The Benefits of Self-Employment with a Pet Franchise

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For many in the traditional workforce, self-employment seems like a pleasant, but unattainable dream. The benefits it offers - independence, professional development, personal fulfillment and high income potential - are certainly something to dream about. These dreams can be realized! If you’re interested in self-employment, but not sure how to start, consider investing in a franchise.

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Joining a franchise allows you to experience all the benefits of business ownership without many of the same risks. As you’re investing in a business that has proven successful, half of the work is already done. Franchise Owners get to experience the pros of self-employment while navigating their chosen industry with the assistance of a corporate team.

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Another important benefit of self-employment? Stability in economic downturn. As a self-employed worker:

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You can’t get fired. Those that work an office job face the uncertainty of layoffs, particularly in a shaky economy. As the owner of your own business, you’ll be able to survive when times get tough.

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You control how much you make. When you run your own business, the harder you work the more you earn. This kind of economic stability can help you survive when times get tough.

Become Self-Employed with a Pet Franchise

The current COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused an economic depression, may have you searching for “recession proof businesses to start.” If you're ready to jump into entrepreneurship, consider the pet industry! As more than 70% of all U.S. households own a pet, the demand for pet care is high and rising. Growing at a rate of 7.8% annually, the pet industry is expected to reach $100 billion by the year 2020.

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Why the pet care industry can withstand recession pressures:

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Most pet owners consider their companion animals “fur babies” - meaning that pet care services are considered as essential as child care services.

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Pet care spending saw growth during past recessions, at a rate of 29% in 2001 and 17% in 2008-09.

While no company can truly claim to be a “recession proof franchise,” pet franchises can thrive in both economic highs and lows. Not even the economic and health uncertainties of the current pandemic can keep pet owners from caring for their animals. Dog Training Elite answers this demand with quality dog training services.

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We realize every dog is different and take the time to develop personalized training programs so our customers stay happy!

In-Home Services

Unlike the distracting environment of outdoor puppy group classes, Dog Training Elite performs most services at the client’s home. For Franchise Owners, this means no office (and lower startup costs!).

Proven Methods

We stay in business because our methods are proven. With positive reinforcement training methods, our customers are left with a dog that is happy, loyal and obedient.

Work-Life Balance

Working from home, setting your own schedule and bringing your dog to work - if that sounds like the type of work life balance you’re looking for, Dog Training Elite will be a great fit for you.

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