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Military Veteran Couple Brings Dog Training Elite Franchise to Baton Rouge

Posted on Dec 7th 2021


Military Veteran Couple Brings Dog Training Elite Franchise to Baton Rouge

After living and traveling around the world while serving in the military, Ed Erb and Betsy Erb are ready to settle down and own a business in Baton Rouge! They both have spent time in the energy sector, and now they are prepared to do work they are deeply passionate about and be their own bosses. While they loved the outdoors and horses, dogs were a big part of their lives, and they were drawn to working with them. Dog Training Elite is the perfect answer for them as they settle into business ownership in Louisiana, and we are excited to welcome them to the family!

Choosing Dog Training Elite

Like many budding entrepreneurs, Ed and Betsy turned to the internet to research franchise opportunities. They found Dog Training Elite at the top of a franchise best-of list, and though they researched several of our competitors, the choice to work with us was straightforward because they could see that the culture here was unique. “If you truly love dogs and want to work with their owners to make both their lives better and you value honesty and integrity in business, Dog Training Elite is a great option for you,” says Ed.

The couple describes us as a company that genuinely cares about who becomes a Franchise Owner. We enjoy working with people who love dogs and want to give back to their community in new ways. We work with our prospective new Franchise Owners to be sure that this is the right fit for them and that our relationship is mutually beneficial. In Ed’s words, Dog Training Elite isn’t just in it to “sell territories.”

Betsy and Ed love that Dog Training Elite is a family-run business with a genuine love for dogs and that the primary focus of the company is on dogs and their families. For them, one of the most integral parts of Dog Training Elite is incorporating their own dogs into the business, serving as “demo dogs” in training sessions. Having a dog that has been trained with Dog Training Elite’s proven method shows customers that we believe in what we do and live with the technique every day.

As military veterans, it meant a lot to Ed and Betsy that so much of the work we do here at Dog Training Elite focuses on training service dogs for veterans and others looking to heal with canine assistance. Not only would they be working with training service dogs on the business side, but they would connect with our non-profit, the Malinois Foundation. As Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners, Ed and Betsy will be giving back to the Baton Rouge community as well as the veteran community.

Dog Training Elite Owner trains dog at park.

Joining the Team

As Ed and Betsy began their Franchise Discovery Process with Dog Training Elite, they were impressed with the relaxed atmosphere. Their Approval Day, when they traveled to Utah to meet our Founder John Mestas , CEO Kelley Rosequist, and other members of the Dog Training Elite team, stretched out over two days, allowing them to take their time with the information without feeling rushed. Our Executive Team then took the opportunity to get to know Ed and Betsy and other prospective Franchise Owners. Rather than just running through a presentation, Ed says the trainers “showed they really cared who joined the team.”

Ed’s “lightbulb moment” that Dog Training Elite was the right choice for him came during the live dog training sessions we invited our Franchise Owners to join as part of Approval Day in Salt Lake City. We want to support you in the best way possible, and we think it’s best to get you up close and personal with our trainers to get to know the business, getting your paws dirty with the work. Seeing the company in action allowed Ed to get to know the business personally and connect with other Franchise Owners, strengthening future relationships and his comfort level and knowledge of what Dog Training Elite is all about.

Betsy and Ed were also excited to meet the corporate team here at Dog Training Elite during Approval Day, and liked their drive, attitude, and company culture right away! “They were obviously truly passionate about their business and doing things the right way, knowing that profits will come when integrity is first,” says Ed. They also noted that the team felt like a close-knit family who genuinely cared for Franchise Owners. They felt confident that Dog Training Elite is here to offer a high level of support for them as they em-BARK on their franchise ownership adventure.

Ed and Betsy: Ready to Roll!

When asked about what they most looked forward to on their journey with Dog Training Elite, they mentioned they are eager to grow their business and set up a legacy. They are ready to start working with dogs and their families, imparting the tools to create long-lasting memories. Dog Training Elite’s proven balanced-positive training takes place in customers’ homes and local parks, allowing families and their dogs to grow and learn comfortably in the settings they will inhabit most.

Ed and Betsy are also excited to give back to their community. With Dog Training Elite’s non-profit, the Malinois Foundation, whose mission is to heal through canine assistance, they can give back to veterans just like themselves, as well as first responders and other people who have PTSD.

No strangers to hard work, they are eager to get started. They trust in Dog Training Elite’s method and know that they will be successful if they stick to the plan. “[Dog Training Elite has] already learned the hard lessons, and that’s why it makes sense to invest in their knowledge and experience.”

Are You Ready to Join The Dog Training Elite Family?

Dog Training Elite dogs are trained and ready.

If you see a little of yourself in Ed and Betsy, now is the time to join them on the journey to Franchise Ownership. The investment starts at only $82,800 and can be operated either as a direct owner/operator or on a semi-absentee basis that allows you to keep your day job and employ a full-time trainer to handle the day-to-day operations. Best of all, you are at the center of dogs’ and families’ lives, helping to enhance their relationships. Are you ready to become a Franchise Owner? Join us today!

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