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First-Time Entrepreneurs Em-BARK On A Dog Training Franchise Adventure!

Posted on Dec 29th 2021


First-Time Entrepreneurs Em-BARK On A Dog Training Franchise Adventure!

Rachel Van De Mark was looking for her dream career. She was ready for a change and wanted to take on work that made a difference in people’s lives and brought joy and satisfaction. While searching the Internet, she found an ad for Dog Training Elite, and something clicked. She brought it to her husband, Daniel Van De Mark, and they discussed that it was time for a change in their lives.

Living The PUG Life

For the Van De Marks, their dogs are their children. They love their canine family, and they work hard to take care of their every need. Guiding their dogs to their goals through playtime while offering comfort and companionship was a hallmark for the couple. As dog-lovers, they know that you need training and discipline to build confidence and trust in a dog. Using the knowledge they had already gained as dog owners themselves, they saw the opportunity to help others on their journey to building stronger relationships with family dogs. Rachel says they want to “train beautiful creatures to live harmoniously with their human family.”

Both Daniel and Rachel are military veterans with 53 years of combined service. During their time in the Army, Rachel made a career in Intelligence while Daniel worked with the Army Signal Corp, which dealt with communications and information systems. When they left their military jobs behind, he found his place in sales, while she found her place in healthcare analytics management.

The Van De Marks love the outdoors and enjoy taking their dogs out with them when they camp, fish, and hike. When they are at home, they both enjoy working with their hands. Daniel does woodworking, while Rachel is a crafter.

Dog Training Elite's first-time Owners, Rachel and Daniel Van De Mark.

Em-BARK-ing On The Entrepreneur Journey

One of the most significant factors that led Rachel and Daniel to take on this new path was the need for independence. They are looking forward to being their own bosses and setting the hours and schedules that work for them. They also wanted to impact their community in positive ways, helping families and dogs alike.

After decades of being in the military, they have confidence in their ability to lead and grow their Franchise in the Houston area. “We have a vision and mission that we will bring to life every day as we interact with our human and canine clients, now that’s a beautiful thing,” says Daniel.

Dog Training Elite's business model was an excellent fit for the Van De Marks, “we love the model and culture of the franchise and most importantly our love of dogs.” The dog and family-focused model means that we train dogs in the places they need it most: their own homes. For a Franchise Owner, this translates to very low overhead, and that coupled with the continual support of our corporate headquarters, Rachel and Daniel were confident in their choice to work with us here at Dog Training Elite.

Dog Training Elite Owner's Fantastic Four dogs.

Rachel notes that Dog Training Elite has a personal touch, and she believes it sets us apart from our competitors. We take the time to get to know our Franchise Owners, and we are always here to support them and help them succeed in business. “The franchise is incredibly organized, which made this choice a no-brainer, especially for first-time entrepreneurs,” adds Rachel.

First Steps For The Van De Marks, One Giant Leap For Houston Pups

When you become part of the Dog Training Elite family, we bring you out to our home in Salt Lake City, where we get you involved in real training appointments, just like the ones you will take on as a Franchise Owner. This allows you to see the business up close and PAWsonal. Daniel and Rachel enjoyed going on these sessions and “the ability to see, touch and feel what Dog Training Elite is truly about and their commitment to their customers and [Franchise Owners].”

Hearing the story of our Founder, John Mestas, reminded the pair of their own journey. John knew when he was young that he wanted to work with dogs, leading him to launch Dog Training Elite. He wanted to help dogs live their best lives and provide ways to increase the relationships between dogs and their families. Dog Training Elite now offers a series of balanced-proven dog training methods, including obedience, puppy, anxiety, aggression, and service dog training.

Dog Training Elite's Owner Rachel and her dog Sophie.

Joining The Dog Training Elite Family

The Van De Marks knew that they had made the right choice after meeting the whole Dog Training Elite family. “It brought everything together,” says Rachel. They thought the culture and atmosphere with Dog Training Elite were welcoming and light-hearted, and Daniel says, “They are an amazing group of people who exude confidence and willingness to do everything they can to help the success of their [Franchise Owners].” Rachel agrees, adding, “They showed their love and passion for their business, which is exactly what we were hoping to see.”

Both Daniel and Rachel exclaim that they “can’t wait to get started,” and they are looking forward to offering compassionate and professional service to the Houston, Texas, area. Dog Training Elite is something that they both feel very passionate about, and they believe that this will enhance their community.

Are You The Next Van De Marks?

Rachel and Daniel know they are not alone in their quest for entrepreneurship. When asked if they had any advice for the next wave of potential Franchise Owners, they said, “ do your research and analysis to ensure this is the path to take.”

Becoming a Franchise Owner with Dog Training Elite comes with low overhead, and it starts at an investment of $82,800. Working with us also provides flexibility; you can set your schedule and even take a hands-off approach to run a territory or two or three while maintaining your day job. There is an undeniable joy to working with families and their dogs, but we also work with veterans and others with PTSD through the work of our non-profit, The Malinois Foundation. The work you do with Dog Training Elite will have an impact and meaning in your community. Are you ready to join us? Click now for more information!

Dog Training Elite's newest dog training Owner, Daniel.

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