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Pet adoption rates were through the roof in 2020, increaing by 110%, and the pet care industry is growing!

Since establishing our name in the dog training business in 2011, Dog Training Elite has helped Franchisees improve the relationships between dogs and their owners while also capitalizing on the incredible demand for pet care services everywhere.

With our support team behind you, you'll receive comprehensive training up-front, paired with ongoing assistance so that you can start your own dog training business without any prior experience!

When you join the Dog Training Elite pack, you don't work to make someone else rich; you go into business for yourself, controlling your schedule and financial outlook to create the life you've only imagined until now!

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How We've Become the Award-Winning Franchise We Are Today

  1. Exponential Growth: In 2022, we awarded over 150 territories, and we're averaging one new territory each week in 2023.
  2. High Revenues With Impressive Margins: In 2022, our Average Gross Sales were $973,756*, with an Average Net Income of $187,237* - all for starting investment of just $150k.
  3. Home-Based & Scalable: Since all training is done in the customer's home, there is no need for a physical brick-and-mortar training facility. Without the need for an extensive build-out, you can hit the ground running in as little as 4-6 weeks after signing your agreement. With this and our three-territory minimum in mind, it's easy to sustainably scale the business!
  4. Few Clients Required: Our most popular training package is priced at $1,800, meaning you only need to add 2-4 clients and their dogs to the roster each week to remain profitable. With each trainer able to handle 40-50 dogs per week, it's easy to maintain low operating costs.
  5. Increased Demand in Recession-Resistant Industry: Through the years, the pet industry has proven itslef to be incredibly recession-resistant, especially during our most recend pandemic-caused recession. Pet adoptions skyrocketed in 2020, so the demand for dog training has never been greater!
  6. Giving Back to Pets, Vets & The Community: At Dog Training Elite, we strive to make a difference in the lives of every dog and family in the communities we serve. Each of our Franchise Owners train service dogs for veterans and provide individuals suffering from PTSD, physical disabilities, and other special needs with a dog that can comfort and assist them.
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*Refer to 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document-Item 19 Table 3

These Owners Were Ready to Take Control of Their Careers & Futures Like You!

Google Rating: 4.9
"I wake up every day, eager and excited to see what I'm going to get to do today, what dogs I'm going to get to work with, and how we can help everybody."
- Neal Mestas, Phoenix, Arizona
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Google Rating: 4.9
"We step into situations where disobedient dogs are causing real stress in the family. When we fix that, the thanks we get from the owners provides me with a sense of fulfillment I'd never experienced before owning this business."
- Aiden Rosequist, Utah
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our initial investment starts at $159,050 for three territories.

In 2023, we show an Average Gross Sales of $973,756* and an Average New Income of $187,237* in our Franchise Disclosure Document, as required and regulated by the FTC.

Right now, the demand for dog training is far exceeding the supply for the service, making now a better time than ever to invest in our type of business! Additionally, as the pet care industry continues to grow at a projected 7.8% this year, starting a Dog Training Elite now will only give you the upper hand on new businesses as they pop up down the road.

Our founder, John Mestas, developed a foolproof training model that anyone can learn – no matter their experience level. This way, anyone can become a Dog Training Elite Franchise Owner!

While professionals in the pet care industry have joined our team, our former lawyers, teachers, engineers, and even pizza restaurant owners have seen just as much success – regardless of their prior experience.

With an average of one new territory opening every week, our franchise is growing quickly, and prime territories are going fast! To see if you can still secure your ideal territory, complete our QUIZ today.

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At Dog Training Elite, your financial freedom and opportunity to give back to the dogs and dog owners in your community go hand-in-hand.
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