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The eventual goal of every working individual is retirement - relaxing, worry-free days where finances are no longer a major concern. The standard age for reaching these "golden years" is 62 and up. If this seems like a lifetime away, you're not alone.

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Financial Independence and Early Retirement

Interest in early retirement has been growing, leading to a movement called FIRE (financial independence, retire early). Defined by financial freedom and the ability to retire early or the flexibility to pursue work that is enjoyed, FIRE sounds like a much better life plan than working a desk job for 4 or 5 decades. While there are a few key saving rules that dictate the FIRE movement, the ultimate goal is a flexible life defined by personal choices. Many individuals who “retire early” simply have the freedom to pursue a work they enjoy versus an unfulfilling job that pays a lot.

Many individuals pursuing the FIRE movement are doing so by investing in franchises. The franchise model allows for a high return on investment and better work-life balance, keys to early retirement and a fulfilling life. Dog Training Elite is one of the best pet franchises for those looking to invest in their future.

Finding Balance with our Dog Training Business

Whether you are pursuing early retirement or you simply are looking for a change of pace from the corporate world, there are a variety of ways that Dog Training Elite can prepare you for the future:


High Earnings

On average, our dog training companies locations bring in $408,087 in annual revenue and report a year-over-year growth rate of 33%. These numbers are perfect for those looking for high earnings - retirement goal savings come much more quickly when you have more available income.


Steady Industry

The Pet Industry has proven to be highly recession resilient. These days, pet owners view their cats and dogs as children and are willing to spend top dollar for their care no matter the state of economy. If you’re looking for an investment that will produce returns year after year, our dog training business is a great option.


Work-Life Balance

As a Dog Training Elite Franchise Owner, you get to make the schedule. Many investors choose our semi-absentee ownership model, allowing for greater flexibility. You can still enjoy the benefits and returns of our dog training business while pursuing other life goals.


Stress Free Life!

They say that stress is the number one killer. The number one solution? Pets! Various studies have shown the stress-reducing potential of animals, allowing those who work and live closely with dogs a more peaceful life. As an owner of one of the best pet franchises, you’ll benefit directly from a stress free life!

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