for 4 decades.

As part of the Dog Training Elite daily, you’ll be privy to all the knowledge that helped Mestas make his dog training franchise a success. Training and ongoing support will help you find success with our franchise model. Contact us today to learn more about getting started.

best pet franchises

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