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Creating anything from scratch is more challenging than purchasing a thing that has already been prepared. Take an apple pie, for instance. Buying one hot, fresh and ready from your local bakery will save you time, money and a mess in the kitchen.

The same is true with a business. It’s not just time you’ll be getting back by investing in a previously tested and proven franchise, you’ll also be risking less financially and saying “good riddance” to a whole slew of headaches. Another perk of jumping onboard with a franchise is the incredible, internal support network that keeps you bolstered and moving forward at every phase of development.

There’s a good chance you’re here because you’ve thought of starting a dog training business, so you’re doing your homework. Way to go! And you made another smart move by ending up here, because Dog Training Elite is one of the best pet franchises in the industry.

There are plenty of successful pet businesses out there, from Off Leash Dog Training to Dynamic Dogs. But those companies don’t offer a franchise option to investors like we do.

starting a dog training business

As you compare and contrast all the best pet franchises out there, there are a few distinguishing questions to keep in mind as you proceed.

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Does the franchise offer a well-rounded selection of training programs? Our competitors usually focus solely on obedience or aggression, while we give Franchise Owners seven distinct sources of revenue.

starting a dog training business

Do you get to use your own dog as your Chief Assistant, allowing you to demonstrate skills firsthand during training sessions?

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Does the franchise have its own charity, enabling you to give back to your community in meaningful ways?

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Will you be employing positive reinforcement Pavlovian methods that have proven effective with dogs of any breed, age, or size?

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starting a dog training franchise

At Dog Training Elite, we train service animals and personal protection canines, and volunteer our time helping those with special needs to train their service dogs.

Our clients feel empowered as they learn to use effective skills to manage their pets successfully, regardless of what problem they may have been facing previously - be it staying and coming, destructive digging and chewing, hiding family possessions, barking or howling, jumping, or behaving aggressively.

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It’s important to us at DTE that we uphold high standards. By reading our customer or employee reviews, you’ll be able to decide - without bias - whether or not we succeed in that regard. You can also access franchise owner reviews to see what our owners are saying about us.

This could be your time. Perhaps starting a dog training business is in your future! If you just can’t get enough of those furry canine creatures and want to get paid doing what you’re passionate about, continue to do your research until you learn for yourself that we may just be one of the best pet franchises out there.

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