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Dog Training Language and Why It Matters!

Posted on Jul 22nd 2022


Dog Training Language and Why It Matters!

Do you ever wonder if the language we use while training our canine companions makes a difference? Do words that convey a supportive, upbeat view impact our body language, minds, and relationships with our pets? What about more negative approaches to training, where one will have to instruct their dogs on what to do and when to do it with negative reinforcement? When it comes down to it, we're prone to become agitated and disappointed if a dog doesn't listen– and how we communicate with them can impact our relationship with our in-training pets.

A cheerleading mentality might help you achieve your goals and put you in the appropriate frame of mind to train your dog, rather than relying on more hostile and aggressive approaches. Let’s look at different ways you can analyze your behavior around your dogs during training and some supporting facts on why a gentler approach is ideal.

Are You Teaching or Forcing?

Training dogs in a humane, non-coercive manner necessitates a new perspective on what obedience means. We can teach our dogs life lessons, so they learn to make wise decisions on their own rather than needing to be told what to do. It's all about using a more encouraging method that doesn't include coercing the dog. This route emphasizes cooperation and motivates observant dogs to appreciate providing positive actions.

Motivating Your Dog vs. Bribing Them

Understanding the distinction between bribery and incentive illustrates the need to make thoughtful language choices when designing training programs. Dog training is all about timing, much like comedy! Timing is the only factor that distinguishes bribes from motivation.

Bribery is demanding subordination through giving something or threatening to take something away. And this approach rarely works when training a dog. Motivation or incentive, on the other hand, is about showing your dog what they could potentially gain by performing an action or avoiding a specific action, such as barking. Remember that motivators, not bribes, are what inspire certain behaviors.

A kind Dog Training Elite trainer motivating a dog in their training.

Be Mindful of Your Tone

When training your dog, your voice tone is essential. Dogs, like people, respond to particular intonations and stress patterns when spoken to. They will respond to both the words themselves as well as the way the master pronounces them.

Many linguists, dog owners, and experts in animal behavior will agree that an improperly articulated demand or order can only result in frustration. Some may refer to this as selective hearing in both species. Your tone of voice conveys a particular message and meaning that directly influences the result and response you want. The voice message may sound modest, but when heard by a dog or human ear, it is pretty potent.

A discouraged pup - learn how to effectively and kindly train your dog with Dog Training Elite.

A previous study even found that tone patterns make a difference when communicating desires and emotions to dogs. The findings demonstrated that when vocal cues like gender or tone were removed from speech that had significance for the dogs (such as the command "let's go" in a happy-go-lucky tone), the dogs were more likely not to respond appropriately.

Your tone when giving commands matters. Your dog training voice, tone, and loudness is a crucial tool you may use to express your emotions to your dog. Your dog's behavior and choices over whether or not to obey your commands can be influenced by the tone of your voice. Be expressive and direct with your pups when training them. Avoid aggressive or angry tones or volume; instead, use a firm but positive way of speaking.

Words are typically simply "blah, blah, blah" to your dog unless they acquire an association. The way you pronounce the phrases while speaking to dogs conveys a very clear message to them.

Let Your Dog Be Relaxed During Training– Not Stressed Out

Various training programs that advise dog owners to give their pets plenty of rest so that stress can be reduced. The following collection of words that may probably benefit from some explanation follows. Being physically exhausted and truly calm, peaceful, and at ease in a setting or circumstance have different meanings.

It's reasonable to say that we've all been worn out, stressed out, and uncomfortable. We may observe in our own lives that being physically weary does not necessarily translate into being less anxious. We are just stressed and exhausted if we are worried about anything and also exhausted. Like pet parents, dog owners who wish to assist a dog experiencing fear, anxiety, or stress will want to recognize and treat their dog's stressors. Their curious dogs will then be able to unwind and feel stress-free. To get to the bottom of the issue, you might need to take your dog to the doctor for a checkup and get guidance from a canine behavior consultant to teach your dog positive responses to certain situations.

A happy pup on the back of their trainer - dog training can be fun and even more stress-free with Dog Training Elite.

In the end, pet guardians must learn to understand canine body language because it is a beneficial ability. But let's not forget to take into account our own language. It's time to abandon outmoded strategies that employ antiquated tactics and switch to a mentality and tone that is more inspiring, encouraging, and engaging. It benefits both our curious canine companions and us.

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