How Can I Start My Own Dog Business?

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Chances are, you’re on the lookout for a dog business for sale that can satisfy both your earnest desires to interact with dogs, while also bringing in a strong ROI. Dog Training Elite is a dog franchise that has been doing both of those things for four decades now.

We teach the highest level of obedience and are proud of the work we do. Our training is tailored to each unique situation and can meet the needs of a variety of behavior issues and customer needs. Whether it’s leash and potty training, staying and coming, problems with chewing, digging, stealing, barking or jumping, or manifesting aggressive tendencies, we’ve got just the solution customers are looking for.

Dog Training Elite is proud to be a top rated dog friendly business.

Top 5 Reasons to LOVE Our Dog Franchise

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Multiple Streams of Revenue

We specialize in a variety of training programs, from puppy training, personal protection and service dog training, to anxiety and aggression training, and the training of therapy dogs and military vet companion animals. We also offer group classes, interacting with customers and their pets in different environments.

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Unique Training Method

When you combine positive reinforcement with a convenient, in-home approach, you get customers who feel empowered to create strong, positive bonds with their canines. Our method brings about deep-seated levels of obedience with sustained results.

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Low Investment, High Revenues

With no physical location to maintain and low staffing requirements, there’s very little overhead when operating a Dog Training Elite. You can get started with anywhere from $159,050-$186,750*. As for returns, some of our Franchise Owners are seeing 92.6%* year-over-year sales growth with average annual revenues of $973,756*.

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Semi-Absentee Option

Maybe you’d like to find a dog business for sale that can offer the flexibility of running the show yourself at the get-go, and then phasing into a supportive background role later on. With Dog Training Elite, you can do just that! You have options and freedom to be involved to the degree you desire.

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Love What You Do

Not only is this a dog friendly business, you’re even encouraged to involve your dog on-the-job, every single day. Your four-legged friend acts as your co-founder, modeling the very behaviors you’re teaching clients. Besides having the best partner you could ask for, you’ll also be making a difference in the lives of pet owners everywhere by forging meaningful bonds that will lead to deep satisfaction and improved well-being.

"We step into situations where disobedient dogs are causing real stress in the family. When we fix that, the thanks we get from the owners provides me with a sense of fulfillment I'd never experienced before owning this business."

Aiden Rosequist

Franchise Owner - Utah County

Meet The Owner

The pet care industry is growing steadily at a rate of 7.8% with 70% of households owning a pet. As the pandemic and previous recessions have proven, pet expenses are considered essential in both favorable and unfavorable economic climates.

If you’re in the market for a dog friendly business that will provide you with fulfilling work you have a passion for, we’re here to make sure that dream becomes a reality. Our staff are prepared to assist you at every phase of the journey, should you choose to inquire with us. Reach out today.

How Much Does It Cost?

$159,050-$186,750* Investment Range

$110,000* (3-Pack) Franchise Fee

$120,000* Required Liquid Capital

*Numbers obtained from our 2023 FDD

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