Our Dog Franchise Just Earned a Top Industry Award!

Posted on Mar 3rd 2021


Our Dog Franchise Just Earned a Top Industry Award!

Dog Training Elite has earned a spot on two separate Franchise Gator lists for 2021- ranking #24 on their Top Emerging Franchises list!

To be listed among the Top Emerging Franchises is indeed excellent news, and we are thrilled! We’re especially proud that this honor came after the challenging and unprecedented year that was 2020- if we can achieve a recognition like this after a year that included a global pandemic, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our dog franchise brand.

Franchise Gator is an industry leader that works to spotlight budding franchise opportunities that are creating a mark in the dog franchise industry, along with other franchise brands across a broad range of industries. When the release of the 2021 lists was announced, we were so happy to see that our hard work and the dedication and enthusiasm of our Franchise Owners had paid off, and that we had made it to the list.

We take this prestigious honor with pride, knowing that it is a win for those who have invested in our dog franchise as well as our potential and existing customers. Being recognized and ranked by Franchise Gator gives our dog training franchise the push we needed to perform even better this year.

How Franchise Gator Ranks a Franchise

The primary reason to join a dog franchise like Dog Training Elite rather than to start a dog training business from scratch is to increase the likelihood of succeeding as a business owner and reducing risk. The work of Franchise Gator is to measure the quality of the system used by a particular franchise. Primarily, the ranking is based on how reasonable and practical the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is, and how the franchise’s model benefits the Franchise Owners and customers alike.

The ranking is through the evaluation of certain aspects of a business model. These are the initial investment, growth, transparency, and sustainability of the franchise.

Franchise Gator studies and analyzes hundreds of FDDs every year. So far, it has made releases for eight year in a row. The current rankings are from the analysis for the year 2020 and were released on February 8, 2021.

Eric Bell, the Vice President of Franchise Ventures and the General Manager of Franchise Gator, feels there is a massive opportunity for growth in the franchise sector.

Even during the pandemic, most franchises listed in the lists still grew in their customer numbers. The people who wanted to invest did even within the challenges of the pandemic.

Franchise Gator hopes the rankings will offer assistance to entrepreneurs looking for a franchise for investment.

What the Ranking Means to Us

The recognition of Dog Training Elite by Franchise Gator speaks volumes to our Founder John Mestas and our entire dog franchise family. It gives a vote of confidence to our proven, simple business model. It signifies that we are headed in the right direction, and we are taking all our Franchise Owners with us.

For our dog franchise to be listed, it is an indication that, apart from the business model looking good on paper, it also gives value and flexibility to the Franchise Owner. It presents many channels of opportunities for an investor towards the path to success.

To be a top emerging franchise, we know that walking together makes us a stronger brand. This is the reason we remain close to our Franchise Owners, offering them support, training, attention, communication, and resources to ensure that we all move ahead.

To be ranked on top also says that we satisfy our Franchise Owners. In case you are wondering how this influences our success, well, a Franchise Owner’s satisfaction impacts their ability to maximize profits.

When there is improved operation, there is more efficiency and therefore profits. Happy Franchise Owners attract other entrepreneurs to our franchise. It is a win-win for all of us.

We know that choosing the right franchise can be a challenge. There are numerous franchises out there. Our ranking by Franchise Gator should tell you that Dog Training Elite Franchise provides a stable financial forecast, and it is engaging. Good enough to start your dog story.

The Rewards of Investing in Dog Training Elite

As a true partner in our franchise, we collaborate towards success by giving Franchise Owners every element they need to succeed. We ensure that our investors receive our undivided attention and a forum and a market to work with.

Basically, we do all the groundwork and ensure that Franchise Owners can concentrate on growing their franchises as we do the rest.

These are some of the rewards you will get investing with us.

We are a low-investment franchise. Being a home-based business, the initial cost of the investment goes down substantially. It is in addition to minimal need for staffing and personnel. In fact, a number of our Franchise Owners act as the Lead Trainers themselves, eliminating the need to hire a separate trainer and helping to retain more of the profits!

We have seven training programs that can easily translate to seven revenue streams. It is a reasonable strategy for a quicker return on investment.

You will indeed be the dogs’ best friend and the other way around! Working with dogs is fulfilling and rewarding, both emotionally and financially.

Becoming a Franchise Owner at Dog Training Elite fits with investors looking to slow down and spend more time with family, as well as those who wish to concentrate on growing their business and building an empire in their region.

Finding a suitable franchise for your needs and a good investment return is not an easy choice. But Franchise Gator has simplified it for you. By focusing on franchise brands that have been recognized by Franchise Gator, you can feel more confident about the franchise investment you are making.

The benefits are immense, starting from the fact that you will not start from scratch. We have leveled the ground and given you tools to work with. There is a fact sheet of proof from the other Franchise Owners. Besides, Dog Training Elite is not your usual investment. While many investments involve people, ours involves man’s best friend, dogs.

Our model makes it easier to initiate relationships with suppliers and customers because the foundation is laid. You will be working with a proven concept and with a better chance of success. We have done most of the work, and the market is aware of the brand.

Among the hundreds of franchises that were nominated for the 2021 Emerging Franchises honors, we feel proud to have appeared on the list. We want our Dog Training Elite success to be your success as we forge forward. Please visit our website for more information.

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