Starting a Dog Training Business

If you're passionate about your pet, starting a dog training business may seem like a dream career.

However, without the necessary experience and resources, starting a business can become complicated. Between financing, business planning, marketing, and the proper industry knowledge, there is a lot more that goes into starting a dog training business than you may think. With the Dog Training Elite best pet franchises, this dream can still become a reality!

Our best pet franchises and its' business model is your opportunity for a successful and fun career.

Dog Training Elite is a dog training business that offers passionate, pet-loving entrepreneurs a chance to explore a career with both personal and financial benefits. While we all know dogs are a man's best friend, without the proper training these relationships can become strained. At Dog Training Elite, our philosophy is to create strong bonds between owner and pet through positively-reinforced training methods. If you are someone who understands the benefits of successful pet training and are passionate about working with a team dedicated to the well-being of pets and their owners, consider joining our team. We are looking for pet-loving entrepreneurs who have the skills needed to manage a business and a passion for growth.

Meet Dog Training Elite CEO Kelley Rosequist and find out what drives her to provide world-class training and support for each of our Franchise Owners.

Meet The CEO

Our Business Model

Our Business Model

Dog Training Elite is a home-based pet training franchise. Years of experience in the dog training business has taught us that, in order to achieve optimal results, dogs learn best when they are taught in their own environment. Training in a pet’s own home means less distractions, and the dog will be more relaxed and comfortable in its own environment. Home-based training also allows the pet owner to participate in training sessions which increases the bond between pet and owner. Our clients have expressed time and time again how much our training approach has improved their relationships with their dogs.

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The benefits of our business model are felt among our Franchise Owners as well. As all training sessions are conducted in the home of clients, Franchise Owners do not need a stand alone office. This cuts down on initial investment costs. In fact, you can achieve your dream of starting a dog training business with our dog training franchise startup costs as low as $82,800* . Considerably lower than the industry average, this investment range covers all the basics you need to get one of your Dog Training Elite best pet franchises up and running. Our diverse training program offers 7 streams of revenue for Franchise Owners, making ROI more feasible. With your initial startup package and our substantial support program, you’ll have all the resources you need to sustain a successful business.

Why Own a Dog Training Elite?

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Your Dog is Your Co-Founder

You know your dog is amazing. Now's your chance to show the world! When you're a Trainer, your dog becomes the star of your one-person show, as a model for proper training techniques as well as a major influencer for new sales.

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Low Investment

Dog Training Elite is a home-based dog training business, which means there is no need for a brick and mortar facility. This, plus the limited staffing requirements, makes for an extremely low initial investment.

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Multiple Revenue Streams

Our 7 different training programs and group training options provide multiple revenue streams to our dog training business Franchise Owners for added security and the potential for higher ROI.

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Personal Fulfillment

Working with dogs and their owners to build a solid foundation for communication and strengthen the bond between them is a highly rewarding experience.

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Community Involvement

Our Dog Training Franchise Owners strive to make a difference in the lives of dogs and their families. In addition to giving back to the communities we serve, we have created our own non-profit organization, the Malinois Foundation, which promotes healing through canine assistance.

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Lifestyle-Friendly Business

The Dog Training Elite opportunity is ideal for people who seek a career that offers them a little more time to spend with family, or to concentrate on growing their business.

Start Living Your Dream Today - Start Your Dog Training Business

Start Living Your Dream Today - Start Your Dog Training Business

Are you excited about our dog training franchise opportunity? What are you waiting for - get started today! Reach out today for more information and we can fill you in on the next steps. A world of success and fulfillment awaits you with Dog Training Elite. Starting a dog training business has never been easier.

Dog Training Elite pet franchise provides a great self-employment opportunity.

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