Dog Training Elite Is a Dog Friendly Business

Most people who find their way to our site are avid dog lovers looking to turn their passion into a profitable career. If you enjoy the special bond you have with your own four-legged canine, imagine being the reason so many others can enjoy a similar relationship with a pet who becomes a best friend.

On a typical day running your own dog franchise, you'll meet with a variety of pet owners and their dogs in their homes or in a park-like setting. Ideally, you'll be able to use your own dog to demonstrate the obedience skills you want the client to learn.

At your first appointment, you may be meeting with a veteran who suffers from PTSD to teach him how to train his labrador retriever to respond appropriately to his needs. Your next appointment could be training a Pomeranian to serve as a therapy animal for a child with autism. Later that day, you may be leading a group training session with four other dogs and their owners who have signed up for a course in obedience training.

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Through a series of professionally developed sessions, you'll get to witness the transformation that takes place as these pets learn to trust and faithfully serve their owners. In turn, the pet owners will feel empowered to continue using the right commands to bring about the desired results. And to get paid to do it!

7 Reasons to Choose Dog Training Elite

As a dog friendly business, Dog Training Elite offers some incredible benefits.

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We're in a $73 billion industry that just keeps growing. Not only that, but 70% of U.S. households own a pet.

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Dog training is a recession and quarantine resilient service that is able to withstand economic shifts since pet spending makes the "essentials" list for most pet owners.

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No experience is needed to successfully operate your own dog franchise through Dog Training Elite. We're confident we can train any willing applicant to model the skills taught through our exceptional training program.

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Start-up costs range between $82,800* - $249,500 while average gross revenue is $337,856* * annually. That represents a 92.6%* year-over-year growth rate. (*Numbers acquired from 2021 FDD Document)

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Franchise Owners have the option of either running the business and directly training dogs or hiring a manager to do the training and working more behind-the-scenes. That kind of flexibility allows you to control your schedule as you see fit.

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The exceptional support offered means you've always got answers and feedback at your fingertips. Our team will visit your location yearly to see where we can be of help and provide ongoing instruction to keep you up-to-date.

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If you like, your dog can serve as your right-hand assistant! With a partner like that to share your day with, you'll look forward to going to work. Just another perk of owning a dog friendly business.

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