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Dog Training Elite is one of the best pet franchises in the industry. If you have been searching for dog training companies that are for sale, consider an investment into Dog Training Elite.

Meet Dog Training Elite CEO Kelley Rosequist and find out what drives her to provide world-class training and support for each of our Franchise Owners.

Meet The CEO

General Information

General Information

    • Year Founded: 1976. Dog Training Elite has over 4 decades of experience. Founder John Mestas opened Arrow Kennels in 1976, and throughout the years he gained experience as a professional dog trainer. In 2011, his business became Dog Training Elite and developed the business model that is still used currently in our pet franchise

    • Industry: Pet Industry - $73+ billion. With a growth rate of 7.8% per year, pet spending is expected to hit $100 billion by 2020. This industry is also considered recession resilient, keeping dog training companies profitable even in times of economic downturn.

      • Subsector: Dog Training - As a key element to a happy life between dog and owner, professional training services are in high demand. 

    • Number of Units: 8

    • Awards: Best in State (in Utah) for innovative and highly successful dog training programs (2013).

The Next Steps

Over the next 4 - 6 weeks, we will walk you through an Education Process that allows you the opportunity to thoroughly learn about the Dog Training Elite franchise model, and allows us to learn more about your viability as a new DTE Franchise Owner. Here's an outline of the key steps you will progress through:

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Confidential Questionnaire

Complete a short Questionnaire providing us with a little more information about you. Once we have reviewed this and can confirm you meet the initial requirements, we will set your initial call and send you the Franchise Disclosure Document.

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Initial Call

We will schedule a call to get acquainted with each other and find out what you're looking for in a franchise. You will learn more about the franchise system, the industry and what makes Dog Training Elite thrive, and we will learn more about your background and business/lifestyle goals.

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FDD Review

The Franchise Disclosure Document provides you with all the nuts and bolts on the Dog Training Elite franchise, including franchise rules, investment levels and detailed financial performance information for our open locations.

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Support System Overview

During this step you will learn more about our support team and support systems. This is our last educational call prior to introducing you to an existing Dog Training Elite Franchise Owner and the Executive Team.

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Executive Interview

Graduating through to this stage means you have earned a scheduled phone meeting with our CEO, Kelley Rosequist. This is your opportunity to sell your story and abilities to Kelley, as well as address any questions you have on the model as you continue to understand if this business is right for you.

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Peer Review

During the Peer Review step you will have the opportunity to speak directly to Dog Training Elite Owners. This is a two-fold process; you get to ask questions about what it's like to own and operate a Dog Training Elite. Our Franchise Owners get to learn a little about you, and provide us with feedback on whether or not they feel you will be a good fit with the Dog Training Elite team.

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Approval Day

Following an executive review of your progress through the first five steps, we will then invite you to Utah to spend the day with the Dog Training Elite Executive Team. You will get to see the business model in action, attend training sessions with some Franchise Owners, and meet the support staff.

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Franchise Awarded

Congratulations! After we walk you through the Agreement signing, you will then officially become Dog Training Elite's newest Franchise Owner!

Financial Information

  • Initial Investment: $82,800* - $249,500 , a considerably lower range than the pet industry average. This investment covers:

    • Initial Franchise Fee ( )

    • Training and travel, food lodging expenses during training hours

    • Speciality Training (optional - includes equipment)

    • Franchise Owner Start-up packet

    • Vehicle wrap, banners and signs

    • Initial operating capital (3 months)

  • AUV: On average, our dog training companies earn $337,856* in annual revenue, with our top performers earning $801,110* . Year over year growth rates average at 92.6%*.

  • Revenue Streams: As one of the best pet franchises , Dog Training Elite has 7 distinct streams of revenue that Franchise Owners can benefit from:

    • Obedience Training

    • Puppy Services

    • Service Dog Training

    • Personal Protection Training

    • Anxiety & Aggression Training

    • Service Dogs for Military/Retired Veterans

    • Therapy Animal Training

Franchise Benefits

  • Training: All Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners will be fully trained on operations before opening their dog training company . We will teach you the basics of our business model, how to follow and implement our dog training programs and how to run your franchise successfully. Additional speciality training programs are available for those interested in offering more services to clients.

  • Home Based Services: All of our dog training programs follow an in-home approach. This method has been proven to be more beneficial for dogs and their owners. Additionally, it means less startup costs for Franchise Owners as there is no need to build or rent a space for training. 

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Learn More Today

If you are interested in our dog training company, we would love to hear from you! Our ideal candidate possesses the following characteristics:

  • Background in Sales: Experience isn't necessary, but we prefer business-savvy individuals. This can include a background in sales, service or marketing. 

  • Dog-Lover: We have one strict requirement, you must love dogs!

  • Community Involvement: As a dog trainer, you must be great at networking within your community in order to keep sales steady.

Contact us today to learn more about our franchise program.

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