Dog Franchise: A “Pawsitive” Business Opportunity

There’s a good chance you’re looking into a dog friendly business because you are a canine lover.

You feel drawn to these amazing creatures and appreciate how intelligent, loyal, and friendly they can be. People like you usually have a knack for interacting with dogs and understanding how they communicate and respond. Does that describe you? Would your idea of the perfect dream job involve having a dog by your side day in and day out? Then you’ll love what our dog franchise has to offer!

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The Well-Trained Dog

Let’s say you own a dog that is absolutely adorable, but she’s either chewing on everything in sight, barking at every passing car, or dragging things into the backyard to bury. After a while, the cuteness factor matters less and learning to simply co-exist matters a whole lot more.

Dog Training Elite specializes in multiple types of training. Regardless of the behavior problem or skill that needs to be learned, our dog franchise can turn a cute pet into a cute and very well-behaved pet. Our trainers use proven Pavlovian conditioning techniques to restore a peaceful existence within the home.

How Much Does It Cost?

$82,800-104,750* Investment Range

$49,000* Franchise Fee

$50,000* Required Liquid Capital

*Numbers obtained from our 2021 FDD

In fact, we do a lot more than just teach basic obedience.

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Highly personalized service dog training for individuals seeking assistance.

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Selecting the best pup of the litter by spotting teachable temperaments.

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Personal protection training that ensures the lovable sociality of the dog remains intact.

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Transforming an aggressive or anxious dog into a calm and better functioning dog.

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Donating time to train personal support dogs for our veterans so they can build bonds and find healing.

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Training therapy dogs that support a healthy community within hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

Perks to Owning a Dog Friendly Business

Having been in business for over 40 years, our time-tested franchise is thriving. Our industry-leading, home-based operation represents an excellent opportunity for dog lovers.

Some of the more attractive perks to owning a Dog Training Elite are:

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Use your own dog as the ideal model student in demonstrating obedience commands.

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Without the need to open a brick and mortar facility and limited staffing requirements, the initial investment is incredibly low.

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Our 7 different training programs mean multiple streams of revenue which leads to impressive profit margins and the potential for high ROI’s.

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Our Franchise Owners love the sense of fulfillment they get by serving individuals within their communities. Strengthening bonds between canines and their owners is priceless.

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The flexibility our trainers enjoy is another plus. With the ability to set their own schedules, it’s easy to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Making this Financially Possible With a Dog Franchise

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Don’t let the upfront cost keep you from achieving your dream of owning a dog friendly business. If you take advantage of the Rainmaker Plan®️ IRA Rollover, a quick 4-step process can lead to fast funding without penalties or upfront taxes. Obtaining a small business loan is also a good way to go, with applicant approval 97% of the time. Fill out the form below to learn more about our dog franchise!

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