Dog Daycare Franchise Cost Vs. Dog Training Franchise Cost

If one of your passions is being around dogs, turning that love into a monetary, viable business can sound attractive. There are multiple ways to combine the two such that it becomes a win-win situation: time with the four-legged creatures you can't get enough of, and impressive profit margins that do more than just pay the bills.

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Many businesses fall under the pet franchise industry and dog training companies are especially popular. Running a doggy daycare and offering dog training services come with a variety of benefits:

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You'll be able to interact with the dogs you love.

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You'll be helping out your community by offering a useful pet service.

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There is potential for excellent profit margins either way.

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Both services are in high demand and present a steady, recession-resilient option.

Several Important Considerations

If you were to compare the dog daycare franchise cost with the cost of running any number of dog training pet franchises, the start-up investment would be significantly lower with the latter option. Here are some expenses you'd want to be aware of upfront in running a dog training pet franchise:

  • Leasing a space in which you can watch over a decent number of dogs costs from $3,000-$7,000 a month, depending on the square footage you're working within.
  • The insurance and liability costs due to risk of damage to property could be up to $1,000 a month, assuming you want excellent coverage.
  • Utilities and overhead costs to run a doggy daycare will range from $500-$1,000 a month in order to keep your space functional.

Besides that, there are state laws in effect that will dictate which standards you must uphold pertaining to sanitation, ventilation, appropriate materials and handling of the animals, etc. Certain permits and inspections will also likely be necessary.

On the other hand, if you were to look into dog training pet franchises such as Dog Training Elite, all of the above costs become obsolete since training takes place in or near the homes of the pet owners themselves, preventing you from needing a facility at all.

That means the risks and expenses involved would be considerably lower compared with the dog daycare franchise cost.

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If You Like Having a Flexible Schedule

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Another potential drawback to owning a doggy daycare is the time commitment and pressure you are under being responsible for pets that are their owners’ pride and joy. Owning a dog training franchise eliminates these worries. No need to deal with stressful liability issues. And you get to set your own schedule and manage your workload to your liking.

Consider Owning a Dog Training Business

Many prospective pet franchise owners are looking for a company with low overhead costs, multiple revenue streams and excellent support that represents as little risk as possible. If that describes you, owning a Dog Training Elite franchise may be preferable to the high-cost, high-risk alternative of owning a doggy daycare.

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