Alex Price Brings Our Dog Training Franchise to Houston

Posted on Feb 17th 2021


Alex Price Brings Our Dog Training Franchise to Houston

If you've been following Dog Training Elite, you've likely heard about our newest Franchise Owner, Alex Price. Alex brings our dog training franchise to Houston and while new to the Dog Training Elite family, Alex is no stranger to the franchise model.

Our marketing team was able to catch up with Alex for an exclusive interview about how his new franchise is doing and what he's most excited about as he gets up to speed.

Alex, let's start with your background... What did you do before you joined the Dog Training Elite franchise?

I've spent the last 10 years with Jimmy Johns as a Franchise Owner. I also worked as a member of their corporate office and I had three franchise locations with them. But it was time for a change.

Sidenote from the marketing team: Alex is a busy guy! He has two young kids (2 and 4) which take up the majority of his free time. He also loves horse racing and has a number of saltwater fish tanks that he takes care of. Suffice to say that Alex has his hands full.

How important are dogs and pets in your daily life?

They are very important. There are not many years in my life where I didn't have a dog. It's what made me want to get involved, being able to spend more time with dogs and helping other dog owners get the most out of their pets.

What made you consider Dog Training Elite?

I've always owned and trained dogs but I'd never thought about doing it professionally. When I read about the services I could provide people as a dog training franchise, I was intrigued. But it was the business model that made me immediately know that it was the perfect fit.

The Dog Training Elite Business Model

Dog Training Elite is a home-based pet training franchise. ... As all training sessions are conducted in the home of clients, Franchise Owners do not need a stand-alone office. This cuts down on initial investment costs. There are seven service offerings and you'll get full training and support to deliver them all.

What did you like about Dog Training Elite’s business model?

I enjoyed the simple sales packages with upfront prices. And as a Franchise Owner, the low overhead with no brick and mortar requirement to get started was appealing. I first learned about Dog Training Elite through the Franchise Sales website and I'm glad that I dug deeper. I'm thrilled to be part of the franchise.

We know you met with our Dog Training Elite Founders, what was that like?

I found them very down to earth. To me, they appear to have got into business for the right reasons and it was one of the things that influenced my decision to invest in Dog Training Elite.

You can learn more about our Founders here.

You participated in one of our Dog Training Elite Discovery Days, how did you find that?

I enjoyed meeting the team and seeing some of the dog training in action. It helped me to understand what I would be teaching and gave me the opportunity to ask questions.

Tell us about the moment that made you want to invest in our dog training franchise.

I really love the Service Dog Training program, which is something that other Franchise Owners don't offer. But also, when I was looking at the business model and when building my own business plan, I realized that even if you only make 3 sales a month you can still be profitable.

This was appealing to me as I have limited time available but I know I can make at least 3 sales a month.

We all want to know... Why did you want to become an entrepreneur?

I wanted to control my own destiny. I want my success to be driven by how much I put into my job, not based on set hours and an income that's controlled by someone else.

Why do you believe you'll be successful as a dog training Franchise Owner?

I have worked and trained many Franchise Owners and I have been one myself. I have seen a lot of people succeed and others fail and I have learned what took them down those paths. I know the mistakes to avoid.

In your eyes, what sets Dog Training Elite apart from other franchise opportunities in the Pet Care Industry?

As I've already mentioned, Dog Training Elite offers a great business model, clear, upfront pricing, and the most appealing to me, Service Dog Training. Not needing to have brick and mortar premises to get started is also a plus.

What has been the best part of your experience with the Dog Training Elite corporate team so far?

I thought it was amazing to see Neil come up to Utah and work with us for a few days. It showed that the whole team is a big family. Something I value in a franchise.

What advice would you give to a potential Franchise Owner?

Make sure your heart is in it. You want to picture yourself training dogs all day and if that excites you, then you're ready to get started. On the other hand, if that thought doesn't excite you, then you might want to keep looking. Owning a franchise is all about choices. You get to choose what you do, so make sure you're all in when you make the investment.

Finally, what do you look forward to about owning your own Dog Training Elite franchise?

I'm excited to see the transformation of my customer’s dogs after providing them with the right training. I can't wait to help give them a better relationship with their dogs.

Dog Training Elite uses a proven, balanced-positive method to train dogs AND dog owners right in the comfort of their own home!

Please visit our franchise website for more info if you're keen to get started.

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