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What Makes A Dog Training Business ‘Essential’?

Posted on Aug 18th 2021


What Makes A Dog Training Business ‘Essential’?

When starting a business, there are several things you should consider. For example, you should carefully think about the investment required and the business’s potential profitably. More importantly, though, you should consider whether there’s an actual demand for the product or service you want to offer to your customers.

Here, a dog training business is an excellent option. With the number of dog owners in the US growing steadily and the pet services industry showing massive growth in recent years, there’s no doubt that there will be demand for these businesses for years to come. This, in turn, ensures profitability whether the economy is thriving or not.

So, owning a dog training business allows you to own an essential business in a recession-resilient industry. But what makes it “essential?” In this post, we’ll look at this question in more detail and show you why a Dog Training Elite franchise may be the right investment for you.

Some Industry Tidbits

Before looking at the question in more detail, we should quickly look at some pet industry statistics to set the stage properly. For one, of the estimated 128 million households in the US, about 85 million of them own a pet. Of these, dogs are most popular with cats coming in second. In fact, the US has the largest global dog population with about 70 million dogs.

That sure is a lot of dogs. If you now consider that pet ownership in the US has increased by 300% since the 1970s, this number is also supposed to increase in coming years. Undoubtedly, dog and puppy adoptions will contribute to this increase. This is, in part, due to the shift in people’s perception of rescue dogs.

It’s now seen in a much better light than ever before, with many people now seeing adopting a rescue dog as a badge of honor. It’s no wonder that dog adoption exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic with some shelters rehoming up to 13 dogs a day.

Now, let’s look at how much people, or should we say prospective customers, spend on their pets. And here the numbers are simply staggering. For example, it’s estimated that the pet industry reached $99 million in 2020. This is up from $97.5 billion in 2019 and $90.5 billion in 2018.

So, the industry grew even during the pandemic which bodes well for anyone selling their pet products or services. In fact, it’s forecast that the pet industry will reach $358.6 billion by 2027.

To sum up, pet owners spend a lot of money on their pets. It’s easy to see why when you consider that around 94% of Americans consider their pet as part of their family.

Why a Dog Training Business?

Considering the above statistics, you could probably see that having a dog training business is a good idea. It’s simple, as the number of dogs increase, so will the need for pet services including dog training. But why?

Well, let’s look at some of the reasons why dog owners use dog training services. For one, it gives them the opportunity to raise a well-disciplined dog. So, their dog will then know their house rules, won’t beg for food while eating, and won’t scratch or dig. Also, with being well-disciplined comes being more sociable with people and other pets.

Investing in a Dog Training Elite dog business is essential.

Another reason is that it’ll make their dog happier. Throughout training, their dog will get to do a lot of activities. And doing these activities right and being rewarded for it gives their dogs more confidence and, ultimately, makes them happier.

Maybe the biggest reason of all is that dog owners, through dog training, build relationships with their furry friends. As such, they’ll form a solid friendship with their dog. And when you consider that many people see their dogs as part of their family, this is especially important.

Keep in mind, though, that these are just some reasons why dog owners use dog training and there are many more. In the end, it all comes down to the love and affection dog owners feel for their dogs. This, in turn, will make them do anything to make their dogs happier. And that’s why there will also be a need for dog training businesses.

Why Choose Dog Training Elite?

So, now you know why you should consider investing in a dog training business. Now, you probably want to know why you should choose Dog Training Elite? Well, it’s simple. Firstly, you’ll see dog owners and their dogs strengthen the ties between them. The great part is that you’ll know that you’ve played a crucial part in building life-long relationships between dog owners and their pets.

It goes a lot further than this, though. For instance:

  • Your dog will be your co-owner. Let’s face it, owning a Dog Training Elite franchise is any dog lover’s dream business. When you do, you and your dog will be the face of a local business that empowers dog owners and their dogs to work together and build stronger relationships.

  • Personal fulfillment. When you see relationships and trust develop between dog owners and their dogs, it’s extremely fulfilling. And when it comes to training service dogs and therapy dogs, it’s even more rewarding.

  • Community involvement. With a Dog Training Elite franchise, you’ll be able to make a difference in the lives of dog owners and their dogs in your community. In addition, you’ll be part of our non-profit organization which promotes healing through canine assistance.

  • Lifestyle-friendly business. A Dog Training Elite franchise is ideal for anyone looking for a healthy work-life business that allows them to spend more time with friends and family or concentrate on building their business.

  • Multiple revenue streams. We offer seven different training programs and group training options that give you more opportunities to generate revenue and increase your return on investment.

In addition to the above, our Franchise Owners get extensive support throughout their business journey. For example, we provide over 100 hours of classroom and on-the-job training that equip our Franchise Owners with all the skills they need to run their businesses. Also, we provide full marketing support that helps our Franchise Owners market their businesses in their communities.

We also provide 7 days of support to our Franchise Owners during their grand opening and thereafter, we provide them with extensive ongoing and field support. In simple terms, we’re there for our Franchise Owners every step of the way.

Best of all is that you don’t have to break the bank to invest in one of our franchises and enjoy all the benefits it offers. Here, you only need a minimum investment of between $82,800* and $104,750* which includes the franchise fee of $49,000*. In addition, you’ll only need $50,000* of liquid capital.

What can you make? Well, in 2020, our Franchise Owners earned an average of $786,059 in sales. When you do the math, it’s easy to see why owning a Dog Training Elite franchise is an excellent business opportunity that provides you with a healthy income and fulfillment in spades.

*Numbers obtained from our 2021 FDD

The Bottom Line

There’s no denying that the pet industry is massive. When you consider that the number of pet owners will increase, it’s easy to see why it’s expected that it will grow even more in the coming years. Therefore, it’s now the right time to invest in a pet business.

Here, a Dog Training Elite franchise is one of the best options to consider. It allows you to invest in a highly profitable, recession-resistant business that requires a relatively low minimum investment. Above all, it will give you a sense of fulfillment and community involvement unmatched in many other business opportunities.

To find out more about Dog Training Elite and how you can own a franchise of your own, visit our website or contact us for more details. At Dog Training Elite, we use a proven, balanced-positive method to train dogs and dog owners right in the comfort of their own homes. And we are bringing this method to cities all over the U.S. with exciting, low-overhead franchise opportunities for dog lovers.

Owning a Dog Training Elite dog business is essential.

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