Dog Training Franchise: The Best Career Move for Dog Lovers

As a dog lover, your dream job as a child may have been anything from dog walker to veterinarian.

While dog walking doesn’t offer much in the way of career advancement and veterinarian doctorates require an additional seven years of schooling, you still can fulfill your doggy-job dreams! Investing in a dog training franchise allows you to experience both the benefits of business ownership in a profitable industry and the joy of working with dogs all day long.

Also, as a dog lover, you know very well how important training is!

An obedient dog is a happy dog. That’s because training provides stimulation for canine brains, encourages healthy behaviors and keeps dogs safe. A well trained dog means a loyal, lifelong companion. Unfortunately, training is rather difficult and requires lots of time, which many dog owners may not have. The demand for high quality, professional dog training services is high.

Dog training is considered an essential aspect of pet care. As the Pet Care Industry is currently valued at $73 billion dollars, there is clearly opportunity in dog training. Other advantages of the Pet Care Industry include:

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The industry is growing at a rate of 7.8% annually and is expected to reach $283 billion by 2023.

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The rate of dog ownership within the United States is growing steadily.

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Dogs are considered members of the family, making their care expenses essential.

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Data from past recessions has shown that the industry can remain stable during economic downturn.

Make Your Doggy-Dreams Come True

With unique programs, focused on in-home training, Dog Training Elite has found success in providing dog owners and their canine companions with the foundation for a healthy bond. Our Franchise Owners enjoy the fulfillment that comes from a career focused on their community and canines. If you’d like to experience this fulfillment too, we are searching for qualified entrepreneurs to expand our dog training franchise.

Dog Training Elite pet franchise is the perfect career for dog lovers.

Ranging from $82,800* - $249,500 , this low-cost start up investment covers the essentials needed to start your dog training business:

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Opening costs and initial marketing costs.

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Training equipment and vehicle wrap.

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Posters, banners and other advertisement materials.

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Any necessary real estate improvements.

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Start-up packet.

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Training and related expenses.

The unique home-based feature of our dog training business allows us to keep these costs incredibly low for you. It also means more freedom and flexibility. On average, our Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners make $337,856* annually, with top performers averaging $801,110* . Who said working with dogs was an infeasible kid dream?

"I was working for an international company. I was just another number to them. I thought, 'I don't want to go back to work for somebody.' I decided I wanted to train dogs professionally."

Learn how Dog Training Elite Founder John Mestas turned his 40-year passion for training dogs into a successful business.

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Get Started Today

Jumping into this opportunity with Dog Training Elite, an award-winning dog training franchise, is the perfect way to fulfill those childhood dreams.

If you’re excited about all the Pet Care Industry has to offer, our dog training franchise opportunity is waiting for you! Getting started is a simple process and begins by you reaching out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dog Training Elite pet franchise provides a great self-employment opportunity.

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