Do I Need a Dog Training Business License to Be a Dog Trainer?

Not just anybody can be a dog trainer. It takes a certain amount of skill and the right background to be effective and successful at it. Those who seek that kind of specialized training tend to love animals generally, and dogs in particular. But what else does it take?

Some people wonder if you have to have a dog training business license to qualify as a dog trainer. While it is possible to get officially certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), there are no state or federal requirements currently in place that necessitate that, so anyone can be a candidate for dog training.

"The success of this business has surprised all my family and friends. But the best part is the fulfillment you get helping the people and dogs in your community."

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Other Important Qualifications

Other Important Qualifications

One key qualifier for owning a pet franchise is having excellent interpersonal skills. The truth is, those who run dog training companies interact just as frequently with people as they do their canine companions. So being able to naturally connect with paying clients is equally as important as being drawn to their four-legged friends.

The enjoyment you feel spending time with your own dog will make it easy to find common ground with other dog owners. With that mutual appreciation for these amazing animals, you’ve got a simple starting point for building the trust and respect needed to build a strong rapport with clients who are putting their precious pets into your hands.

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What Does it Take to Own a Pet Franchise?

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If you become a Dog Training Elite Franchise Owner, so many hurdles have already been cleared; such as building your brand, creating a sales and marketing package, and having multiple revenue streams to draw upon. With those significant elements in place, you’ve got the kind of head start needed to put you right where you want to be: enjoying the rewards of dog training, as well as the outstanding economics that go with it.

While it doesn’t require a dog training business license to own a pet franchise, here’s what is required:

  • Liquid Capital of $50,000*
  • Franchise Fee of $49,000*
  • Overall Start-up Investment of $82,800-104,750*

Other than that, a head for business can certainly help, as well as a strong work ethic and an eagerness to offer such valuable services to your community.

But Will it Work?

The pet care industry is growing at a rate of 7.8% annually and it’s anticipated that by 2023, it will reach $283 billion. Not only that, but because people view their dogs as family members, investing in pet care is always considered essential. Data from past recessions has also shown that this industry can hold up under economic pressure.

Enjoy Working With Your Partner

How many businesses can you think of that allow your dog to serve as your second-in-command? Having a partner like that certainly adds to the attractiveness of this option.

With over 40 years of experience behind us, this pet franchise may be worth a second look. Contact us today to get started.

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